neutral headphones

    Best Accurate, Detailed, Clear and Neutral Headphones $1K-5K

    What are the Best Accurate, Detailed, Clear and Neutral Headphones between $1K to $5K. He is purchasing Sennheiser HD800S for Gaming, SONY Z1R for casual laid back listening and Focal Stellia for Regular work and stuff. But is still looking for Headphones for his Pro grade work where he needs...
  2. AthenaZephyrian

    Review of Hifiman HE400I's with linear EQ--I'd put down double money

    I found a supposedly linear EQ for the 400i's. It was terribly compressed sounding, but sounded better than un-EQ'd on one or two tracks, so I posted over here, saying it was awesome. Then I put it through it's paces. It was terrible. BUT I'M BACK! FOR REAL THIS TIME! I TESTED IT...
  3. C

    Recommendations for neutral bluetooth in ear headphones - sound, not price

    Recommendations please for neutral sound profile wireless earbud in ear bluetooth headphones. Priorities in descending order: 1. Sound quality - must be neutral (essential) 2. Portability - must be truly wireless and if not in use, stored in recharging case in jacket pocket (essential) 3. Noise...
  4. Kukuster

    Looking for not in-ear earphones with neutral sound

    Greetings. So, my question is simple :). Can somebody please suggest a good model? I currently looking for something like for $25-150, but it would be interesting to know about more expensive models. To make this thread hotter, lets have some nerd talks about this. :ksc75smile: Although I...
  5. PacoTaco

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    Looks like Zach is at it again. He's coming out with a new headphone with preorders starting in November. He's some impressions I've read already "Yesterday, I got to meet Zach at the Chicago head-fi meet. He brought his entire collection including 2 versions (different pads) of his new...
  6. Ademir

    The Quest for My Next Headphone

    Hey headfi, I read you a lot, this is my 1st post though And it is to find wich headphone will be more suited as my next buy So I did my homework and ended up kind of lost. Let me share my needs: I've been making music at home for some time, that's what the headphones are going to be for most...