1. Hugh Jundys

    ZXR and $400

    Looking for less than $400 headphones to pair with ZXR soundcard   This Wed. I have a Soundblaster ZXR showing up.   Currently I have the creative Titanium (non HD) and audio-technica ATH A700 headphones.  Sometimes I plug my little Fiio E5 into it, does a little but not a lot. I know that...
  2. staxxx

    Simple survey on popular headphones

    Hi, I've been wanting to purchase more headphones to add to my collection and rather than ask details about the sound, I thought that this method may get me responses faster and I can use it as reference for some future purchases. I own all the headphones in my sig, except Stax, but one...
  3. N


  4. oopeteroo

    closed headphones for female vocal ?

    i have decide to get a closed headphone....   new to this front. Whats good closed headphone for female vocal, ballad, kpop, jpop ?
  5. xShishy

    Need advice for new headphones.

    Hi everyone,   My ATH A700s recently broke (although they lasted 6+ years). They've served me well but I'm looking to buy new headphones -- although I don't mind purchasing the same ones again, haha.   So I was looking at the following:   ATH A700 (again) or   AKG K702 Sennheiser HD...
  6. Chops

    Cans that get undeserved hate...

    I decided to pull out my old Audio Technica ATH-A700's today. I haven't used them in a while since the ear pads started flaking which was also around the time I got the Mad Dogs. Anyway, I've been reading various threads and reviews about the A700's and all people do is complain about them; no...
  7. sgtdisturbed47

    What next after owning HD280 Pro and ATH-A700?

    After owning a pair of Sennheiser HD280 Pro and Audio Technica A700, both of which are long gone, I have decided to buy a new set of headphones. I appreciate closed-back for isolation, and listen to rock, some rap, movies, and video games. The HD280 Pros were pretty neutral, and lacked the...
  8. Jaggar

    ATH-A700 crimped cable. Advise me on cable replacement.

    please delete, wrong subforum
  9. Vault

    Yuin PK3 - A modest review

    I've been searching for a pair of earbud-style cans for the past few weeks after I got my Zune 8. I've owned a pair of Ety ER6i's for about 2 years and love them to death, but I'm missing some of the warmth and "fun" that I get out of my Grados. So a trek down to Jaben and Uncle Wilson and...
  10. j-curve

    DIY Headphone Response Plots

    By way of a quick introduction, I'm going to post some graphs in this thread which look like headphone response plots. With a bit of luck people will be inspired to contribute their interpretations of the graphs and their opinions on whether the graphs have any value, based on what they've heard...
  11. Elephas

    Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 impressions & pics

    I've owned the Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 headphone for about a week. About a month ago I discovered Head-Fi and bought the ATH-A700. Upgrade-itis struck sooner than expected and I found myself back at the headphone shop and buying the AD2000. I would like to present my impressions of the...
  12. JCRG

    Closed. Flat response. Soundstage. Does something like that exists?

    Well, as title suggest, I'm looking for the holy (affordable) grail of headphones. Current cans are HD280 pro, yes, you can laugh at me, these are my first "real" headphones, I've had them over 2 years now. Now please don't suggest something like the Senns HD800, because I'm still just a...
  13. litesleeper

    looking for the BF3 experience

    Hi all,   I'm totally new here and definitely not an audiophile or sound expert, but I was trying to see what the recommendations are for budget level headphones, purely for BF3. I want that soundstage everyone always talks about for positional accuracy, but also want some bass in the...
  14. Gorebag

    More bass: my ATH-A700 + new amp or $450 for new headphones + amp?

    Hello there,   I'm wondering whether I should buy an amp to boost the bass of my current headphones, or spend $450 on a new pair of headphones that are built for bass in the first place and get an amp for those. $450 is the most I can spend in total, including an amp (and potentially a dac...
  15. Calcifar

    Issues with Beyerdynamic DT 8800 250 Ohms

    So, Ive had these DT 8800s 250 Ohms since a couple months now and i must say that the soundstage just doesnt seem to compare to the Audio Technika A700 which i tried before the DTs.   I am running them on a Asus Xonar Essence STX 2. ...
  16. Jaggar

    Audio Technica ATH- A700 broke, need advice on how to fix.

    So basically i sat on my headphones and snapped the plastic connecting to the right ear. Are there any repair recommendations, or am i stuck with super glue and hope that it wont break again.  
  17. bholmes16

    will my audiotechnica ath-a700's work with my macbook without an amp? (not pro)

    hi im new here and i recently bought these headphones and im wondering if i need an amp for my macbook/and or ipod/phone.
  18. yokochamas

    ATH-A700 broken driver or just wires?

    I didn't find a thread about this exactly. I had a slip of hand while opening my A-700s for modifying, and pulled the copper wire from it's solder point in the right side cup. I found a contact point on the mound of solder and taped the wire there, and this worked until i suppose it moved too...
  19. JerseyD

    Need some closed cans.. Thinking Audio Technica ATH-A700 or A900? Others?

    Anyone know the differences between these two, aside from cost?  Similar isolation, I would imagine.  Does the 900 have more bass?     Would consider going up to $300 if anyone else has a favorite.  Comfort and isolation very important to me (in addition to SQ of course!).   I like my...
  20. dogdaysunrise

    One of my ATH a700's drivers lacks of bass...

    Hello,   One of the drivers of my AT ATH a 700 headphones has much less bass than the other one. The mids and trebles work fine although I can hear a slight crackle. I've tested them in everyway and one side def has more bass and depth.   Anyone knows what could the problem be? Are...
  21. yokochamas

    AKG K271 MK-II Review (Vs ATH-A700)

      AKG K271-MKII Review   The K271 is my third headphone, the first being the Sony MDR-XD200, which I used for two years, and the second being the ATH-A700, which I've used for the last three years.   One year old Lenovo laptop and Sansa Clip as source. All comparisons are to the...
  22. tigerdx619

    Sennheiser HD 518 Vs. Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Vs. Audio Technica ATH-A700 Vs. Creative Aurvana Live

    I'm a Beginner AudioPhile Which OF These Is Better For Me To Start Music : Rock/ Metal/Folk I Will Use It Too much With HD Movies Gaming Isn't Important ,,, Comfort Isn't Important Quality Is the Most Important Thing Budget 90$-120$ ,,, Can't Afford More Than That I need Ur...
  23. SilencedMi6

    Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 or ATH-A700?

    I need help choosing one or the other. I have Newegg credit only, so if you would like to recommend headphones that can be found on that site for a similar price, I am open for suggestion.   I listen to mostly alternative/rock and orchestral soundtrack style music with limited vocals.
  24. grassark

    Looking for a upgrade from my Audio Technica ATH-A700s

    Hi everyone. I bought a pair of Audio Technica ATH-A700 headphones about 2.5 years ago. They sound great but they are falling apart - the cord needs to be twisted a certain way in order to hear anything, part of the headband has broken off and the covering over the foam earpieces is peeling off...
  25. jamesva3

    Need advice on amps for my ATH-A700s

    so im looking for a portable amp for my ath-a700s and slimmed the choices down to the PA2V2 or the Fiio E11, which should i get and why? also my headphones male audio connector has been extremely fussy and will not get full audio signal (if im still getting the full audio signal) unless i put...