1. Zi0P4tch0

    High-end iPhone/office setup

    Hi!   I'm looking for some good full-size (closed) headphones that I could use whilst walking around in the noisy London and, at the same time, in the office.   Mobile Gear: - iPhone 5   Office Gear: - Macbook Pro Mid-2012   I mostly listen to: - Rock - Blues  - Symphonic metal -...
  2. mark2410

    Has anyone done a comparative Iphone 5 vs Iphone 6 audio quality review?

    as the title, there are many phone comparisons round the internet but none which really compare audio outputs.  certainly not in the way one would to expect to see happen round headfi.  ive kinda had a look but i cant see any titled as such and rather than read page after page of some threads i...
  3. valtmiato

    Here's a stumper

    so, i ripped out the wires from my koss portapros while picking up groceries (LOL) the wires ripped from the headphones. i'm handy with a soldering iron so i cut wires from another pair of headphones, some sony mdrs and it sounds fine now through my reciever, my android, but NOT my iphone. once...
  4. placidity

    Best headphones for iPhone?

    I'm looking for the best headphones for use with my iPhone 5 and I have no idea where to start.  I'm new to audio and everything and I'd appreciate it if you guys helped out.  I listen to Rock and Rap.  Don't really have a budget I just want to know the highest end headphones you can use without...
  5. coprhead6

    JH IEM Impedance with Iphone 5

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the world of professional audio and would love for someone to clear this up.   I'm on the fence about a few different JH IEMs.  They will be for live performance and casual listening through my iphone 5 / Ipad without an amplifier.  I've read that the 10x3s will...
  6. goodvibes

    Nocturnal Hybrid IEM and cable Tour.

    A Nocturnal IEM and cable tour has begun with shotgunshane as first member after myself to receive them.  Here's a list of members on the list to receive these so far: Shotgunshane Hiflight  Idiosynchro_24, Winter. After the 1st couple reviews, more US members can be added.   The...
  7. tordfuglstad

    Fiio E7 + iPhone 5 = successful?

    So I've read a lot of threads on the Fiio E7 and people wanting to connect them with iphone 5's. I have yet to read a successful combo. Is there anyone out there who has figured out how to make it work?   Just got into this headphone thingie and came across this forum, makes me want to buy a...
  8. hsshin0130

    Suggestions needed with my cMoy BB v. 2.02 and iPhone 5s

    Hello, fellow head-fiers!   Before I get started with my honest, could-be-dumb questions, please allow me to write down my listening devices. They are: iPhone 4 & 5S, cMoy BB v. 2.02, FiiO LOD cable, Monoprice 8320, Klipsch R6, HiFiman RE0, Monster Turbine, and Shure SE525.    I have...
  9. s0ny

    Does the Onkyo HF Player on iPhone 5s truly output 24-bit/192 kHz?

    I was thinking about buying an Astell & Kern AK120 for quite a while. As an alternative, I want to try the Onkyo HF Player for my iPhone 5S. I was wondering if the actual output is really 24-bit/192 kHz or that the hardware DAC automatically reduces it to 16-bit/48 kHz.   I know iOS 8 is coming...
  10. Scorpion667

    ~$1000 budget for Cans for on the go

    Hello,   I commute 4 hours a day and am looking for a pair of cans on the go. My source is Theorem 720 DAC/AMP taking it's digital signal from my iphone 5. Headphones used currently are Ultrasone Pro 900 with silver plated OCC copper cable. I love the sound however the isolation and leakage...
  11. mellomoyo

    Raspberry Pi & DAC for Headless Audio Player

    I know that there's been a lot of buzz around the Internet about the Raspberry Pi and all the cool things people are doing with it. I wanted to share what I've been doing with mine, making it a headless audio player.    I consume music from three main sources:  1) Purchased audio, either...
  12. Buruburu1980

    İphone 5s Lighting Red Cable Help!

