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  1. skudmunky

    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

    Got some new speakers (the AV40s), running em out of my EMU 0404 usb.  
  2. skudmunky


    nothing like some salt tequila lime to get the night going
  3. skudmunky

    Guitar-fi anyone?

    Playing the bass through an Ampeg BA112 I picked up cheap on craigslist. There's a strange fuzzing the amp makes, which is why I got it so cheap. Works well enough for me to screw around though :D Also, that vox looks damn sexy. I would love to get a new guitar amp head to play with, but I...
  4. skudmunky

    Guitar-fi anyone?

    started playing bass over the summer, I got tired of looking for a bass player to record with so I just decided to learn bass myself. Lets me sketch out songs a lot faster.   Also, playing hysteria by muse on bass is so much fun!
  5. skudmunky

    Guitar-fi anyone?

    New year, new pictures. Not enough space in this little room... check out or if you wanna see what I do with this mess.    
  6. skudmunky

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    speaking of pretzels and churros, anyone remember this thread? A classic.       Since I stopped reading this forum every day I've saved quite a bit of money. Still, nice to come back :) Though I'm not really one of the "old farts" I guess
  7. skudmunky

    Being an audiophile would make you a better musician?

    listening to music helps me as a musician, decent equipment helps me listen to music. It's not the quality of the reproduction that really matters I think.
  8. skudmunky

    Am I turning into a basshead? I'm scared...

    if it sounds good, listen to it. Just don't listen to it at 115 dB.
  9. skudmunky

    Something we should do to reclaim Head-Fi from the Heathens.

    People on the internet like to be right. They also want to convince themselves that their product is the best, because otherwise they wasted money. Hence all the pushing and uninformed comments.   Been listening to the same rig for 2 years now and the music just keeps getting better.
  10. skudmunky

    What's In Your Liquor Cabinet?

    My usual rotation is Goslings dark rum (delicious delicious rum) and some form of midrange mixing vodka. Not terribly exciting I realize.
  11. skudmunky


    Alright. I need a relatively inexpensive bike ( under 500) for a 5.5 mile commute to/from work. I don't know aaaanything about road bikes, any suggestions?   Also I'm 6'3"
  12. skudmunky

    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    Took some pictures of my college setup before I tear it down to go on co-op.     and all my other music related stuff  
  13. skudmunky

    What Format is Your Music?

    Bout 800 GB of FLAC, 100 GB of varying MP3 (mostly V0 or V2 converts of the flac for my mp3 players) and stacks and stacks of CDs.
  14. skudmunky

    Ronnie James Dio 1942 - 2010 R.I.P.

    Listening to rainbow right now. RIP DIO.
  15. skudmunky

    Any Counter-Strike 1.6 Players Here?

    I recently won the CS:S tournament with my team at a local lan party :P I stopped playing CS 1.6 a looooooong time ago. BC2, L4D2, and Starcraft 2 take up all my game time now.   Also, you should all join the Head-Fi steam group and play some games!
  16. skudmunky

    Etymotic ER-20 plugs... appropriate for a metal show?

    These have saved my ears through Dream Theater, TSO, Symphony X, and many other concerts. Highly recommended. Not only do they attenuate the sound, but if you're in an acoustically bad spot they seem to mute all the reverb as well - stick em in your ears and you hear the music from the PA...
  17. skudmunky

    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    I think I'm in love with Arrogant person - after having on tap I had to pick up a couple bottles locally... it's so good!
  18. skudmunky

    Anyone seen Porcupine Tree on the current tour?

    I'm hopefully going next week. I'm as excited for BIGELF as I am for PT
  19. skudmunky

    Battlefiled BC2 sound settings?

    I don't do any of the 3D emulation in any of my FPS games. I just do stereo, and use either Hi Fi or Home Cinema. War Tapes is good if you want to be blasted.
  20. skudmunky

    College Student Food

    Pop tarts are an incredibly cheap, easy breakfast. Get a BJ's or Costco membership and you can get a box of 24 packs for like 7 bucks. For 100 bucks a week you could eat 2 fastfood meals a day, it's definitely plenty of money.
  21. skudmunky

    Headphoneus Supremus is not for me.....

    Since he's the foremost expert, do we start PMing him all questions? Guess we don't need the forums anymore!
  22. skudmunky

    Bitrate Over Time

    VBR is fine. I use VBR V0, which saves a bit of space over 320 KB/S constant bitrate with the same sound quality, at least to me.
  23. skudmunky

    Boston or Cali?

    Out of all the major cities I have been to, Boston is still my favorite. Going to school in upstate NY I really miss living Boston.
  24. skudmunky

    AKG on How It's Made

    Sweet video, kinda makes me wish I still had my K240s.