1. rickelparrit

    AKG K271 for rock music?

    Hi guys  Im looking for some good over the ear closed headphones music like ledd zeppelin, nirvana, nickelback, green day things like thayt] an option to me under the 140 dollar are the AKG K271 MKII are they ok?  DO THEY NEED AMP for Ipod?   I dont like grados they look so odd
  2. manxys

    Specific CANS for very specific needs.

    Hello, I know there is a recommendation mega-thread, but I have a need to compare a list of specific headphones on how they meet specific needs.   I invite the onwers of the listed headphones to give comments. If you own one of these headphones, can you tell me how your headphones cope with...
  3. iDriveFerraris

    [Poll] Best Headphone's Under $200

    I'm looking to buy a new pair of Cans and i've picked out the 8 best in this price range (Under $200)   I'll be driving them with my Htc Incredible S and sometimes my Macbook. I'll be using a  Fiio E6  Fiio E11 Amp. I prefer lots of Bass but i also want balance.   - So Vote away...
  4. ShamanSleeve

    New closed cans

    I'm leaving for College in about a month, and my only current headphones are Sennheiser HD580's. I'm in need of a closed headphone under $200 that will be really good for acoustic music and electronic music. I'm currently leaning toward the AKG K271 but I'm definitely not set on them. So, any...
  5. hishammsm

    My first pro. Cans

    Hello Head-fi'ers,   I am new hear and i was looking for your advise to buy my first pro cans, i have a Fiio E11 portable amp and i am putting a 250$ budget.   Now i will be using my cans with my iPhone and computer (which has a Claro ii card) and i am looking for clear crisp sound and...
  6. cutieboy1428

    AKG K550 or Headphone around 700$ , need some advices :(

    i'm very interested in AKG K550 but i afraid it sound warm , dark , color or thick sound . My fav sound sign is cold , bright ( maybe neutral ) , not too thick ( maybe thin ) , a lot of details , maybe big soundstage .......... and my source is ipod touch 4 + RSA Protector Can anybody give me...
  7. Sp3aker

    Headphones for my girlfriend

    Hi, I'm a bit of an audiophile novice, and I am looking for some advice on what headphones to get my girlfriend for valentines day. I personally use the Koss Pro DJ100's, and my GF has fallen in love with them. She is soon getting an electric piano (which is apprently not the same as a keyboard...
  8. crise

    Velour earpads for AKG k271

    I'm having a hard time to find a decent deal in The Netherlands. I found these two, but the top ones which are easy for me to order (no huge shipping costs) look like crap. They look kinda cheap, while the second link has nice looking ones. They might just have a bad picture on the 1st link, but...
  9. CantScareMe

    AKG K550 vs Some others (denon d2000, akg k271, ultrasone edition 8, shure 940, shure 840, beyer dt770.....)

      Contents overview 1. Competitors  (shure 940, denon d2/5/7k, akg k271, beyer dt770 (80/600) dt150, beyer t5p, ultrasone ed8, htf600, shure 840)  2. Isolation 3. Leakage 4. Build  (looks, materials, portability) 5. Fit  (clamp, earcup+earpads, overall comfort) 6. Amplification and...
  10. ourfpshero

    Sennheiser hda-200 audiometric headphones impressions-pics added

    I just got the Senn hda-200. these are audiometric headphones used for the calibration of audiometric equipment. i guess this means they are very neutral and accurate!! senns link: Sennheiser USA - Audiometers, HDA 200, closed dynamic ear protector headphones - Professional Audio out of the...
  11. jezz

    Minimum-Leakage Phone with High WAF?

