1. boneburglar

    WTS Fostex TR-X00 Mahogany

    looking to sell my X00. I got it brand new last July and it doesn’t have any obvious signs of wear. I can post pictures later or send them via dm later as well. Let me know if you have any questions! This headphone is discontinued from Drop, so you can only really get it used now. NO TRADES.
  2. boneburglar

    Creative Aurvana Live 1

    I'm selling my CAL because I own an X00 now, and since I'm attempting to downsize my collection it seems a bit redundant to own it at this point. It's still very solid for what it is, I've just moved past it at this point. The only "issue" is that the cup rotates in the yoke on one side further...
  3. PacoTaco

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    Looks like Zach is at it again. He's coming out with a new headphone with preorders starting in November. He's some impressions I've read already "Yesterday, I got to meet Zach at the Chicago head-fi meet. He brought his entire collection including 2 versions (different pads) of his new...
  4. aCommunistSpy

    WTB: E-MU Teak (teak wood) headphones

    Hello, thank you for reading. I wish to purchase a E-MU Teak headphone with removable cable in teak wood. Please PM me if you have one available for sale. Pictures would be appreciated. Thanks