1. comma

    Upgrading from a K271 MK II to a K601??

    I have had my K271 MK II's for about 6 months and I have been overall pleased with them. however, I really wanted an open back over the ear headphone, and at the time of purchase, I could not find a K240 series for the same price. I was thinking the K601's would be a good upgrade. I enjoy the...
  2. KB24

    AKG K271 MKI vs MKII

    There is not a decent thread on this topic on Head-fi. Let's make it good!   I just bought a pair of rarely used K271 MKI on Amazon Marketplace. It comes with everything except the extra cord and the extra pads (Not sure if the MKI came with these). It has the mute switch that turns it off...
  3. ColeTrain

    Portable Amp for AKG K271 MKI

    Hey, I just bought these headphones off of a fellow Head fi'er, and have a few bucks left around. So I thought why not look into a portable amp. Im very new to amps, never owned one, but I'd like a portable one. Is there any that are better than others, or can I get some advice. I don't have too...
  4. henrique

    AKG k271 mk2 or Beyerdynamic DT770?

    Hi,   I'm starting a new sound engineering course, so I need to get new headphones.   Im between the AKG k271 mk2 and the Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohm version. Wich one do you think will suit me better?   Cheers!
  5. cactus_farmer

    AKG K272 HD vs AKG K271 Mk. II vs Shure SRH940?

    Would be grateful for you to post your impressions here even if you've only heard 2 of the 3 headphones mentioned in the thread title.   How does the K272 HD compare to the older K271 Mk. II - does it have the same sound signature but just does everything a bit better?   And how do...
  6. nphase

    ATH-M50 vs AKG K-271 MK II

    Looking to get another pair of headphones and saw the lifehacker article with you guys generally suggesting the M50. I was previously looking at the K-271 MK II, and was wondering if you guys suggested the M50 over the K-271 MK II... why? :)
  7. 007noob007

    akg k271 vs k240

    sorry for so manny  threads, i think and hope this will be my last one. i narowed it down to just 2 headphones     witch one of the 2 headphones are better (akg k271 or akg 240)? i will not be using an amp! i will use my phone!  (galaxy s)     btw  "  i like rock such as AC/DC...
  8. yokochamas

    AKG K271 MK-II Review (Vs ATH-A700)

      AKG K271-MKII Review   The K271 is my third headphone, the first being the Sony MDR-XD200, which I used for two years, and the second being the ATH-A700, which I've used for the last three years.   One year old Lenovo laptop and Sansa Clip as source. All comparisons are to the...
  9. LuckyAndroid

    1 meter high quality cable for AKG K271 MKII

    Hello,   Do you know where i can buy a 1 meter high quality cable for AKG K271 MKII : mini xlr to mini jack. I'm living in France.   Thanks.
  10. Morten

    AKG K271 vs. Audio Technica ATH M50?

    I need a pair of closed cans for tracking/music production. These are at a similar price point and both have good reviews. What say ye?
  11. cactus_farmer

    AKG K271 mk. II treble?

    I've read some reviews saying the K271 is very bright with sparkly highs, and others saying that the treble is very rolled off and the emphasis is almost entirely on the midrange... Is the treble actually rolled off? If it is, is there another headphone in a similar price-range that has sparkly...
  12. LordRaptor

    Portable Headphone Amp for AKG K271 MK II + Cowon Z2

    Hello Head-Fi Community, I’m looking for a portable headphone amp for my AKG K 271 MK II. My two main sources are a PreSonus AudioBox USB, and a portable media player. Because my Samsung YP-P3 is really broken, I’m going to buy a Cowon Z2 in the next two months.   I need it mainly for the...
  13. WillDrivers63

    Akg k271 mk ii pads: leatherette or Velvets? Which do you prefer?

