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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. takato14
    When you set out on a journey to acquire every headphone that's said to have something about it that's "special".
    I have one so far, the DT1350 and its visceral impact that makes everything sound real.
    Next is the musicality of the SS-100, and then hopefully the magical presentation of the K1000.
  2. Argyris Contributor
    Sometimes they don't actually stock it and have other merchants listed on the product page, in which case you're dealing with their individual policies. Amazon is usually good about stocking stuff, but search around enough and you'll find quite a few models that are offered by other parties. The HD800 is an example (at time of writing, at least).
  3. VisceriousZERO
    When the first thing you do upon getting home is turn on your tube amp and phono tube box so they're nice and warm when you sit at your table to listen.
  4. rlynch
    Whenever you see headphones in movies, you get completely distracted trying to figure out what they are and miss out on the plot.
  5. Doc-holliday
    I have heard this comment before but yes that is a very good one. It is so true. I am a watch enthusiast as well as audio enthusiast so between the two (watches are worse because even charachters in movies who seemingly can't afford it wear 8000 dollar watches sometimes) this happens to me all the time!
  6. streetdragon
    *sees average buisnessman wear super expensive watch* plothole in story spottedXD
  7. Doc-holliday

    Lol. Yes precicely how i feel about it.
  8. Doc-holliday
    When you piss off the guy in charge of the audio department at your nearest bestbuy.......... (ok not really a requirement but this is my story this morning.....)

    Oh my. I was in Best Buy this morning. This poor guy just bought a brand new TV and I could tell he sprung more than he wanted to. He had that sick-to-my-stomach-did-I really-just-pay-that-much-money-for-a-TV look on his face... The salesman then takes him over to the HDMI cable rack and starts talking to him about how he needs to get these fancy HDMI cables to get better sound and picture. He points him at $500 hdmi cables and proceeds with his sales pitch. After a few mins and a few uneducated questions the poor guy finally relents and reluctantly points at the $150 dollar HDMI cable. The salesman is spouting off all of these false statements on why this cable is so great. Poor guy had no idea why he really needed this cable.... He just knew that "we (best buy) always try to get people to get at least a 'mid-range' cable".

    We are talking a DIGITAL CABLE FOLKS! But for arguements sake lets just say that there is some miniscule differnce barely percievable by your most ardent audiophile......

    The salesman never asked what his source was, what brand or type of speakers he had, or any acoustic properties of the room, etc. Perhaps he should have spent that 130 dollars over the 20 dollars he should have spent on a nicer amp or reciever for all I know. Something that would significantly improve his listening/viewing experience.

    In any case.... I tried whispering in the guys ear when the salseman turned his back buy the guy didn't hear me "don't do it!". After the guy left and the salesman comes up to me (demo'ing some HP's of course) starts directing me to their more expensive pair, I can't help but argue with the guy about the fact he sold that poor guy 150 dollar cables and what was his reasoning. When he couldn't argue he got all pissed off. He litrally blew out of there yelling "well sue them then". "Sue them for false advertising!".

    The salesman claimed he personally had and owned $500 dollar cable. It seems he is the one in need of the lawsuit to recover the $480 he could have spent more wisely.

    I wish I wasn't distracted when the poor guy walked out with his cable. I would have caught him at the register and told him he had just been had.
  9. roadcykler
    Their reasoning has nothing to do with audio or video quality, it has to do with upselling or selling packages. When I worked there many years ago I was in the computer department but was primarily assigned to sell printers. We were directed to try and sell paper, a cable (because printers don't come with a  pc connection cable), and extra printer cartridges because "most manufacturers don't use a printer cartridge that is completely full and could go dry after just a few pages of printing" with every printer purchase. 
    The same way the person at the movie theatre asks you if you would like some candy with your popcorn or, "you can get a large for just .50 more". Like I can drink a freaking half gallon of soda in one sitting.
  10. VisceriousZERO
    Super size me!
    Wish that'd work on a wallet.
  11. kazaakas
    What exactly is the problem here? :)
  12. wolfetan44
    You know your an audiophile when your super happy because Val accepted my friend request on Facebook.
  13. thecansmancan
    when the deals thread is your best friend...and worst enemy. 
  14. nonamodnar
    When you viscerally feel the chill in your spine and stomach when you suddenly hear a "missing" instrument in your most favorite song. Ecstasy is what follows.
    TheJesusGuy likes this.
  15. takato14
    When half of your average day is comprised of headphones alone, and 3/4s is just audio in general.
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