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  1. bakercj93

    Unpopular/Uncommon Musical Opinions

    I hate Animal Collective. They receive almost universal critical acclaim, and I don't understand it. I usually try to keep an open mind about genres I'm not fond of, but I don't think I'll ever understand why so many people enjoy listening to a grown man named "Panda Bear" make annoying noises...
  2. bakercj93

    "Great" Albums you just don't "get"?

    I hate to pile on Radiohead because I really like a lot of their material, but the first album that comes to my mind is Kid A. OK Computer is easily one of my favorite albums, but Kid A just seems too....sterile. I find Kid A interesting (I think I actually said "that's interesting" a couple...
  3. bakercj93

    (longshot) Anyone pick up the new Every Time I Die a few weeks back?

    It's not really my thing, but I actually might pick it up. Seems like a fun album with lots of energy to listen to at the gym.
  4. bakercj93

    Favorite Vocal Performance

    Post your favorite vocal performances - live or studio. I'll start. Live: Chris Cornell - Black Hole Sun (acoustic) YouTube - Chris Cornell - Black Hole Sun Studio: Strapping Young Lad (Devin Townsend) - Bring on the Young YouTube - SYL - Bring on the Young
  5. bakercj93

    Who's Best among the following Great Heavy Metal singers? Only Clean singing: voice and vocal abilities are considered

    Devin Townsend recording vocals for his new album: YouTube - Pasty McBalderton Singin' 'Nibz' (Addicted)
  6. bakercj93

    2009 - Your Favorite Releases So Far

    Quote: Originally Posted by festivus528 Thrice's Beggars will probably be album of the year for me. But I might be a biased fan Same here. I'm an unabashed Thrice fanboy, but Beggars is probably my second favorite (to Vheissu) Thrice CD so far. Dustin's vocals on Beggars are as...
  7. bakercj93

    List your ten favorite albums from the past 20 years

    Just alphabetical order through my playlist: Burst - Lazarus Bird (2008) Cave In - Jupiter (2000) dredg - el cielo (2002) Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm (2004) Oceansize - Frames (2007) Opeth - Blackwater Park (2001) The Ocean - Precambrian (2007) Thrice - Vheissu (2005) Tool -...
  8. bakercj93

    Kid A - Why does everyone love it so much?

    A lot of people would agree that OK Computer is better, but it was released prior to 2000, so it doesn't qualify for the lists you mentioned. Kid A seems to be their most highly regarded album from the 2000's. As for Kid A's popularity....I don't think there's really a good way to explain why...
  9. bakercj93

    Who's Best among the following Great Heavy Metal singers? Only Clean singing: voice and vocal abilities are considered

    Whether or not Tool's recent albums are metal is debatable, but I haven't heard many people that don't consider Undertow a metal album, and in my opinion, that's where Maynard performed some of his best vocals. Also, Mike Patton might not be exclusively a metal singer, but he has done a lot...
  10. bakercj93

    Which decade/time-period had the worst mainstream music/image?

    I agree that this decade is probably the worst for mainstream music, but who cares? There is so much great underground music out there, and the internet has made it so accessible now that mainstream music is basically obsolete.
  11. bakercj93

    Who's Best among the following Great Heavy Metal singers? Only Clean singing: voice and vocal abilities are considered

    I voted Devin Townsend for his power and versatility, but I have to admit that his abilities as a producer might deserve as much credit as his voice. Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth) might be a good one to add to the list.
  12. bakercj93

    Best Albums of the 00s. Head-Fi Edition

    I really don't think I could pick a definitive top two, as there are several albums that I like just as much, but for the sake of the poll, I'll pick two that are fairly popular. Winner: Tool - Lateralus [2001] Runner-up: Opeth - Blackwater Park [2001] I could just as easily substitute...
  13. bakercj93

    What will Pitchfork choose as their #1 album of this decade?

    If only Pitchfork hadn't given Tool negative reviews. I bet those kids could have made it big.
  14. bakercj93

    What will Pitchfork choose as their #1 album of this decade?

    Quote: Originally Posted by VicAjax IMHO, it's populated by a bunch of how's-my-hair Lester Bangs wannabes who are better qualified to write reviews of the latest slim-cut jeans. Ha, nice. I agree fully. Pitchfork is like a niche fashion publication that focuses on music as...
  15. bakercj93

    Favorite Decade of Music? Why?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Spyro I think the answer to this question usually ends up being the timeframe you went to high school and college. Very true, but I hope I never grow that musically stagnant. I like the 2000's better than the 90's, and I hope that I like the 2010's...
  16. bakercj93

    What will Pitchfork choose as their #1 album of this decade?

    Quote: Originally Posted by reorx I used to be a Pitchfork devotee, however when I found out they scored Lateralus a 1.9, I knew these people were too "cool" for their own good. Lateralus a 1.9??? Thats just effed up. Yeah, I haven't been to that site since I read the...
  17. bakercj93

    The most famous / iconic Cover Art Ever?

    First album that came to my mind was Metallica's black album. Cover is so simple (and obvious, given the album name) that it's hard to forget. I voted Dark side of the Moon, though. I've seen that on 100's of T-shirts, posters, etc. It's just everywhere. I didn't know what the Abbey Road...
  18. bakercj93

    Your favourite singers/vocalist

    Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) Devin Townsend (SYL, Devin Townsend Band) Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, etc) Matthew Bellamy (Muse) Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth) Gavin Hayes (dredg)
  19. bakercj93

    In your opinion: Which is the most famous song of the tracks listed here?

    Older generations probably know all of those songs, but today's generation doesn't know anything about the Beatles, much less Deep Purples or John Lennon. I'm 26 and listen to a ton of music, but I honestly don't know Yesterday. I'd probably recognize it if I heard it, but I don't really know...
  20. bakercj93

    Tracks with beautiful piano?

    Fair to Midland - Kyla Cries Cologne YouTube - Kyla Cries Cologne - Fair to Midland Oceansize - Commemorative T-shirt The piano is very simple in this song, but it's probably my favorite piano part in a rock song: YouTube - Oceansize - Commemorative T-Shirt Not really piano-centric, but...
  21. bakercj93

    Post/Sludge Metal after ISIS?

    Given to the Rising actually reminds me a bit of Tool.....just completely raw. If you polished it enough, you could end up with something like 10,000 days.
  22. bakercj93

    Need more METAL!

    A few favorites: At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul (Melodic-death) Strapping Young Lad - City or self-titled (mix of basically all extreme metal genres) Gojira - From Mars to Sirius (death/thrash/progressive) The Ocean - Precambrian (progressive post-metal) Burst - Lazarus Bird...
  23. bakercj93


    Quote: Originally Posted by Bender Rodriguez Mostly from Willie Dixon and other bluesmen. Page loved to take other's work and put his own name on it. Stealing takes so much less energy than does actually being original or talented. Further info: Yardbirds/Led Zeppelin's Dubious...
  24. bakercj93

    Post/Sludge Metal after ISIS?

    I second Precambrian by The Ocean. I hadn't really thought of The Ocean as a post-metal band, but I guess I could see that....great album, nonetheless.
  25. bakercj93


    Threads like this are just destined to be taken too seriously. It's all just a list of popular/critically acclaimed bands that each poster doesn't like. All subjective and not very meaningful....but I guess it could be fun... Every indie rock band on the planet is overrated.