neutral headphones
  1. AthenaZephyrian

    Review of Hifiman HE400I's with linear EQ--I'd put down double money

    I found a supposedly linear EQ for the 400i's. It was terribly compressed sounding, but sounded better than un-EQ'd on one or two tracks, so I posted over here, saying it was awesome. Then I put it through it's paces. It was terrible. BUT I'M BACK! FOR REAL THIS TIME! I TESTED IT...
  2. Redmetal1897

    Fischer Audio FA-003 -$60, price drop

    Looking for $60 shipped in Canada. Happy to ship anywhere but need to discuss based on destination. Purchased in 2012, these headphones have been a valuable part of my collection for a long while now! However, I have reached close to end game and sadly, it is time to move on. These headphones...
  3. C

    Recommendations for neutral bluetooth in ear headphones - sound, not price

    Recommendations please for neutral sound profile wireless earbud in ear bluetooth headphones. Priorities in descending order: 1. Sound quality - must be neutral (essential) 2. Portability - must be truly wireless and if not in use, stored in recharging case in jacket pocket (essential) 3. Noise...
  4. Kukuster

    Looking for not in-ear earphones with neutral sound

    Greetings. So, my question is simple :). Can somebody please suggest a good model? I currently looking for something like for $25-150, but it would be interesting to know about more expensive models. To make this thread hotter, lets have some nerd talks about this. :ksc75smile: Although I...
  5. PacoTaco

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    Looks like Zach is at it again. He's coming out with a new headphone with preorders starting in November. He's some impressions I've read already "Yesterday, I got to meet Zach at the Chicago head-fi meet. He brought his entire collection including 2 versions (different pads) of his new...
  6. Ademir

    The Quest for My Next Headphone

    Hey headfi, I read you a lot, this is my 1st post though And it is to find wich headphone will be more suited as my next buy So I did my homework and ended up kind of lost. Let me share my needs: I've been making music at home for some time, that's what the headphones are going to be for most...