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  1. HBen

    Reasonable energizer for SR-X9000?

    Wow thanks a lot for the advice. Definitely need to check out some of those :)
  2. HBen

    Reasonable energizer for SR-X9000?

    Yeah Scheherazade is a pretty cool shop - still remember my time there very well :) Lots of good stuff. Gotta visit there again soon (probably goin there in May :) ) Do you know any other good headphone shops in Seoul or Gyeonggi-do?
  3. HBen

    Reasonable energizer for SR-X9000?

    My pleasure. I thought maybe "Scheherazade”" in Apgujeong has them on display since they have quite a lot of stuff. Don't remember if they had stax though.
  4. HBen

    Reasonable energizer for SR-X9000?

    Hello there and greetings to south korea (will be there soon too hehe), As a fellow stax-aficionado and generally after testing tons of gear I found out the following on my headphone journey: It all highly depends on system synergy, music taste, personal preferences, your individual listening...
  5. HBen

    Mid-fi vs Hi-fi?

    There's basically only one way to find out: listen yourself! Go to a decent headphone shop - even if it's kind of far away - and listen to as many headphones as you can. Bring your own music and if possible your own DAC/amplifier etc. since system synergy is pretty important. I highly recommend...
  6. HBen

    What is the best audio system in the world, in the scale S.Q. /price ratio ?

    First: any headphone you get get for free ... like those bundle earphones you got about 20 years ago. They produce sound (somewhat) and it costs nothing, so "best" sound (better than no sound at all) for the least price Second: There is no "best" - if you want the best at everything you need a...
  7. HBen

    Thinking of selling some headphone’s

    Out of curiousity ... what led you to the conclusion of letting some stuff go? Pressure from your second half? Space issues? Expanding family? Talking as someone who has somewhat similar thoughts lol :)
  8. HBen

    In need of Recommendations

    my vote goes for a second hand ZMF Eikon - might be slightly over budget though
  9. HBen

    ABYSS Top Of The Line videos

    lol what an understatement :wink: I always find it interesting to think about the price of the different parts when thinking about the pricing of a product. Let's say I buy a yoghurt in my local supermarket for 70 cents. This might look like this: - Ingredients: 15 cents - Packaging including...
  10. HBen

    Audeze, live long and prosper

    Interesting and at the same time sad to hear how things seem to work (or not work) in the US ... Over here it is mandatory to have an insurance as soon as you own a home or have a renting contract (even a short one) so everyone is automatically covered. If you leave your stuff at your friends...
  11. HBen

    Audeze, live long and prosper

    great story but is that not what insurance is for ? Don't you have insurance for your personal stuff being destroyed by natural desasters like hurricanes, flooding etc. in Florida?
  12. HBen

    Would I benefit from a DAP

    In my experience there is always too much background noise and therefore too much distraction to really enjoy high end audio on public transport. To somehow compensate this I put noise blocking ability above pretty much everything else in that situation. Personally I'd go for IEMS but even then...
  13. HBen

    I've got £1200 to burn

    donate to charity ? peace of mind makes you current headphones sound better :wink:
  14. HBen

    Alternative(s) to HD 800 S?

    - Among those mentioned the HE1000V2 or Arya or any of those Hifiman variants is probably closest to what you are looking for - Empyrean is not playing in the same league as the HD800, HE1000V2 or Arya if you ask me. It's a fun headphone to listen to for sure and absolutely beautifully made...
  15. HBen

    How many headphones are too many?

    As long as you have the space, money and time to enjoy them I'd say the "limit" is pretty high. In my case it does come with some trade offs though such my wife calling my office "the electronics hell" ;)
  16. HBen

    Help me find my 'Frankenstein' headphone!

    If I were you I'd spend the money on a better amp/dac ... headphone-wise you are pretty well set in that price range and do-it-all-headphones unfortunately don't actually exist. If you'd like to upgrade your headphones you might consider buying used ... a good old HE1000V1 in newish shape can...
  17. HBen

    Endgame IEM purchase decision

    My advice ... listen to them before you buy
  18. HBen

    The Stax Thread III

    Glad to report that we could finally have a happy family gathering of four generations ... of STAX flagship headphones :)
  19. HBen

    What is your favorite video game?

    Deux Ex ... the original one from year 2000 ... played on 5000$ pc with a "3dfx-voodoo 5 5500" graphics card (the first or one of the first graphics cards ever produced with two separate gpu's and in need of external power afaik)
  20. HBen

    System Synergy - tell us your systems that create magic

    Looks like a great chain! Yeah I found out as well that Abyss headphones in general benefit immensely from tubes somewhere in the chain :) The approach of a separate tubes-pre has not crossed my mind yet ... might have to give this a try as well. Thanks for the hint!
  21. HBen

    System Synergy - tell us your systems that create magic

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Curious to give it a listen :)
  22. HBen

    System Synergy - tell us your systems that create magic

    As many of us know system synergy is one of the most important aspects in this hobby. Yet most gear is discussed and reviewed in isolation or in just one specific setup. After all those years I still haven't found many combinations of amplifiers, DAC's and headphones (and eventually additional...
  23. HBen

    We know who we are but we know not what headphones to get

    Seems like you're in need for some basic headphone/gear advice so here I go :) - Don't care much about "reviews" and all that ... it's mostly marketing and highly subjective. Buying headphones based on reviews or even other people's advice mostly leads to dissappointment (in my personal...