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ZMF Auteur Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by PacoTaco, Oct 15, 2017.
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  1. franz12
    I understand that point.
    But in the Auteur measurement thread #30 measured by a different person also shows the similar point, although I don't know how reliable that measurement is.
  2. jinxy245
    I'm no expert bt any means, but I think that's exactly the point. Measurements are a guide, nothing more. It has everything to do with how the measurement gear is calibrated, the fit of the headphones, ambient noise while measuring, and of course how the graph is plotted (compensation etc.). The more familiar you are with the setup/person measuring, the more accurate the picture you'll get (still somewhat a guess as to how it translates to how the sound is perceived).
  3. Wildcatsare1
    Measurements are a great tool, but that’s it, they are just one tool in determining how a speaker, headphones, amp, or DACs perform. In fact there are many cases where products, everything from the O2 line, that are crap. You also have to take in listeners experience, from those who actually own them, in all but one or two reports, out of hundreds have claimed a V signature.

    I have the Other Place modded HD650, they have received about two minutes of head time since the Autuer arrived, to my ears, the Autuer’s are vastly superior headphones.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
  4. zach915m
    I mean the following as no offense to anyone else taking measurements on a DIY rig but a few things need to be known about reading headphone measurements and taking them into consideration VS subjective preferences, I'll try to keep this as simple as possible.

    1. You MUST look at measurements comparatively between headphones within the SAME system. You cannot compare one system to another, regardless of price.

    2. Measurements - especially from 1 khz up are NOT reliable unless taken with lab grade equipment that's built for measurement. I know this from experience as we have build a ton of measurement rigs and bought a couple expensive AP systems within the last couple years - and the only ones that measure accurately from above 1 khz on up are our AP systems. You simply need accurate equipment to measure headphones correctly to try to make any sort of assertions without hearing the actual headphones. You'll notice that in this other universe subjective impressions are added to measurements to fill in this area, which I think is great!

    3. Our system is an Audio Precision system, I wouldn't post measurements of headphones that are not taken on a accurate system. We use the DF curve to show what people are used to looking at - but all compensation curves are different, and each user is making their own curve to match what they hear. This is why no compensation at all is safest - as it doesn't allow the user taking the measurements to change certain parts of the FR based on their system. A properly calibrated system with DF curve is easiest to read IMHO although a uncompensated curve on a calibrated system is the most accurate.

    In conclusion, please do not gather together different graphs off different systems and try to figure out what auteur sounds like. Try to find a way to hear it, figure out the general consensus, and ask other's that actually own the headphones to give you comparisons. I don't know if the impressions about the auteur being V shaped (remember neutral, V/W etc etc when talked of via listening impressions are subjective terms) are from someone who actually owns the headphones, heard them at a meet, etc etc - if they sound that way they are broken for whatever reason and should be sent in to me via direct contact through email, PM etc.

    I used the graph to show what a stock HD650 (not the HD600) at our workshop looks like compared to a stock auteur off the production line just as an illustration of frequency response, not of subjective perception, which varies based on many personal factors that have to do with tastes, chain, and preference.

    At the end of the day - try to hear the headphones and see if you like them, if you can't use all the information this great internet has for you, and if you find some friends your tastes align with, who own the headphones you're interested in - awesome! That's always helpful!

    Looking forward to the Bluegrass meet this weekend in Louisville where we will have our headphones - until then I'm shipping about 30 sets of various models that I'm excited for the new owners to hear!



    For anyone interested - here's the AP rigs we use:

    AP 515: https://www.ap.com/analyzers-accessories/apx515/

    AP 1701: https://www.ap.com/analyzers-accessories/accessories/apx1701/

    AECM206: https://www.ap.com/analyzers-accessories/accessories/aecm206/

    Software: APX 5.0: https://www.ap.com/news/apx-version5-0-available/

    To anyone who really wants a great headphone measurement system this is the best I demo'd and that's why we went with them.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
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  5. Monsterzero
    I agree that the Auteur in no way should sound V-shape. The most forward mids Ive ever heard on any headphone come from my three pairs of vintage K240 sextetts. The 2nd most fwd mids Ive ever heard come from my Auteur.
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  6. Fatdoi
    Auteur has one of most pronounced vocals of any hp i auditioned... Vocal is laser focused central even more so than Utopia...

