1. jnsaudiophile

    upgrading from the AKG K271s

    The upgrade bug has caught me again and I am looking for headphones after the AKG K271s (vanilla K271s)   Interested in:   Grado 325i AKG K701/K702 Sen HD 650 Audio-Tech A900   I really enjoy the clarity of the K271s and would like to have a set that is an improvement over...
  2. mulderbaba

    best headphone without the amplifier?

    Hey all,   I'm wondering what would be the best headphone (preferably sennheiser) that would be used without driving with a portable amplifier? I am a newbie in this field but I know that higher ohm values, like 320Ω, would cause problems and user won't be getting the most out of it from...
  3. lazyredhead

    full size with great mids for around 200

    looking for headphones with great mids, prefer then to be some what portable and closed back mostly listen to alternative metal/rock, progressive metal as well and some punk i'd like them to be easy to drive as well. if not by an ipod classic at least by a fiio E5
  4. EvilLost

    Closed (passive noise cancel) over-ear phones with decent bass for PC/Music/Gaming use ~$200-400?

    I am having a bit of a difficult time finding just the right set of headphones for me. I am relatively new to high end phones, but have tried buying 4 diff pairs of sennheisers so far; they all sound amazing, but their bass is really really lacking. (I have tried the HD280, 448, 555, and...
  5. Player1

    Rosewill R-PAS-01?

    Well i've got a pair of HD595s and i've always been very happy with them, but i never bothered with an amp as i'd heard that they don't really need one. However,  this was on sale for cyber monday for 20 bucks shipped, so i bought one. what did i buy? is this going to do any good at all?  ...
  6. noaboa

    Best choice for a 250-300$ closed can?

    Greetings there,   A 'round a week ago i posted a thread in here, after reading reviews for not more cans that you can count on one hand, but it wouldn't take long for me to realize that there are many more headphones out there than I just thought. But since then I've read almost everything...
  7. HyperNight

    Best Closed Headphones for under $250 (Poll is for fun, would like some detailed replies too!)

        I've bought a lot of headphones lately, trying to find the perfect pair. I'm looking for overall sound quality, bass and comfort. I've went through Shure 750DJ (Not enough bass, not very comfortable), Ultrasone Hfi-580 (This was my favorite pair until the Denon D2000), Beyerdynamic DT770...
  8. Omega17TheTrue

    [REVIEW] HD465 VS K601 VS K271 VS D2000 - There can be only one

    I made a little comparison between the headphones i own before i sell the ones i like less.   Sehnnheiser HD 465 :   A cheap supra-aural open headphone, sound dull with prominent bass, sound-stage is completely flat, lack dynamic sound low-end not worth comparing to the tree other...
  9. chirs

    Shanling PH300 + AKG 271

    Has anyone tried this combo? I got a Shanling  at a good price...haven't received it yet. Seems like the reviews on the amp are mixed. Has anyone successfully upgraded tubes or anything else on this amp? I'll let ya'll know what I think!
  10. jrosenth

    Vintage AKG 270 Playback just arrived - closed sextett

    Fresh off the UPS truck from an Ebay purchase. I was thinking of getting another 271s - but Fitz recommended checking out the 270. I tried watching ebay (none to be found) then hunting some down here - pm folks who mentioned they once had them. Only a couple of people (including a...
  11. vedran

    ath m50 vs akg k271 Comfort+Isolation

    Thinking to buy one of these.  Important factors are outside noise isolation and ear comfort (I wear glasses). SQ input is appreciated but not main factor. Also I should get soon FiiO E7 and I would like to know is that  good combo with one of these headphones.   If you can give some...
  12. cgrums

    Closed Cans to Replace Ultrasone PRO 750

    Hello All,        After quite a period of contentment with my Ultrasones I find myself in a position of needing to change out my work 'phones.  I work in an 'open' office with cubicles separated by open-top dividers.  Isolation is crucially important as there are times when the office is...
  13. zappp

    fold-flat, full size, circumaural, closed headphone?

    Dear all,    I like my AKG K271, but for traveling they are a bit bulky. Ultrasone HFI for my taste earcups are a tad too small and bass too boomy.   Any suggstions? 
  14. hanklibre

    What to do with my akg k271?

    Hello!   A couple of weeks ago i found my old akg's lying around in a box. They hadn't been used for years and were in pretty bad shape as it were. But I figured I'd give them a chance since I remembered them as pretty nice sounding. So I ordered a new set of Velour pads (the beyer ones...
  15. p a t r i c k

    Review: Bowers & Wilkins P5

    I've had my Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones for about ten days now so my review is probably a bit premature. However I am very impressed by them and so I feel motivated to actually write a review. Over the last six months I have been on many flights to and from Ireland using the nearest airport...
  16. S

    Help!!! Akg k271 mk-2 OR Shure Srh-840 OR ath900x

    Please suggest phones for good mids and balanced sound. I mostly listen to classic rock,indie,hard rock,etc. Have to use them for casual listening. I'm totally new at this and just want the best i can get out of my music. Comfort and portability important. From what i've gathered from reading...
  17. P

    Need K271 repair advice

    Hi folks.  I'm totally gutted. My 7 year old K271's mk1 have started rattling, it's the left speaker only, and only when playing bass sounds even at low volume.  I have checked for any hair stuck in speaker and there is non. The cable is in very bad condition but I've got a feeling that...
  18. nickchen

    Brand new toy: K271

    As my son permanently showers the livingroom with his kiddy CDs and my wife has a mentionable affinity for vespertine television sessions, I needed an isolation monster for my occasional non-computer moods. Found a new pair of K271 for 106€ at german Ebay and pulled the trigger. I quite like...
  19. bobaroo

    listening perspective

    I am fairly new to serious headphone listening so please bear with me. I like closed headphones(don't know if that matters here), when I am listening I feel as if the music is on top of my head or that I am in middle of the music or both. This is opposed to when listening to speakers that I...
  20. moonshake

    Closed cans upgrade

    Hi there,     I´ve been away from headphone / hifi community for some time and was experiencing some gear adquisition syndrome during these days. Usually using K271 with velour pads with good results as a help tool when I can´t use my studio monitors for mixing (also use K701 for sub bass...
  21. AKG K 271 Studio

    AKG K 271 Studio

    The K 271 Studio is a completely new model that combines the benefits of AKG’s circumaural design for extreme comfort and a closed-back design for maximum isolation from ambient noise. Thanks to its XXL transducers, the K 271 Studio sounds clean, smooth and very rich. The K 271 Studio is the...