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Product Name: TRN V80 2DD + 2BA Hybrid Metal In Ear Earphone

Driver Unit: 2BA+2DD hybrid driver unit (Composite Dynamic + Composite BA )

Impedance: 24Ω

Sensitivity: 108dB/mW

Frequency Range: 7–40000 Hz

Plug Type: 3.5mm straight plug

Cable Length: 1.25m

Interface: 2-pin connector


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Pros: + Good, decent sound
+ Gives you electric shock massage
+ Metallic build
+ Great comfort
Cons: - Does not isolate very well from outside noise
- Gives you electric shock massage
TRN V80 (45 USD)

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We reach the almost final review of this compilation, and V80 is a perfect piece to have at almost the end of a review. Compared to the little brother, V80 is a much better piece, with better comfort, better build quality, but with not that much of a higher price. I mean, theoretically, the price is much higher, it is double, but practically, it is just 20 USD more, and for a better sonic experience, I am really ready to sacrifice a few USD, especially considering how much better things are in general with V80.

Starting with the package, you don't get much more fluff with V80, you even get the same cable, and the same tips as V30. This is really poor actually, considering it is double the price. Well, not really, it is a really fair package for its 45 USD price point. A carrying case would have always been nice, but let's look forward to the future, I'm sure TRN will start including those.

The build quality is fairly better than V30, with a metallic shell, with removable, 2-Pin cables. It is heavier than V30, and heavy for a little IEM, but not too heavy to be worn. The wearing style is over-the-ear only, but the cable has soft guides. The nozzle isn't straight, and has a bit of an angling to help with the fit and the comfort. They do not isolate quite that well from the outside noise, and where V30 isolates quite well, V80 is more permeable with noise, especially because they have large vents so that you don't get any driver flex. To their defense, there is no void, no driver flex, and no microphonic noise from the cable. On a side note, a number of users have complained about TRN V80 giving them electric shocks, or a pinch feeling in their ear. This could be possible if the metallic shell was not isolated well from the drivers.

Tip rolling would help with sound, but as I've been saying, those are 45 USD IEMs, and most people getting them probably won't be getting tips after purchase as well, especially since subsequent eartips cost about 5 to ten USD a pair.

The signature could be described as being vivid, engaging, dynamic, punchy, V-Shaped, with much better treble extension than V30, with better sub-bass reach, and with a more revealing overall presentation.

Indeed, if you've read my review on V30, you know that I had a bone to pick with how the bass lacked detail, and with how the treble just rolled off, with no air, no sparkle, nothing. Well, V80 has a better treble, and I favorit it greatly, it works much better with metal, rock, and progressive music, even with pop, and EDM.

All in all, I think that V80 is a really good IEM if you want a V-shaped sound for 45 USD, the detail is just fair, and if you haven't been a fan of Kinera H3, or of Shozy Hibiki MK II, you will like TRN V80 quite a bit.
Pros: Incredible technical ability
Superb sub-bass extension with great forward mids
Super comfortable
Well built
Cable is good and not prone to tangle
Cons: Piercing lower treble makes them very hard to listen if you're treble sensitive
Sibilance is annoying, can be fixed with foam tips
Provided eartips are too small for these as the nozzle is quite big
Hello everyone!
I know i am a latecomer on these, but the first pair i had (when they were released) was defective and i didn’t wanna buy another one.
Sherry sent me these for FREE and i was really happy to have them again as i fell in love for the v80s at first listen some months ago.
Getting these free does not actually influence my final thoughts.

I remember you to visit my website for more reviews and store links i cannot post here:


Just wanna precise that my impressions are subjective and that listening experience can change depending on source, tips and so on.

Test were made on:
– Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone
– Presonus AudioBOX iONE connected to my PC with no Enhancements actived
– AGPTEK M30B/Benjie S8 DAP
I even connect my Fiio A3 when i need it if i hear some earphones need a little more power.

