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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. heliosphann
    @zach915m How do the Ambrosia Maple's sound compared to the Teaks?
  2. wingsounds13
    WOW! More beautiful Auteurs. I can't afford another set - heck, I couldn't afford the pair that I have (thanks again, Zach). Could I just buy a set of finished cups? :D Maybe change them out myself once a year or so. :O

  3. nazrin313

    Listening to Tsuyoshi Yamamoto's Midnight Sugar with the Auteurs is wonderful. Sooo many magical soul tingling moments. Absolutely jaw dropping.
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  4. BananaOoyoo
    I like the pairing... but I don't exactly have a lot of sources to make comparisons against.

    I listen Auteur Blackwood with Eddie Current Balancing Act. not 300b right now, it is px4, but going to buy new we 300b and hope it would be a great combo. right now it is also amazing sound)
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
    the only problem with my Auteur - as you can see at the picture - one wooden cup is broken and I don’t know how to buy replacement or how to fix it. but the headphones are superb, like them very much. recently sold lcd-4, ether flow, utopias and some other ones - but still keep them.
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  7. yates7592
    Ooh dear I hope you can get the wood repaired. Just wondering what made you keep Auteur over LCD-4?
    I loved lcd4 very much and bought it 2 times. wonderful sound. but first time I sold them because they were very inconvenient and I couldn’t listen them more than 30-40 minutes in arm chair and even less at the desk. second time I sold them because they weren’t good pair with my previous amp.
    now I want to try empyrean and ether 2 - they should not only have great sound, but also should be comfortable and great looking, it is very important factors for me also.

    actually about 300b. I am now thinking about which 300b to buy. old WE is too expensive for me, so I am choosing between Takatsuki and new WE, which is announced now. what you could recommend for this amp?
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
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  10. Wildcatsare1
    Similar experience, I’ve kept the Autuer and Vérité, selling both the Utopia and OG Abyss 1266. The former have a musicality that wins every time. Though it also points to how incredibly subjective our hobby is, go figure.
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  11. Wildcatsare1
    I haven’t tried the WE or Takati yet, but the mid tier 300b’s that are very good are TJ Fullmusic, and EML variants.
  12. Monsterzero
    Damn! I'd lose my mind if I got even a small scratch on mine,let alone broken. If I may ask,how'd you break the cup? Asking for scientific reasons.
  13. Wildcatsare1
    Monster asks with terror in his voice :triportsad:
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  14. LCMusicLover
    You seem to be traveling nearly the same road as me. I currently own: Blackwood Auteur, Utopia, Ether Flow, Ether 2, Empyrean, HEKv2. I’ve never heard LCD4.

    E2/Empyrean comparison is actually very interesting. Spare vs lush. I do find them both very comfortable, and both have great headstage. I like both, although with different amps. Empyrean seems too wet w/ LP, better with Bryston SS, while I prefer E2 w/ LP.
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    I don’t really remember. it just happened some time ago and last month I listen them as it is. not worry much about such things, it doesn’t affect sound much, but I would prefer to fix it. wrote to Zach, but he didn’t answer.
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