1. xinyuzhao

    Wanna a system with headphone and DAC AMP use on laptop

    Here can not more than 1500 dollar for it and I need a system about listen to the music which is vocal of Asian lady and Nightwish or X japan .  AND TWO WAY I THINK IS : 1. Lavry Da11 +DT880 250ohms 2 .Rs1i+Ra1+ DAC (NO IDEA)   So if here is some another idea that will be great and although...
  2. Leondinas

    Ordnance.22 Portable Headphone Amplifier

    Recently, i just jump into interesting deal in my local I have tried to look it up online but barely see any review or comparison. I also discovery it is not a brand but rather a series made by Jaben audio shop: ( The deal is pretty attractive with 40$ for this amp which...
  3. Andyken

    Philips Fidelio L2 - review and comparison with (a lot of) other headphones

    I received my new Fidelio L2 headphones a few days ago and just thought I would share my thoughts. I read all the reviews and forum comments I could before ordering and was a little worried they might have been over-hyped, but I have to say that so far I am very, very impressed.   A little...
  4. Valhallatier

    Mini reviews of headphones i auditioned

    Hello i just visited a local audio shop, auditioning headphones (for free, yes free). and this are my quick reviews of headphones i tried. Sennheiser HD800: No way you come into a headphone store and not looking at the Sennheiser HD800, its simply the 'best'. Plugged into a Oppo...
  5. caohuynhnhan

    HELP!!! DT990 pro 250ohm, DT990 pre 600ohm or DT880 250ohm which is the best choice

    Hello, I'm a newbie.  I very like beyerDynamic design, so I choose beyerDynamifc headphone. Anyone can give me recomendation "a best headphone for me".    My favourite is Pop ballad (female-voices as BOA, Yao Si Ting, Davichi... i live in Asia), instrument (monochord, zither, guitar..)...
  6. maestrochin29

    Grado SR80e vs Beyerdynamic dt880

    Any opinions or conclusions on whether the Dt880 unamped still does better than the new sr80e , or are they at par ? Price considerations aside , which set of cans are more suited for rock and heavy metal songs ?
  7. Earbones

    Help Me Tube My Beyer DT880 (250 Ohm)... Woo Audio WA3 or?...

    Currently running a Rotel RA-05 SE. Plenty of power, but the woman wants something more compact since I've taken over one end of the dining table with my listening space... And besides, I'm craving tubes for the DT880.   Based on what I've read, the Woo Audio WA3 has emerged as a front-runner...
  8. maxxy

    LD MK3 question

    Can someone help me out with my LD MK3: I have finally received the amp - I have restrengthened the grip of the tubes, put both DIP switches at ON 1 (normal 5 setting, for my 250Ohm DT880) and let the amp warm up for 30mins. The music hasn't changed much and sounds *very* distorted. The...
  9. Rnerem

    Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Headphones (250 Ohm) and Aune T1: Will this work well/better options

    I am currently in the market for a new setup. I listen to to almost all genres of music and I am a very analytical listener. I own the Meelectronics A161 and I hope to continue to use it. This is what lead me to the Dt-880 Pro. I have read that it is a very analytical headphone and I think that...
  10. Jeffy141

    DT 880 amp or sound card?

    Hello everyone, I am a noob and my question is probably very noob to you. I just bought the DT 880 250 ohm and the main use is gaming on PC and listening to some music while playing.  I read that I should get an Amp, what do you think about the Fiio E10? Enough? It is also a DAC so I would...
  11. Jeffy141

    DT 880 250ohm. What Fiio AMP and what DAC?

    Hello guys, I got the DT 880 250 ohm for my PC. It is mostly for gaming and listening to music while playing. Where I live I can easily get anything that is Fiio related. So should I get the Fiio E9k+E17? Would it be good enough? Or E18 alone? OR X3 & E12 ? Or X5 & E12?       ...
  12. Earbones

    I might prefer the DT880 250 Pro to the 600 Premium... Am I crazy?

