1. Chris9181

    Upgrading from ATH-A900 to M-100?

    I own a pair of A900's and they are starting to fall apart after years of daily use. I primarily listen at home through the headphone out of a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 and I use it for general listening of primarily electronic genres, though some jazz, and for producing electronic...
  2. oopeteroo

    closed headphones with open headphones sound ?

    i was wondering if there is a headphone out there that is closed, but sounded like an open can ?
  3. chris.d.m.

    under 200 true sounding headphones for mixing

    appreciate some help. I have sony 7509's that I like pretty well and I think sound good in general...But, I don't think they are really "accurate / true" for mixing... in mixing instruments for a cd release. (good highs, heavy on the lows, possibly some vacancy on the mids)...
  4. Inazuma

    Pictures of headphones being worn?

    Hey there Head-Fi, I finally got brave enough to post for once instead of lurking as usual. I've been doing quite a lot of reading here trying to scope out several different headphones for various uses. However, I'm not gonna lie: Looks are important to me. Seeing headphones by themselves is a...
  5. Synthax

    Best mid-price closed ones for classical music ?

    Dear Head-Fiers, Which headphones would suit classical music best? Most spacious but natural sounding and smooth.   Denon AH-D600 Mad Dog Mr.Speakers Ultrasone PRO900 AKD K550 ATH A900 DT 770    ?   I do have not well known OTL Amplifier and Lovely Cube SS Amp.
  6. Schalldampfer

    Another limited edition A900 Sounds interesting, no?
  7. smuh

    Audio Technica ATH-A900LTD Limited Edition

    Hi Guys, I don't know if this was posted before: ATH-A900LTD I like the black finish a lot more then the normal blue finish on the A900
  8. Dr Riddim

    ATH-A900XLTD available in Japan soon

    Has any Audio Technica headphone lover noticed the LTD version of ATH-A900X becoming available in Japan in mid-November? I was planning to get a pair of ATH-W1000X, but I became curious about how the LTD would compare.  The price seems to be double of the basic ATH-A900X, but still lower than...
  9. C

    headphone for ~200-300 euro

    I did post in the sticky before you flame me, I am in desperate need of a new pair of headphones I'll delete this thread asap I promise.     Looking to pick up a pair of headphones and amp So far i've looked into 598's, ATH- m50's, ATH A900x's,ATH  A900's, SRH840's, DT 990's and DT 770's...
  10. ofsahf

    Good USB DAC/Amp for ATH-A900?

    Been using the ATH A700s but a friend was interested in buying them so I used it as an excuse to go for the A900s. I really love the headphone style -- I have a giant head and comfort is something which can't really be understated in my opinion. However, I'm also in the market for a new amp/dac...
  11. Technex

    Audio Technica A900 Pad replacement (please help me pick!)

    Hi guys,   I need your help to fix my Audio Technica ATH-A900's the pads have totally worn off... And I'm not a crazy fan about these standard pads too.     I hear that these are ideal replacements:     ATH-W5000 - Leather pads ATH-A900Ti - Clarino man made leather pads...
  12. angelus55

    should i get the sennheiser hd 558, Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2, or Audio-Technica ATH-A900 ? which one is better?

    originally i was going to get the hd 558s due to my budget, but now my mom has this good easy pay coupon or something like that and i saw these other 2 pairs ( pro700mk2 and a900) on qvc and was wondering whats the best out of these 3 pairs?   i listen to different kinds of metal...
  13. c64

    Audio Technica ATH-A900 cable replacement ?

    Have seen a pair of A900 going cheap but they have that old one channel only works unless you wiggle the cable about issue.   My question is how easy is it to replace a cable on these ? is it even possible ?
  14. XPenguin

    ATH-A700 Vs. ATH-A900 Vs. ATH M50 Vs. HD555 Vs. Xd53 Vs.Grato Prestige

    Hi, first thread here! As you can see I'm kind of lost...  I'm looking for my first serious pair of headphones. I listen to Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, and the occasional Classical. Looks and size are really no issue I suppose. I'll probably get an amp for it in the near future if they're not too...
  15. XPenguin

    Final Choice-Ath-AD900 Vs. Ath-A900

    Hi, I've finally made up my mind and have got it down to 2 cans for my first serious pair. What's the difference between these 2 cans other then 1 being open and the other closed? Which would be better for me? I listen to Blues, Rock, Classical, Metal, Instrumental (Usually guitar- Steve Vai...
  16. XPenguin

    Final Choice- Ath-Ad900 Vs. Ath-A900

    Hi, I've been looking for my first pair of serious headphones and have narrowed it down to these two. What's different in these 2 other then open/closed design. What would be better for me? I listen to Blues, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Instrumental (mostly guitar, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan), and...
  17. catsndogs

    The ATH-A900 appreciation thread

      I noticed that the classic Audio Technica ATH-A900s did not have their own appreciation thread, and decided that they really deserve one, so here it is!   I should probably preface this by stating that I have always preferred closed cans, and probably always will. Not only does isolation...
  18. Haeleus

    Headphones for PC (Gaming/Music) - Sennheiser HD598 or ATH-A900

    Since both headphones are in a similar price range for me, I'm having trouble deciding between these two. I need something that is comfortable to wear for extended periods at a time, and that can balance well between gaming and listening to music (I especially love trance/techno/electronic...
  19. linglingjr

    AKG K272 vs. ATH A900 for unamped listening

    Okay so  I have been in the market for a nice pair of closed headphones for a while and have done a decent amount of research to cut done my choices. I will not be using any amp at all ever, my devices are Hp pavilion, Samsung tab 10.1, and htc evo. My main question is how do the 272s sound un...
  20. Varekai

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 or Audio Technica ATH-A900

    Okay, I have never owned a "nice" pair of over ear headphones, just some 1st gen bose in ears, and at night my girlfriend complains that my tv/music keeps her up so she was going to get me a pair of headphones. So I've done a bunch of reading, and see the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 constantly pop...
  21. OakIris

    Replacement ear pads for AudioTechnica ATH-A900 headphones

    I know this topic has been discussed before here at head-fi but I am looking for some current recommendations for replacement ear pads for my ATH-A900 headphones.  These headphones are about 6 years old and the cheap pleather ear pads are finally falling apart - well, the pleather is tearing and...
  22. Tr1ckster

    ATH A900 or ATH Pro700mk2

    I still can't decide which to buy between these two. Can anyone please tell me their opinion and the headphones' pros and cons? please reply ASAP
  23. rayjuodas

    7 closed headphones vs Dynaudio BM15 monitors (SRH840, ATH-M50, ATH-A900, RH-300, Q40, HFI-680, Pro DJ100 etc.)

      Hi everyone,   Here’s my first attempt to write about headphones that I have purchased for my personal evaluation purposes. It is not the first time I am comparing headphones, but on previous occasions I kept my findings to myself. While I am not a frequent visitor of Head-Fi, I...
  24. Jesse40902

    Can somebody recommend me a few good places to buy Earpads for my Audio-Technica a900

    Thanks to this site, I was recommended the A900 and am extremely satisfied with  my cans for the past 4 or so years. However, the quality of the ear pad is deteriorating and causing black-like residue to make a mess around my ears.    Are there any recommended sitea where I can buy a new set...
  25. jampac93

    Audio Technica A900's + FiiO E11 + iPhone? please help, new!

    hello, im brand new to the forums, and becoming an audiophile! this May i bought a pair of Beats Studios (I NOW KNOW THEYYRE GARBAGE :) ) and sold them this week for $200. "only paid 230 new on sale!. so now i had some cash, and said its time to invest. i love music, and want a portabale amazing...