    Shorter version: I'm looking for a headphone that does not leak much at all, is bass-light but defined, nice mids, and not sibilant, running in the $200-$400 gambit. I'm not looking for the AKG K271MKII because I have one, or the DT770 because it has too much bass for me. I am looking at the...
  12. erdinc

    Need passive noise reducing headphones

    Hi, I need passive noise reducing headphones that are comfortable for long time use and sound good. I'll be wearing them in front of my computer for general use. I'm currently using Sennheiser HD595's and I like them a lot. The problem is there is too much outside noise and I need closed...
  13. Ishcabible

    Philips Bubbles

    Someone please take a trip to Marshalls and buy a pair to reassure me that these $5 earbuds aren't half bad when burned in. They sound like crap when you listen to them fresh out of the package. I have a hard time believing it but they are only about 20% worse than KSC75s and a good margin...
  14. holland

    AKG K271 Pads on K240 Sextett

    Are these pads the same? Are the part numbers the same? My Sextett pads aren't bad a bit aged but not in horrible condition and still compresses well. When I put the K271 pleather pads on, the bass became quite emphasized, almost boomy.
  15. A

    Cases for Full Headphones

    Hey,   So i'm looking for Full Circumaural headphones that play jazz/classical well.   I've pretty much settled on one of three:   Beyer DT660 OR AKG K271 MKII OR   Shure SRH840   However, i'm still open to suggestions.   I'm looking for three main criteria in my...
  16. slicedtoad


    I'm on $200 or so budget and need a pair of over-ear, noise canceling earphones for my IPhone and laptop.   They need to be comfortable, look nice, have good sound quality (mostly rock) and be decently portable. The need to be durable enough for travel (and have a decent cable that wont...
  17. Steve999

    The Serious Bose Quiet Comfort 2 Thread

    Please, please don't turn this into a Bose bashing thread. Okay, maybe this thread will sink like a rock, but..... I have some Bose Quiet Comfort 2s I am trying for 90 days. They are expensive, $300. I have tried many high isolation headphones and will opine right out of the box that these...
  18. project86

    Mini-Review: digiZoid ZO "portable subwoofer"

        In the world of audio enthusiasts, there are many options and choices to be made. Some can almost be seen as polarizing, such as tube sound versus solid state or analog versus digital. Of course, any reasonable person will see these as options to explore rather than a cause to become...
  19. ColeTrain

    Amp for AKG K271 MKI

    Hello fellow Head-fi'ers, I recently got a pair of K271 and I've been looking around, and have read that sound quite better with an amp, A) Is this true? B) What portable amp would someone recommend for me, or any advice would be appreciated, thanks! Or would a desktop amp be better for these...
  20. ColeTrain

    Amp for the AKG K271

    Hello, I posted a similar post under portable amps, but I wanted the opinions from both forums. I recently got a pair of K271, and I've heard they sound quite better with an amp, now is this true first off? And if, what amp would someone recommend to me? Keep in mind, I do not have a large...
  21. TwitchBladE

    AKG K271?

    I am looking for a pair of full sized headphones with the best midrange I can possibly get for a budget limit of $150 max.   I've read a ton of threads on this subject and have found out that the akg k501 is probably the best lower priced headphone for good mids, but all of the those threads...
  22. adkimemory

    Pleather and Velour...

    Since I bought my HD25-1s, I've replaced the muffs with Velour and loved them. But recently I decided to try the Pleather for a week... and I must say that they actually feel better. I don't know why, but pleather just feels better to me on my head. especially when they soften after a week...
  23. ddan6815

    AKG.....Australia or China

    Are all AKG made in Australia, or are some engineered and designed in Australia and made in China?.....I got a pair K242HD today that fely real cheaply made, I decided to look on the hp for the made in label, which was no place to be found, then decided to check the box, they had a serial...
  24. DjAmTraX

    NEW! Top of the Line Sony MDR-Z1000 headphones unboxing and comparison to Pro Version MDR-7520

    Just got these in. Check out my unboxing and comparison between the Pro version MDR-7520. Please share and comment.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waiRNrsfp1g
  25. Yamaya

    My first cans and totally confused.

    Hello all, first of all i want to apologize for my bad english and about my "nubiness" i'm totally green about audio gear.   I want to buy my first set of good headphones, they need to be closed ones because i don't want to disturb my wife and i need to block some noise from place where i...