    Bass is not boomy or obtrusive but it's there when is called for.... It just dives n dives but never to the point I needed to take it off for too much...
  7. Mystel
    Just got one of these in Cocobolo last week.
    My first ZMF headphone, and i cant believe i missed out on them for so long.
    I must say so far, im really pleased by the way it sounds. Am a huge fan of the the Hd6xx/650(modded) and the HD600, and my modded 6xx is one of my preferred listens at any price point.
    I feel its sound signature is pretty much in line with the 6x0 series, but more so with the HD600 for me ( with the auteur pads which i prefer )

    My impressions thus far are:
    Bass is exceptional, tight and fast (and this is coming from a planar head). Mids are sublime and sweet. Treble tone is just right and doesnt bother me. Overall i feel it sounds neutral and most importantly, tonally right.
  8. Monsterzero
    Welcome to Club ZMF:beerchug:
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  9. felix3650
    My Auteur too don't sound V-shaped on all the systems I've tried it, including 3-4 different cable pairings. I've tried playing Crysis 3 which has a very orchestral soundtrack and the sound startled me when going from a calm scene to a more intense one. Bullets flying, unit voice-overs, ambient noise (rain, wind etc) were all very present along with the orchestral recordings in the background.
    From memory, the E-MU Teaks didn't sound this way with certain parts of the music feeling far away. Now those were V-shaped
  10. Slim1970
    I’ll be joining the club soon. I placed my order for the Colobolo Auteurs last night. I can’t wait to get them. They sound unlike anything I’ve heard. They are such a musical headphone
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  11. Mystel
    After having more time with these
    I find that they scale incredibly well , much like the HD6x0 series
    Currently driving them with the EC Studio, which i prefer over the other amps in my inventory.
    I realize i mention the Studio a lot, but i admit its at least a level or two above the other headphone amps i have at the moment(and so is the price) . But maybe when my Stellaris arrives, it will finally have its workload reduced :p
    But anyway the studio really opens up the sound, with incredible layering and placement. I attribute these to the signature of the Studio but its also incredible that the Autuer can make full use of it. There are some moments whereby i had to turn my head to check where some sounds come from, but in the end, its just the incredible depth this headphone is capable of when well driven, coupled with its amazing realism.
    Music sounds so correct and real, and for now, these have been getting more headtime than my beloved modded HD6XX.

    And yes, the other cans in my collection ( Abyss Phi, Susvara, 009, and some others) have just been sitting there, and i don't really find a urge to reach out to them.
    These days, i tend prioritize voicing of headphones over raw technicalities. Which is why prior to these, the HD6XX(and sometimes the 007) gets more headtime than anything else by far.

    Thanks Zach for such an incredible headphone! Will be checking out the other ZMF offerings. Already booked an Aeolus from a local dealer and will be collecting it sometime later this week!
  12. Wildcatsare1

    The Blackwood Autuer, and now Pheasant Wood Vérité, have made my Utopia and Abyss redundancies, they are truly that good.
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  13. breckstar
    I haven't heard the utopia or abyss, but I have heard both the blackwood auteur and pheasant wood verite and I would agree together they cover a lot of bases. Maybe all you need.

    I did not like the blackwood weight compared to the verite. Thinking the silk auteur and stock verite, since no limited woods available, will do nicely for the longer sessions.
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  14. nazrin313
    Been reading alot of ppl saying that the Blackwood Auteurs are heavy, but I think they are just fine. I can use em for hours on end, its very comfortable and the weight (for me) has been an issue
  15. nazrin313

    My Sexay Beast!!!!
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