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  1. Pace

    Beyerdynamic DT880 = Wow!

    OPA2134 modified X-meridian and DT-880 is by far the best combination I've ever heard. Even better than with Aria; maybe the 880s benefit from the warmer sound of the BB op-amps. Bass has impact and depth while highs and mid sounds so very smooth. I've been cured from upgradeitis; which is...
  2. Pace

    Corda Opera & Linux

    If you plan using the USB interface, the USB portion uses the same chip as the Aria, so it should work just as easily as Aria.
  3. Pace

    Personal Impression: Auzen X-Meridian 7.1 Operation Amps Upgrade Result.

    I'll share my experiences in this thread aswell. I bought the X-meridian couple weeks ago. I was thinking about upgrading my whole rig except my headphones (DT-880s) during the next few months. I had to sell my Aria before I could buy a new amplifier, and it was a clear downgrade to go from...
  4. Pace

    A request to all owners of an Headphonia amplifier

    Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Gehrke Yesterday I send Meier an email asking to solve this matter privately. Up to now no reply. May I add that this thread is illegal on the German internet: to gain a negative public image against a competitor without any proof. I know this is a...
  5. Pace

    Post pics of your computer rigs here.

    Click for higher res There's my rig which consists of: Asus A8N-SLI Premium AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ @ 2700MHz + Scythe Infinity 3GB of DDR400@450 2x MSI 7900GT 256MB with heat-pipe cooling in SLI configuration Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-C Terratec 6fire LT Western Digital Raptor 150GB 2x...
  6. Pace

    What is your preferred computer keyboard and mouse

    Have to say that the best keyboard I've ever used (and still use) is the Logitech diNovo keyboard. With mice, my MX1000 has been serving me well for couple of years now, though I'm thinking about upgrading to the MX Revolution.
  7. Pace

    DT880 revisited !

    I take it that you are referring to the currently available newer version?
  8. Pace

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#5]

    Disturbed - Believe #08 / Mistress
  9. Pace

    What would you choose v1.0: HD650 vs K701 vs DT880

    Without having heard the K701, I'd go for the DT-880 which I have fell in love with
  10. Pace

    Beyerdynamid DT880 Headband Discoloration

    That's the color of my headband without padding... granted mine is a bit darker shade. As Beyerdynamic uses padding, they probably haven't bothered to paint the metalband under it.
  11. Pace

    Recommend amp for DT990

    I'd probably go for the HA-1 Mk II, just due to respect for Meier and the fact that I've never even heard of the other amps mentioned
  12. Pace

    Warcraft 2 soundtrack music?

    I like the musics of that game very much aswell. Quote: Originally Posted by Asr You played the game with the MIDI soundtrack only? You missed out!!! With good MIDI playing hard-/software the very good quality MIDIs of the game really come to live; and I actually prefer them...
  13. Pace

    Gas Prices: How high is it for you?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fureshi's a little disappointing when i see other people complaining about gas prices when they aren't willing to give up their gas guzzling suvs. maybe it won't be as painful if they also drove fuel efficient cars... This is so very true. In...
  14. Pace

    foobar2000 v0.9.1 released

    Quote: Originally Posted by acedriver new ASIO component has been uploaded. Anyone wanna try it? Works with my Terratec DMX 6fire just fine atleast
  15. Pace

    Do you listen-n-browse?

    Usually I do most of my listening during browsing the net, but sometimes I find myself just enjoying the music in front of the computer
  16. Pace

    What's your bandwidth?

    My speed seems quite decent even though that speed is nowhere near my line speed; mainly due to the fact that the speedtest is in the states. [EDIT]Updated test, updated results:
  17. Pace

    In your life time, have you ever stole or taken something without permission?

    I stole a miniature batmobile from a friend when I was about 8... his mom came over later and asked me to return the car I had borrowed and I did. I still feel terrible when looking back at this event SHAME ON ME!
  18. Pace

    If the Senn HD650 is in the same league as the Beyer Dynamic DT880, then why...

    Quote: Originally Posted by JayGee 1) When did I not claim to own the Beyer 880?? 2) It was indeed my mention of that review that caused some 880 users to become a bit defensive. Actually I really can't remember anyone (other than a couple of '880 fans) on this forum having anything...
  19. Pace

    If the Senn HD650 is in the same league as the Beyer Dynamic DT880, then why...

    Quote: Originally Posted by bLue_oNioN Sounds good to me. When did you experience the HD-650? I heard them only briefly along side with the 600s (at my friends place), only to find out they were even a bit darker than the 600s, which were a bit dark to my taste to begin with... So...
  20. Pace

    If the Senn HD650 is in the same league as the Beyer Dynamic DT880, then why...

    Quote: Originally Posted by bLue_oNioN Quick question: I noticed that the only Sennheiser headphone in your profile/signature is the HD-590 (as part of your past rig). Did you previously own the HD-580, HD-600, and HD-650 as well, but just forgot to list them all? Just curious because I...
  21. Pace

    If the Senn HD650 is in the same league as the Beyer Dynamic DT880, then why...

    JayGee, now you claim to own the DT-880?? Wow, for an owner you really have taken your time to bash it, blowing the HiFi+ reviews single negative remark out of proportions (your highly regarded review, which actually no-one really backed up) and claiming them to make instruments sound like...
  22. Pace

    My New $50 hd600's

    Undoubtably the drunk who originally sold the HD-600 for 30 bucks was a head-fi member whos wallet had been eaten by headphone and headphone related equipment purchases and he soon found himself in so big debts that he was unable to handle; which made him turn to alcohol for consolation...
  23. Pace

    Buyer's Remorse: Headphones and earphones you bought on impulse and regretted.

    The HD212Pro... I had a a rather bass-heavy speakersetup at the time, so I thought that I'd purchase a bass-heavy headphones so that my ears wouldn't have to adjust them between headphone and speakerlistening... only thing I wasn't expecting was the fact that the cans were way too bass-heavy...