1. ZMFheadphones Caldera Closed

    ZMFheadphones Caldera Closed

    SPECIFICATIONS Driver: 2 um thick Planar Magnetic with CAMS Patent Pending technology ADS Patented Damping System Caldera Patent Pending Pad Design Impedance: 60 Ohms Sensitivity: 94dB/mW Weight: 500-560g
  2. goldwerger

    ZMF Caldera Closed

    Hi everyone, With the highly anticipated upcoming launch of ZMF's lated closed backed planar headphone - the Caldera Closed - it is time to start a new thread here on Head-Fi. As it becomes available, more information will follow below in these tops posts. Meantime, as these headphones were...
  3. zach915m

    ZMF Spring Limiteds, CanJam NYC and Estimated Release Schedule for Caldera Closed and BOKEH Open!

    Hey all - I've been hibernating a bit and finishing the Chef's kiss on Caldera Closed with our team and @AnyDave. Just very excited about that one - but first we have some spring LTD editions coming out March 1st. The leap year is making it even harder to get there! Here's the cliff notes...
  4. ZMFheadphones BOKEH

    ZMFheadphones BOKEH

    [BOH-kay] [BOW-kuh] is ZMF's closed, semi-portable, easy-to-drive, 80-ohm closed-back headphone. It incorporates trickle-down acoustic technology and the form factor from the rest of the ZMF line. The BOKEH blurs the line between convenience and mainframe bliss. It immerses you in a world away...
  5. MegaDerpBro

    ZMF Verite Closed vs Auteur Classic

    I'm looking at buying either an Auteur Classic or a Verite Closed, do people think the Verite is worth the extra money? I currently own the HD800 and an OTL tube amp, and want something with a bit more bass as a second headphone to complement the HD800. I know the VC is a bit bass heavier and...
  6. OnlySoMany

    ZMF Bokeh Review - The Turntable of Headphones?

    Full disclaimer: I have not received any money, promises, or promotional offers from ZMF or any of its employees in exchange for this review. I received a demo set at the goodwill from the ZMF team for my honest opinion, whether positive or negative. I didn’t ask for them; I just received an...
  7. OnlySoMany

    Why I think ZMF is the best headphone company in the world.

    First, let me start by saying I am not a headphone reviewer. No one has paid me to write any of this, nor would I have done so even if someone was willing to pay me for a story. As you read this, you will probably understand why. I lack the extreme levels of detail, clarity, and use of the...
  8. unfitstew

    All things ZMF!

    Hello everybody! I have seen individual threads for all the ZMF headphones along with the everything amp pairings thread. But no generalized one to talk about all/any of them. If I missed that thread feel free to redirect me. I am not trying to start a redundant thread. This thread is for...
  9. heliosphann

    ZMF BOKEH - Closed Back (Semi-Portable)

    Official thread for the upcoming ZMF BOKEH, a high sensitivity, closed back LCP driver headphone. I will post more details as they are finalized, but here is what you can expect: New chassis design Oval shaped wood cups (Limba stock wood) 80ohm Liquid Crystal Polymer drivers 103dB/1mW...
  10. goldwerger

    Decware // Reference ZMF OTL

    Hi everyone! This thread is intended to be dedicated to the Decware // Reference ZMF OTL tube amplifier, the result of a collaboration between ZMF and Decware, two leading bouqitue brands of headphones and amplifers, respectively (both hailing from Illinois). Since posting my review of this...
  11. ZMFheadphones Auteur Pads

    ZMFheadphones Auteur Pads

    DIMENSIONS Diameter: 4.3in / 109.22mm Ear Cavity: 2.83in x 2.28in (72mm x 58mm) Tallest height: 1in / 25.4mm Shortest Height: 0.75in / 19.05mm Fits Audeze, Hifiman and other similar, large sized headphones.
  12. zach915m

    HCSOB; HOT CUP SUMMER OF BURL // Starts today - 7/14/2023 // Schedule and Line-up inside!

    It's HOT CUP SUMMER time once again. And with my wood hoarding tendencies I have built up some slabs of burl that like the Olive wood we just ran, I've been waiting to use for a long long time. If you want to go straight to the cups go HERE...
  13. OnlySoMany

    Looking for a new "endgame" tube amp - thoughts?

