1. Guinibee

    ZMF Pad Replacement Tips?

    Hello all, Easy question...I have a Verite and an Atrium with 6 different pairs of pads. Got them both recently. Love them both. One issue... I can't swap out the pads! Does anyone have any quick and dirty ways to swap these? I watched Zach's video about pulling them inside out, but that...
  2. zach915m

    ZMFheadphones - Verite LTD Burma Padauk, Cayin Amps, ATH-M series sub pads and more!

    We've got a few new exciting happenings at ZMF: We are now a Cayin amplifier dealer as I've found great synergy from 300b tubes over the years, more specifically with my Glenn 300b amp. The Cayin delivers the same addictive 300b sound at a fantastic price. It's quiet, and brings amazing...


    ZMF ATRIUM OPEN PAD REVIEW Yes, it’s time again for yet another pad review extravaganza. This time around it’s for ZMF’s latest headphone, the ATRIUM OPEN. For the rest of the review I will just refer to it as the Atrium, but in case you weren’t aware, a Closed version of the Atrium is coming...
  4. audiocroissant

    2-3K Dynamic Headphone - Help me choose

    Trying to decide what to purchase next. Some info/criteria: Dynamic headphone in the mid- to hi-fi category to complement D8000. Sought Qualities: dynamic punchiness, good to great resolution, musicality, addictiveness, great imaging / separation, holographic. Wide soundstage is a plus but not...


    ZMF VÉRITÉ OPEN PAD REVIEW (previously posted in the Verite Open thread in 2021) Here it is, my long (overdue) ZMF Vérité Open pad review. Yes, it’s about a year late, but we’ll chalk that up to 2020 being well, 2020. I started working on this review around May ‘20 and picked it up again a...
  6. ZMFheadphones Atrium

    ZMFheadphones Atrium

    New co Flagship from ZMF Open Back Handcrafted Wood Proprietary Patent Pending Dampening/Air Flow System
  7. zach915m

    THE ZMF ATRIUM!!! and other cool LTD ZMF Stuff

    TLDW; (but seriously just watch the video!) We've got a new headphone that I've been working on for quite a while now and am finally ready to unveil (I'm beyond excited!), the key stuffs: Release date is April 1st, 10am CST! Info and FAQ HERE. CHECK IT OUT AT CANJAM SINGAPORE! Zeppelin and...


    ZMF SENNHEISER 6** PADS REVIEW Recently Zach from ZMF decided to branch out and release headphone pads compatible with the Sennheiser 6** series (HD580, HD600, HD650, HD660, etc…). They are available in three different options: Perforated Suede, Perforated Lambskin, and Solid Lambskin. These...
  9. Vérité Open in Camphor Burl

    Vérité Open in Camphor Burl

  10. zach915m

    ZMF Stabilized Release - Friday 9.3.21 at 6PM CST

    Hey All - I know we've been trying to get to this for a while and we've finally made it! It's time for stabilized Verite Closed run number three! The batch will be available on the products page here at 6PM CST this friday 9/3/21. Here's some FAQ! Pics will go live for this batch at least...
  11. D

    Would require some help and recommendations upgrading my headphones, headphone amp and DAC.

    Hello! I have started to do some research to update my current headphones and a DAC, and received a recommendation to get a proper headphone amplifier at the same time to get more juice out of the headphones. I would need some recommendations on pairings and understanding what could serve me...
  12. J

    The ZMF Weight Project

    Hi folks! If you're insane like me and buy and sell ZMFs as some form of a demented hobby, and you happen to be weight sensitive, you may be interested in a spreadsheet I created: * I've seeded it with both...
  13. zach915m

    ZMF Headphones - Summer LTD Editions Now Released

    Our summer LTD editions are all (mostly) released! Starting today we are offering two beautiful new LTD editions for the auteur and Aeolus - both in Bocote. Bocote is a stunningly beautiful wood with dark Ink-line grain and a smooth luxurious feel. We are using a conversion varnish that is...
  14. shofilm

    ZMF Eikon vs Ether C Flow sound?

