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First Set of Open Back Headphones

  1. lizard837
    Hi guys,
    While I love my current HD428s, I am looking into buying a pair of open backed headphones.  I also would like to buy a (somewhat) portable amp to power them and my HD428s.  My top 3 options for my budget are the Grado SR60i's and SR 80i's or the Sennheiser HD 558's.  I mainly listen to Rock, Alternative with a good amount of House, Trance and Drum and Bass mixed in. 
    Thanks for the help.
  2. SoundFreaq
    What is your budget? The Senn HD598 are a really great value if they are in your price range. 
    Your genres of music like the bass of a closed can. What are you hoping to achieve with an open can? You won't have the bass bump you're used to. 
  3. wafflezz
    AD 700s have very good detail for the price, but are very bass-shy
    K701s are toted heavily around here, but they do have a treble spike at 7.5k(resonance frequency for the ear) so be careful.
    Dt880s look promising but I've never tried them. Pretty neutral though. 
    Of course you can go with the 558s and do a simple mod to make them sound *almost* identical to the 598s.  good value.

    And finally, the only (semi) open pair I have.  simply amazing SQ(for me).  I honestly think they're going to be the new budget can soon.
    EDIT-Whoops I edited out the name lol. They're the HD681 evo
  4. lizard837
    @SoundFreaq: I am currently between jobs and I have a $50 credit from amazon.  I would like to try to spend under $100 ($150 total) from my own pocket and including an amp.  Also, I'm not really bass head.  I prefer a more neutral kind of sound, I want the bass to be there, but I hate when it's overwhelming (cough, beats).
    @Wafflezz: Thank you for the recommendations, I'll have to do a little research on those.
    Also, any recommendations for my HD428s and whichever new pair I decide on?
  5. razor5cl
    Beyerdynamic DT990 Pros are awesome for House, Drum and Bass and Trance, good strong Bass thump, sparkly trebles as well.
  6. teb1013

    I have the Senn HD558s and love them, I got these through Amazon for $105 "refurbished" and they are just like new. I used these with a Fiio E7 for quite a while, but that combo is beyond your budget. The current E7k costs about $90 USD, but used or refurb may bring you closer to your range.
  7. BillsonChang007
    At your price range, I do not think you need an amp yet. Maybe focus more on headphones as it is the easiest way for a noticeable upgrade. As for headphones, I do not think the Sennheiser HD5xx series are good for your genre of music. They are not an expert nor a good headphone for aggressive headphones in my opinion. Personally, I think you are better off with the Grados.
    Hope this helps!
    Billson :D 

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