    Hey all. Looking for your thoughts on a new higher-end tube amp. Here is what I have narrowed it down to so far: DNA Stellaris Woo Audio WA23 Woo Audio WA33 Elite Eddie Current Studio B Decware // Reference ZMF OTL Auris Audio Nirvana IV Feliks Audio Envy All cost a lot, hence looking for...
  14. melibond

    Upgrade from ZMF Aeolus

    Hi, I've been using the ZMF Aeolus as my main pair for the last 2-3 years. I love them, but, the soundstage is too small, and, the bass is not powerful enough. Would anyone here be able to suggest a pair of headphones to go to, that would have a bigger soundstage and stronger bass, while at...
  15. melibond

    7 Year long search for the perfect upgrade... I want to upgrade from my Sennheiser HD598/ZMF Aeolus

    Hi, I'd like to reach out for help. I've tried and owned many headphones since when I first bought my Sennheiser HD598, but, I haven't found anything that I like more than them. I currently have a ZMF Aeolus that I've been using for the past few years. I've been content with it, and, even...
  16. zach915m

    ZMF Atrium Closed; Release Day Info, Decware OTL, Content and more!

    Atrium Closed Release is 4/28/23 - April 28th - at 10AM CST // 3PM UST Go straight to the product page HERE: The Atrium Closed is our first closed headphone release since 2019 when I released the Verite Closed which has been our...
  17. Decware ZMF Reference OTL

    Decware ZMF Reference OTL

    SPECIFICATIONS Amlifier design Output transformerless (OTL) Single ended Tubes 1 x Input/Gain tube: 6N1P (6Н1П). Also compatible with: 6DJ8 (ECC88), 6922 (E88CC), 6BQ7A (ECC180), 6N5P (6Н5П), 7DJ8 (PCC88), 7ES8 (PCC189) 2 x Output/Driver tubes: 6N6P (6Н6П) 1 x Rectier: 5AR4 (GZ34), 274B...
  18. ZMFheadphones Atrium Closed

    ZMFheadphones Atrium Closed

    SPECIFICATIONS Type: Closed-Back Driver: Dyanmic Atrium driver Impedance: 300 Ohms Damping: Atrium Damping System Wood at launch: Cherry (stock), Olive (limited edition) Weight: ~500 grams (depending on choice of wood and chassis)
  19. goldwerger

    ZMF Atrium Closed

    Hi everyone, With the exciting upcoming launch of ZMF's new closed backed headphone - the Atrium Closed - it is time to start a new thread here on Head-Fi. Please see Head-Fi's video announcement from earlier today: Stay tuned for more info and reviews! And excited for our upcoming...
  20. zach915m

    ZMF Caldera - Release Day Info - thread and repartee!

    Since the ZMF November thread has gotten long - I'm starting this new thread, centric to the Caldera release: RELEASE IS AT 9:30 AM CST / 10:30 AM EST / 15:30 PM GST / NOVEMBER 22nd CALDERA NATURAL OAK and COFFEE GOLD WILL BE AVAILABLE! LIMITED UNITS SHIP QUICKLY CALDERA KINGWOOD - AVAILABLE...
  21. zach915m

    ZMF November 2022 is here!!!

    ZMF November is finally here - we've been working like crazy at the shop as there is a lot going on. Earlier this week I outlined the first two releases for ZMF November on our YouTube Channel, with the release of the ZMF HD8xx+ Sub pads, which fit the HD800 type models, as well as the new...
  22. ZMFheadphones Caldera

    ZMFheadphones Caldera

    SPECIFICATIONS Impedance: 60 Ohms Driver: 80mm with CAMS Patent Pending technology Weight: 490 - 550 (weight varies depending on Chassis) Sensitivity: ~95dB/mW INCLUDES Oak Wood Caldera ZMF Stock Braided Cable and OFC Cable ZMF Caldera hybrid perforated pads and 1 secondary set (TBD) ZMF...
  23. Monsterzero

    The (Un)Official Amp Thread For ZMF Headphones

    We've been tossing this idea around for awhile, so I thought I'd go ahead and get it started. If you're looking for amp recommendations for your new ( or not so new) ZMF, this is the place. Kindly add photos of your tube, tube hybrid or solid state amps, comments, questions, recommendations...
  24. ScornDefeat

    ZMF Caldera - New Planar Magnetic from ZMF!

    Just saw an announcement for a very exciting upcoming new headphone launch, from the beloved ZMF Headphones; the Caldera, ZMF's first original foray into a Planar Magnetic driven headphone! Very excited to find out more details for this November-slated release, particularly details on the...
  25. zach915m

    ZMF HOT CUP SUMMER PT II: Labor Day Edition

    Hey All! We've got a lot going on at ZMF this year, and we didn't do any stabilized drops for the first six months of the year, and we don't want to make ZMF November too too crazy for us as we are still a very small staff. So here it is! HOT CUP SUMMER PT II!!!!!!! URL...