Technical specs:
Drivers: 2 DD + 2 BA
Sensitivity: 108dB
Impedance: 24ohm
Frequency Response: 7 Hz – 40000 Hz
Cable lenght: 1.25m Detachable (0.75mm PINs). This is the NON-mic version but there’s a MIC versiona avaiable too.
Plug Type: L-type

Solid package with the v80s black and white paint.
As soon as we open it we find: IEMs, cable, 3 pair of tips. No carry case included.


Cable is the classic one that TRN features in their products. It is a black cable made of copper with a twisted texture. It feels solid and features premade hooks. Connectors are ok, there’s no chin slider.
Mic can be featured but this version didn’t. You can request the mic version when you add them to your cart.


Shell is completely made of metal. It features 3 little vents in the back and a little one just before the nozzle tube starts buildin’ up, in order to prevent driver flex.
Nozzle grill is precise and well made and the overall construction feels very well assembled, giving a good impression about their longevity.
We have 2DDs and 2BAs and that’s crazy considering these are very little: overall these are well studied.

photo5886482980065620223.jpg photo5886482980065620224.jpg

The v80s are kings of comfort in my opinion. If we compare them to something like the ZS7, then, we have so many compliments for the V80s.
V80s are really lightweight in the ears, and the premade hooks just help making them really comfortable.
The shape doesn’t have sharp edges like the ones that ZS7 feature, but the nozzle is a bit longer on the V80s, so you should maybe do some tip rolling (the ones included are a bit little even in terms of diameter and barely fit the nozzle).
There’s a nozzle lip that prevents eartips to fall.
In the pics below you can see the V80s near the KZ ZS7.
The V80s have a smoother shape and a smaller shell while the ZS7 are very edge sharped and bigger than the V80s.

photo5886482980065620222.jpg photo5886482980065620226.jpgphoto5888734779879305523.jpg

Let’s get into it.
Now the critical factor that decides if something has to be tried or not: how do they sound?
I mainly listen to EDM subgenres, Dupstep, Future Bass, Euphoric Hardstyle, Bass House, Midtempo and downtempo, darkwave, drum’n bass, but i even listen to many vocal tracks, moreover female ones.
I always search for IEMs that have a little bit of emphasis in the lower region, and can sacrifice mids with some recession if they still sound clear and natural. I love vivid and sparkling highs if they’re not at a headache level.
V-shape signature is my favourite one.

Lows: Fantastic. Sub-bass is one of the most extended and technicals i’ve ever heard. There isn’t just rumble, but great rendering of the sub-bass that goes really deep without any problem.
Kickdrums are very impactful and well textured with very nice speed. We really have a great low-end here!

Mids: Balanced. We’re not in a V-shape situations like we’re used to. Mids are forward and take place in the first sits. Voices are well reproduced: male ones have a warm timbre while female ones are intimate and delicate. Instances of sibilance are present in many cases and may be annoying. This maybe due to the lower treble emphasis. This can be fixed a bit using foam tips.

Highs: Very bright. Highs are forward with a big emphasis on the lower treble region. Definitely not for treble sensitive people, highs extend very well showing technical abilities which are really difficult to find in other products in this price range. The lower treble, anyway, can be really over the top for the majority of people out there and i do not advice them if you’re someone who’s highly treble sensitive.
This little fault makes them a little sibilant in some tracks that went through an aggressive mastering process.

Soundstage is narrower compared to other products. Imaging and instrument separation is excellent but tracks sound more intimate and seems like instruments are just a feet after the ears.
Width is good, height as well, but depth could be definitely improved. Playing Rainbow Six Siege with these is quite impossible as sound pinpointing is not precise due to limited depth.
If you compare these to something like the ZS7, you can really feel the difference in soundstage.
This is anyway intended in the signature, and forward mids contribute making the soundstage a little bit more close to the ears.

TRN did a great work with these. The price at which they’re being sold now makes them a no-brainer, at least for who can stand a bright pair of IEMs. Foam tips can do the job making them less bright but i personally advice to buy these if you’re used to very warm IEMs.
Technically, these are really terrific, and i think nothing can beat them at this price range in terms of analytical listening, moreover if we consider these are well balanced on the spectrum (even if with much brightness). Other IEMs in this price range are usually V-shaped super colored ones while these are just balanced, natural and engaging without being very colored along the spectrum (except for the lower treble).