    Hey guys I was curious of what people thought of the akg k271 pads. I personally like the feel of the velvet/velour a lot, but last night I decided I'd give the leather ones a try (I've owned the cans for about a year and have listened with the velours nearly exclusively).   Like I said I...
  14. headphone man07

    fischer audio fa-003 vs fischer audio fa-002 vs akg k271 mkII

    they'll be used with fiio e11, gotye, temper trap and gorillaz they need good isolation, good sound and flatest graph possible thanks in advance
  15. jwalden

    akg k271 right speaker not working

    hello. ive got a pair of akg k271 that ive had about 9 months now and the right speaker is not responding at all. there is zero noise coming from it. any help or advice would be appreciated. i'd rather just fix them or move on to a different set of cans. thanks. 
  16. DJ TRicks

    HELP!! SELL the Pioneer HDJ-2000's for AKG K271 MKII Vs. AKG K550 Vs. Beyerdynamic DT 770 (80 or 250 ohm)?

    Hey Gang,   I could really use some help on deciding what to do with my Pioneer HDJ-2000's, either keeping them or getting rid of them and picking up a different pair of cans?   A brief history about my DJ guruness (that's not a word but hopefully follow my drift), I've owned the...
  17. AuTra

    AKG Q701 vs AKG k271 mkII

    Hey guys, my Q701s have just came in the mail today and let me tell you, they sound awful. The treble is way to much. It pierces my ears and there's no low end. The mids aren't even there.   My setup isn't too great. I've been using the AKG k271 mk2's for the past few years with the ASUS...
  18. sintap

    Isolationist and very comfortable allrounders $170? KNS8400 vs. AKG K271

    Good day everyone, thanks to this great forum I could do a lot of research to try and find some decent headphones. I would be much obliged if someone could help me make a final purchasing decision.    I will be using these headphones unamped at home for music, gaming and movies. I listen to...
  19. msmuse101

    Monitor Headphones?

    Hi guys, first time posting here so I hope this is the right part of the forum to do this!   Just wanting some advice really.   I'm after some new headphones to use as portable monitors (preferably cup, not in ear) I'm a music Tech lecturer and I need something with a reliable fairly...
  20. Asr

    How my journey for closed portable bliss came to an end

    Let's start with the pursuit: ever since I first came to Head-Fi, I've always been looking for a closed portable headphone that I could use at work. So in the interest of tracing history I'll go back to the beginning and explain why I tossed out each one I ran into: - Senn PX 200...
  21. Asr

    2007 Awards for Headphones and Amps

    With only a few more days in 2007 left, I thought I'd put my audio experience acquired over the past year to some use to share what I think are the best of the best for headphone hi-fi. Not all these products came out in 2007 but all are still available on the market. These are, of course, my...
  22. dipm

    AKG K550 Headphone Video Review

      I know that my technical knowledge is not on par with a lot of your guys that regular this forum, but I thought I'd give it a go. If you don't gain anything from what I say, I hope you appreciate being able to see the K550s on video. Thanks, and any feedback is welcome!
  23. lorcar

    acustic piano + closed headphones: AKG/sennheiser? Shure? plz help!!!

    hi everyone first time poster here   recently started to study piano again, and I chose an acustic piano Yamaha B1 with Yamaha Silent System, meaning I can plug a headphone and the sound comes from a digitalization of piano music. So even if the piano itself is off tune, the sound I will...
  24. lorcar

    Sennheiser HD 380 pro: love it or hate it?

    hi guys i am in the market for a closed headphone, with replacable cable.  So far my eyes are on  Sennheiser 380 pro AKG 271   others are: Sennheiser 439 (but the cup are not in leather, which i prefer).    The 380 are the one I'd buy, even if I dont like the coiled cord. But...
  25. yearsofwisdom

    Best Noise-Canceling/Sound Isolating Cans

    What are the best noise-canceling/sound isolating cans for a budget buyer, less than 250. I'm in college and my roommate likes to blast loud music so I want to get a pair of cans to get rid of the sound. I listen to all types of music.