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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. DrpsDrpr
    I think it’s more a matter of dialing in the headband- they’re heavy headphones to be sure, but it’s less the weight that winds up bothering me than if the headband doesn’t contour correctly.

    Plus, it’s worth it for how damn great they look.
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  2. nazrin313
    I can feel they are heavy, but when I put them on, it'll disappear. I think its to do with the perfect weight distribution. Pads are damn nice too.
  3. Wildcatsare1
    I spent years wearing helmets of various types, so the weight of the Blackwoods doesn’t bother me either, love them both.
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  4. ProfFalkin
    Me too:

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  5. gLer
    I agree, the Wenge Auteurs are among the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. Can listen all day without fatigue.
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  6. iPaintCode
    After wearing HE-500 and OG LCD-2 headphones for years and sometimes almost an entire workday (all day) there are not many headphones that cause wear fatigue. It's more so the genre/headphone combo that fatigue's my ears for more faster than a heavy headphone. And this day and age headphone companies have stepped up bringing back old suspension designs and improving on that tenfold.
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  7. Pharmaboy
    My helmet is made out of aluminum foil. It's light as a feather, even with + and - electrodes wired (to the bolts on my neck).
  8. yates7592
    Does anybody here use a 300B amp with Auteur, or other ZMF 300ohm cans? Is it a good pairing, and any better than OTL amp?
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  9. Wildcatsare1
    Yes, I’m using the Woo WA5 with the Autuer and Vérité, it’s a match made in Heaven!
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  10. felix3650
    It should, considering the price and that it is a 300B amp :wink:
    I'll "limit" myself to an EL3N once funds are ready. For now the R-2R Cyan balanced into the Auteur sounds sublime :)
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  11. Wildcatsare1
    Glenn’s Amps are incredibly good, looking forward to seeing your feedback on how the EL3N plays with your ZMF!
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
  12. heliosphann
    Speaking of amps, I'm going to list my Liquid Platinum and Woo WA2 amps for sale in the next few weeks. Both these amps are great with the Auteur (and other ZMF headphones). I thought I'd give ZMF owners first crack, so hit me up with a PM if your interested.
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  13. franz12
    Now I got to understand what those pictures mean.. They are seriously funny.
  14. nazrin313

    Portable Auteurs anyone?
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  15. gLer
    Which dap is that? I find my Auteurs very underwhelming on my Fiio M9 (even balanced) compared to my desktop rig. Maybe ok for low volume easy listening but that’s about it.
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