    What is cable mark?   Click:
  13. seanfisher5

    Advice on my first real speaker system

    Hey guys:   I've been pondering this for a while, but I have finally decided to invest in a good speaker set-up. I will be living in a suite-style dorm next year and have been looking to build a relatively cheap, but high fidelity system.   I am looking to pair the Pioneer SP-BS22 LR...
  14. lecco

    Smartphone with warm sound

    I'm searching for a smartphone with a warm, lush sound and good (for a smartphone) dac (wolfson...). I have samsung s3 that is too bright for me (in comparison for example to fiio X3). All OS goes well (android, windows...) thanks
  15. hometownwesty

    my iphone seems to break headphones

    Hi there,   new member with a weird problem, looking for help.   A long while ago I bought a "beats" headset to use with my iPhone. This worked for a couple of months, until suddenly it didn't. I suspected a cable breakage, and since back than I didn't know where the hot side of an...
  16. DR650SE

    Better DAP? Next Galaxy or iPhone?

    So I'm deployed at the moment. When I get one I'll need a new phone and its audio quality will play a big part on my choice. Currently I have a 1st Gen Galaxy S Captivate. Great Wolfson chip. I also have Motorola Droid RAZR which I'll give to my nephew for gaming. My main portable DAP is a...
  17. Anthony1

    Lightning to mini USB for iphone 5S to CLAS -dB

    Just dropping back in to see if there is a Lightning to mini USB for iPhone 5S to CLAS -dB.   I have seen expatjapan's thread on this but they seem to be lightning>USB cables only.   Anybody point me to a reasonably priced supplier
  18. jaydjay

    AirPort friendly speaker system

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on here. I don't know anything so I'd like to ask you for advice, if I may. I'm looking for a speaker system that I could connect to an AirPort to stream music from iPhone/mac/iPad, BUT that could also potentially be used to connect a record...
  19. croqui

    NWZ-F886 manufacturing defect

    The new Sony NWZ-F886 has a manufacturing defect, there's bleding light from the crancks and corners. So for the owners of this player please report here if you have this issue in your player. I know that some owners of this player had this issue. I know from a thread in this forum. Please let's...
  20. GrayKay

    Amp with clear bass?

    I personally find the frequencies outputed from my devices dont produce clear, rich enough bass and am interested in buying a portable amp. I'm currently using my V-moda crossfade LP2 headphones, using my iPhone and nexus 7 tablet as a music player and usually listen to EMD, prog. House and rap...
  21. Pericles77

    Please help me connect iPhone 5s to Little Dot MK II

    Please confirm if the following signal chain is correct:   iPhone 5s ---> Lightning to 30-pin Adapter ---> 30-pin to stereo ---> Little Dot.   I believe doing this would allow me to bypass the iPhone's internal amp.   Thank you kindly in advance.  
  22. bryguy27007

    Good Receiver and Speaker Set-up?

    Hello all,   I am looking for a set-up to listen to music. I will be listening from my computer, iPhone, and also (but least important) is home theater through a PS3 and TV. I was thinking about making the jump from a cheap sound-card (that I need to rubber-band the speaker output in order to...
  23. FGondim

    Audio In/Out over a Micro Usb

    Hi,   Is it possible to connect a usb cable to my mobile (in this case a GalaxyS3) and use it to audio in/out? For example, use my headset (mic+sound) to use skype on my mobile or take a call.   I'm asking it because I want to build a dock where I would have everything connect on the dock...
  24. rivezico

    Westone w40 . Recommended source

    hello there ! i'm writing from Moscow , so sorry for my English ) yesterday I purchased w40 , it sounds great but I still got a question about the source thats better for obtaining the full experience. at the moment i'm using iphone 4 + google play full access subscription, for me its a...
  25. Artmuzz

    iPhone 5S headphone socket problem

    I recently bought an iPhone 5S and just a few days ago I bought a new pair of IEMs. When I plugged the IEMs into my iPhone 5S the plug looks like it is at a very slight angle to the right. At first I thought it was the jack of my IEMs which were slightly bent but in fact it is actually the...