    Hello. Can someone that has had both the Ether c flow by mrspeakers and ZMF Eikon give me a sound comparison between the two? I know the Ethers C are way more comfortable and arguably better built quality, but I just want to focus on the sound please. Quick background: I have had the Ether C...
  15. Rosario


    ZMF Vérité Closed Stabilized Maple Burl LTD (Rosario)
  16. zach915m

    ZMF Pendant SE Pre-Order Ending

    Hey All! This month we announced the release of the "new" ZMF Pendant - which is a slight alteration of the original Pendant that was an A+ graded component in Stereophile and loved by many. While the amp was already sweet - we decided to add a couple tweaks that had been requested: Jupiter...
  17. zach915m

    The ZMF Co-Pilot and Lektrik S

    Years ago I created the ZMF Pilot Pad in order to make our T50rp mods as comfortable as they could be for those of us who don't always love the suspension strap. It's comfy and cushy, and awesome for a plethora of headphones, but didn't work perfect on some headphones. The Co-Pilot offers a...
  18. zach915m Camphor Burl LTD and Sonnet Morpheus now Available

    Currently we're not hosting our full line-up of LTD editions at ZMF in order to stream-line production to make sure wait-times are low. But, it's never fun to not have something extra special in our line-up, so we're introducing the second LTD Verite of the year. Camphor Burl Verite LTD...
  19. D

    HD800S-like headphone?

    Hi! Apologies for the vague title. But I just wanted to ask, what headphone has the clarity, detail, imaging, and soundstage of the HD800S but doesn't compromise on bass and impactfulness? To be completely fair, HD800S is a great headphone. I used BD Amiron for comparison and I really like...
  20. ZMFheadphones Vérité Closed

    ZMFheadphones Vérité Closed

    ZMFheadphones Vérité Closed @Torq's stabilized maple burl Verite Closed LTD Leapordwood (545 - 570g) LTD Desert Ironwood (~620g) Monkeypod Wood (450-475g) Vérité - ˌ/veriˈtā/ Closed Available Now. Current orders ship in 3-5 weeks - (Updated January 2020) Vérité is a term often used in...
  21. lemarsghast

    ZMF closed dynamic lineup vs Ether C Flow 1.1

    Hi all! I'm not sure if this is the right area to ask, but I'm interested in hearing a detailed and direct comparison from people who have owned both the Ether C Flow 1.1s and 1 of (or more) the closed ZMF dynamics (Atticus, Eikon, Verite Closed). The reason I ask this is because I am unable...
  22. zach915m

    ZMF November

    ZMF November is here! This year we're featuring a lot of exciting used, b-stock and overrun headphones and also a trio of new LTD editions. You can check out what we have listed on the site now - but keep in mind we will also be listing more discounted sets each week until December 15th...
  23. xiorath

    Searching for the End Game Hi-Fi Headphones for Cyberpunk 2077... ZMF Verite? Audeze LCD4z?

    Hi all! Currently I'm running a pair of HD800S running through a Valhalla 2 and a Schiit Mimby but I'm looking for a setup that would be more leaned towards a cinematic immersive gaming experience. Soundstage is important of course but I'm also looking for something more... fun and life like...
  24. Preachy1

    Sky Audio Cables

    does anyone have any experience with Sky Audio Cables out of the UK? My budget is a bit limited, as I've exhausted most of my spare (haha) cash on cans. Their cables seem to be reasonably priced, and just curious to know if the quality is decent. I'd be using them with either ZMF or Audeze...
  25. zach915m

    ZMF VÉRITÉ CLOSED - Available Now (Sept 20th 11am EST)

    The long awaited Vérité Closed can be ordered today via our website. Starting at 11am EST. After the Vérité open was well received, I felt a lot of pressure to make sure we got the closed version right, and didn't make a redundant version of the Vérité. I employed all new damping and airflow...