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  1. nukular

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Here is mine.  Headphones (not shown as they were on my head) are Grado HF-2.  The Mcintosh integrated really does have a good headphone section at least for Grados.  
  2. nukular

    Is Anyone Interested in a Meet for New England in Boston early this Fall?

    Ugh...not Sound lion.  I used to work in Harvard Square and I was so excited when I was seeing that a store dedicated to headphones was going to to open up (literally a 2 minute walk from my old office).  Then I walked in.  Absolute crap.  Ok, they had a few Sennheisers.  Then...Beats. That...
  3. nukular

    Is Anyone Interested in a Meet for New England in Boston early this Fall?

    Actually that IS what these shops are about...  Audiolab does have headphones as I recall however.  I don't know about Q audio, but I think they have some headphones.  Audio Concepts I don't really remember any headphones, but it has been a very long time since I was there.  I think they mainly...
  4. nukular

    Is Anyone Interested in a Meet for New England in Boston early this Fall?

    I can second audiolab as a nice place to check out.  I got a pretty good discount when I bought a McIntosh integrated there at the beginning of last year.  The space is rather sucky and the selection is not huge, but what they have is good and they are knowledgeable. Another spot in the area...
  5. nukular

    Turntable setups under $2000

    wow..nobody's jumped in...though I guess your question isn't exactly "high-end", but nonetheless.   I would go for a VPI Traveller or a Scout.  The Scout is maybe like $1,400, maybe even with a cartridge.  That leaves you a decent chunk of change to buy a phonostage if your amp/receiver does...
  6. nukular

    Looking for lower end iem with isolation similair to shure's.

    Quote:     Unless you are planning on breaking open the housing and licking, or just eating the very tiny amounts of solder used to connect the very tiny wires, I really wouldn't worry...and really I'd be willing to eat them if they tasted like chicken.  The amount of lead is way too...
  7. nukular

    Looking for lower end iem with isolation similair to shure's.

    Too big?  I carry the se535 everyday to work just my ears or in their case.
  8. nukular

    anyone digging mcintosh...?

    I have to say that I am very happy with the MA6600 I picked up at the beginning of 2012.  Got a good deal on it new and bought the tuner module (AM/FM and HD) so now I have one hell of an awesome receiver that puts out conservatively 200 Watts and has a headphone amp that I find very pleasing...
  9. nukular

    Show us your McIntosh! *** Pictures ***

    Droooling..... I'm thinking heavily towards getting an ma6600 integrated amp come end of year bonus season to replace my very very well used and dependable Nad320Bee amp. Quite a chunk of change, but.... The tuner option seems to make it one hell of a receiver....
  10. nukular

    Seeking Guidance for First High-End Setup say you have a "decent" full-sized setup at home and that your office has a "no speaker" policy.  Okay...You are essentially looking at top-of-the-line equipment, and I question if your office will be keen to have you stick rather big boxes on your desk just to plug in an ipod.   ...
  11. nukular

    Vinyl through cans...OH YEAH!

    Quote: Originally Posted by kidult I have not been listening to CD since I bouhgt a Rega P3-24 + TT PSU + Denon DL110 3 weeks ago a record cleaning machine will be next... A record cleaning machine is essential for good vinyl listening. It really makes a ridiculous amount of...
  12. nukular

    Shop for Grado jumbos in Chicago

    To be honest, he can probably get to Music Direct faster using the train then Decibel Audio if he is by the Hancock building. Music Direct is like a block or two off of the Green Line Ashland stop. They are also very nice people. Then again the neighborhood around Decibel is...
  13. nukular

    Just bought Grado SR60's

    Just enjoy the SR60's. They will break in over maybe 10's of hours....By that I mean the diaphragms that make the music and the surrounds will get to jiggle around and loosen up.... It will sound different after that time. That part isn't mystical at all to most people....(not all I admit, so no...
  14. nukular

    Some music is better from speakers ..

    Yeah...hate to say it, but ALL music sounds better through speakers, if you can get yourself a good pair, put them in a good space where you have the ability to play them (i.e. don't piss off neighbors and family), and have decent electronics. I like headphones, but I don't delude myself...
  15. nukular

    Vinyl through cans...OH YEAH!

    Yeah. I do love spinning vinyl on my more modest VPI HW-19 Jr (modified) through headphones. Especially now that my subwoofer is off in the shop. Breaking in my HF-2's this way.
  16. nukular

    The Grado HF-2 Review/Comparison Thread

    Man...I just plopped them on my ears when the UPS delivered the standard HF2 today...and discomfort... Guess my ears are the right shape or something. Sound good so far. Definitely more bass than SR125's I've been using here at the office....and maybe more air... Will have to listen...
  17. nukular


    Quote: Originally Posted by les_garten I always take my Grado pads and put them in a bucket of warm water with clothes washing detergent and fabric softener. I squeeze the pads VIGORSOUSLY every few hours for a few DAYS. You won't believe the black crap that washes out of them. If they...
  18. nukular

    Snow Leopard upgrade causing problems to RSA Predator

    When I plug my Predator into my Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard, I'm getting a problem where the audio is completely stuttering. Its only getting fixed if I go into the midi setup app, flipping to one channel, and then going back to two. Anybody else having this problem? Its not major, but...
  19. nukular

    Cans that go OhhOOOaHHHOOO with portable amps.

    I didn't know most alternative/indie band albums had any soundstage. Most were either: 1.) recorded cheaply. 2.) processed to holy hell I think Grado fits your bill and musical tastes perfectly.
  20. nukular

    Recommend me a pair of headphones primarily for my iPod.

    If you can stretch to $200, than Grado SR225, if not then the SR125 ($150) or SR80 ($80?) They might not be Circumaural, but they are not uncomfortable in my opinion, and one can always buy different pads for them that some do find more comfortable. Also, they are damn easy to drive.
  21. nukular


    ^^^^Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhh..... I'm 6040. About a month ago Todd told me mine should ship on the 21st. Two weeks later...and I'm still waiting.... Really really really really starting to get annoyed/antsy....more on the antsy side. Just need to make sure I keep enough cash in the old checking account.
  22. nukular

    Do you prefer headphones or speakers?

    Speakers for me as well, though there is definitely an intimacy with headphones that is very desireable at times. Definitely for the bucks a really good set of headphones have more detail then equivalently priced speakers, but the speakers also tend to offer a better soundstage and a more...
  23. nukular

    Where do you store your vinyl collection?

    Ikea Expedit for me as well. Their big one. It's a great storage solution for LP's... I think it comes in smaller sizes as well.