    Been listening to the DT880 250 pro for almost a week and love it... Things did take around a day or two to settle in sound-wise, but now it's amazing. Took delivery of a pair of the 600 premiums today, and initially I'm not too excited. Right off the bat I prefer the clamping force of the Pro...
  13. christiffer

    Philips Fidelio X1 vs DT 880 premium(250 ohm)

    Which one of these is better for the following: Most Important Music (Electronic, Classical, Rap, Rock) Gaming(A lot of BF4 so hearing footsteps from different locations is important) Less Important Videos(Youtube videos, Twitch Streams, short movies) Music while traveling(this would be very...
  14. cicatrize

    Looking for some (very) low budget closed cans for work.

    Hello, head-fi! I've been a lurker here for years and never signed up, but have received some good advice from others' questions in the past. :)   I'm looking for some closed cans for listening at work. I'd like something around $25, but might be willing to go as high as $50 if it's really...
  15. gregorygood

    Comparison of the Beyerdynamic DT880 (250Ω) and the T1 using a Violectric HPA-V100 and USB DAC 24/192

    This is my second review / comparison of Headphones on this forum. I first must admit I love music. Listening to quality Headphones makes a huge difference no matter the brand. For this go around I am going to compare the Beyerdynamic DT880s (250Ω) and the Beyerdynamic T1s (600Ω).   I must...
  16. Lesmiserables13

    Beyerdynamic dt880 250 ohms vs 600 ohms

    I'm looking into these two headphones so I'm wondering if you can tell which one is 250 ohms and which one is 600 ohms? Does it actually say on the headphones itself? (says if you're buying one without the original box)
  17. i am ralph

    soldering advice - DT880 repair

    decided to replace the 3.5mm jack on a stock dt880 cable.   cut the cable.   stranded enamel wire. why the hell do they use enamel wire?   How do i tin a solder this stuff??
  18. gregorygood

    Review of the Beyerdynamic DT880 (250 Ohm) using a Violectric HPA-V100 and USB DAC 24/192

    This is my first posted review for any headphones. I would like to start out and state that I listen to headphones at work almost every day. My company moved to a cube environment and this required me to find another way to block ambient noise from other co-workers and be able to listen to...
  19. Macmuffin

    Should I Buy?

    A new pair of DT880 pro 250, Or used DT880 600?   I generally tend to lean away from buying used, but its it's a good enough upgrade i would consider it.
  20. Bobokun

    Will I benefit from an E09k with my setup?

    Hi, I recently purchased a DT 880 Premium 250ohm headphones and I'm loving it. I also got an Fiio E17 with these pair of headphones and even with gain set to 6, the volume from 30-40 is loud enough for my ears. Will I benefit at all from purchasing an E09k if the E17 is loud enough? Other than...
  21. BagelMonster

    Will my Xonar DGX be able to drive 250ohm headphones?

    Hey guys, I currently have an Asus Xonar DGX sound card on my desktop PC. I'm thinking of getting the Beyerdynamic DT880s, but I've heard that the 250ohm version sounds much better than the 32 ohm version when amped. Will my sound card be able to handle the 250ohm version or should I just go for...
  22. Ratto

    [HELP] Need help choosing the correct Headphone Full-size for me.

    Good morning Head-fiers,   Next month, I'm going to NY and I'll buy my first hi-fi cups, but I'm having trouble choosing the best pair for my taste.   One of the main reasons is that I don't have the headphones on hand to test, so I will have to base on some feedback from you head-fiers =P...
  23. LunaP

    From DT880 pro's to ...DT 990Pro or T1 question more on clarity.

    So I've spent a few weeks reading up on threads between the DT 880s and DT 990's as well as the comparison thread w/ videos etc ( which was an amazing read) I'm aware of most of the pros and cons on most though there are a few questions left from my side to ask as I'm on a journey ( which I get...
  24. Rewkie

    HD600 vs DT880 pro (250)

    I've taken a recent interest in classical music. (Cello and violin,I enjoy the cello a bit more though.) and I need some good cans to compliment the music. The ones I have been looking at are the Senn HD600s,Beyer DT880 pro (250),and the AKG K501s. The sound I would like to get is,very...
  25. johnvonmacz

    Would you consider the DT880 Pro an excellent upgrade to..

    ATH-M50? I own the M50's for almost 6 months now and I really enjoyed it listening to Hiphop and electronic music but not for Orchestra and Rock music. I want more soundstage to fully enjoy movies and music in the likes of Il Divo, Josh Groban and Paramore etc. More controlled but still...