PS: if you didn’t understand why didn’t i put a photo of the tips included with these, it is because they barely fit the nozzle. I advice you buying a pair of alternative tips as these are a bit hard to push in and the same goes if you have to put them out. Tip rolling can be frustrating due to the big nozzles, so the stock tips aren’t made for that.
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Pros: Excellent sounding earphone.
warm,detailed and bass that will not disappoint
Cons: build quality could be improved
should have included foam tips by default
this is the best iem i've ever owned, the main downside is the build quality, this iem has been with me for 3 months before i write this review

V80 is an excellent iem for the price, you just cant go wrong with it.
packaging gives a lot to be desired, i really wished they give foam tips as an option, since those tame the treble better than the stock tips

When listening the first time, the treble might be overwhelming, id say somewhat worse than the ZS6, however let it burn in for a week straight and be awed when you use it.
this iem has a warm-balanced signature

Bass: incredibly punchy and clear, on bass heavy/boosted tracks it doesn't distort and keeps other frequencies clear, definitely will keep bassheads satisfied, and is just the right amount for most songs

Mids & Highs:
Mids felt slightly forward and the Highs are just right, sparkly enough but not piercing (at least for me), they are incredibly detailed though, i've heard bits of tracks i've never heard through the ZS6

the V80 is "weird" in this section, the soundstage is narrower than the ZS6 in my observation, however on some tracks, especially live recordings it felt wider than the ZS6 yet it also feels intimate because of the bass, id say its average for soundstage, if you plan to use this for gaming it sounds unnatural as everything sounds close & slightly overblown.
Separation is what ill say excellent, no frequency fights for a spot & everything sounds cohesive and clear.
Imaging is fine, i can tell their position though the narrow soundstage make them sound intimate.

Sensitivity & Volume:
my personal testing shows that the earphone has a resistance of around 22ohms, and they are LOUD, they sound louder than the ZS6 but quieter than the ZSN on the same volume level, and they are incredibly sensitive to noise, using trn stock cable i can hear my phone "ticks" on and off when the cpu detects some work (opening apps & such), while i cant hear any using kz's cable. so good job on the cables TRN

Build Quality:
TRN... we need to talk for a bit
straight cable is a 2 edged sword, in some situations its better, in some its bad, and this is the only earphone that has its cable changed 3 times in a period of 3 months, my zsn and es4 still uses its stock cable without issues, i really think its my fault because i drop my phone a lot and the jack gets hit most of the time. but please make an L jack cable some time TRN.

Also the pins, my left earpiece pins felt loose, it grips "enough" but also detaches easily, and i've bent the pins on occasions since i put them in my pocket, maybe next time make a "locked" connector like KZ for durability sake.

TRN nailed it with this earphone, it delivers such a wonderful sounding earphone for less than $30, with the build quality issues aside there is no way this thing disappoints you, everything felt just right with this earphone and i prefer this than the ZS6 for listening because they are just that good
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I am also amazed at the sound quality that can be achieved from some of these cheap multi-driver iem's now coming onto the market. Any differences between these and some of the more expensive well-known brands out there is now pretty subtle.
I am also amazed at the sound quality that can be achieved from some of these cheap multi-driver iem's now coming onto the market. Any differences between these and some of the more expensive well-known brands out there is now pretty subtle.
Well, the ibasso IT-01 are a step up: they deliver a fuller image.
I am also amazed at the sound quality that can be achieved from some of these cheap multi-driver iem's now coming onto the market. Any differences between these and some of the more expensive well-known brands out there is now pretty subtle.
Yeah. Really just comes down to refinement and more subtle nuances. For the majority of people, products like this are all the earphone they'll ever need, esp. if coming from mediocre, overpriced name brand stuff.
Hi just brought a pair of these from Airexpress for just £16 ($20 approx) however they sound awful off the batt. Very bass heavy, vertually no highs and definitely not 'bright', counter to any reviews I've seen. No instrument seperating, soundstage....?! I'd pray for 'simblance' lol! Do they need a good burn in or have I some duffs, all look very legit and reputable buyer?!