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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. TheJesusGuy
    You're lucky you have a store with anything. My nearest store is HMV which is like 10 miles away and It's full of beats and low end Sony and Sennheisers
  2. Tangster
    Occasionally the HMV near me gets a decent pair of cans in stock. They had a D2K for £150 when they were being discontinued...obviously I bought them(for a friend). The best they have seems to be the SK Aviators and Senn HD448s right now.
  3. BBBS
    I've seen some top end Senn BT headphones in HMV, and lots of cheaper, interesting stuff, and I think they even have HD25. It's nice to look at the stuff and play with the display iPads and whatever, but mostly everything is overpriced.

    I did score some Sony MDR-EX500 for £5, reduced from £70, tho. They're a bit bright, but I went through a phase of using them.


    On a tangent, the last time I bought shoes there was a rack of Skullcandy. They were the only headphones or even electronics in the entire store...oddly I was tempted.
  4. fjeena
    This is where it seems to me that americans have more choice of stores that stock decent headphones, unless you live in London. Although I did find a couple of stores in Leeds recently that have some fairly decent cans and are willing to order in any model from the brands that they do sell.
  5. DairyProduce
    I didn't think the difference would matter that much...since you can just order them online?[​IMG]
    Also, I thought brick and mortar stores were generally more expensive anyways? 
  6. Gallade475
    nope. i'm talking about the europe only manufaktur options. I don't want the darth beyers right now, i just want my dt990 to look beautiful, because those options do make it so.
  7. Doc-holliday

    can't help you there. didn't know they did wood. thought it was just purdy colors. ok well good luck with that.
  8. Tangster
    It's a pain send back the ones you don't like or taking a hit by selling them on. Also, some brands/models are really badly represented in the UK, eg the Audio Technica ES series(I've never seen one in a store)
  9. DairyProduce
    Fair enough. I guess going to meet-ups and the likes can help with trying out the more obscure headphones.
  10. Argyris Contributor
    Here in the States I can indeed order just about anything online. But I'd never want to order anything >$100 without either hearing it first and/or a really good return policy. Return policies vary widely among different merchants, and most of them aren't as generous as someplace like HeadRoom. But if I want something HR doesn't carry (or want it for a bit cheaper, as it usually is on, say, Amazon), I'm stuck taking a gamble whether or not I'll like it. Imagine buying an HD800 this way and discovering you didn't like it! [​IMG] I haven't got the time or the bux to burn. (Or the will--I was starting to feel like there was no headphone for me after both the M50 and the SR225i didn't work out. Thankfully the DT880 was a winner).
    Having access to a shop with a great selection of headphones to try is a very big help for the reasons listed above.
  11. Houbi
    You know that you are an audiophile if you translate DAP with "Digital Audiophile Player" instead of "Digital Audio Player, and exactly that DAP costs more than the entire hometheater set a friend of you just bought... -.-

    And you are an Audiophile if the last thing you do before you go into hospital for a surgery is sending your ear mould impressions to China...
  12. wolfetan44
    Amazon has a 30 day return guarantee. 
  13. linglingjr
    I bought my K701s on here without hearing them first, discovered that the sound signature was too harsh for my wide range of music and just sold them for HD 600s which I also bought online with out hearing them first.  
    If you hunt for good deals you can end up not loosing any money (or even profiting) by re-selling them if you don't like their sound.
  14. PinoyPogiman

    id so love to see a Headphone shop at least near my area.
    oh how long id spend my time in there.
    because it sucks buying a headphone and you are not satisfied of its sound even possibly after burn in.
    thats why buying a headphone you need to research thoroughly and be real set that you'd like how it sounds.
    for me, i like my headphones to sound neutral and realistic. closely resembling the sound like from surround speakers.
    i hate how some people rely on Bass being the main part of sound when it isnt. Too much bass can cloud the mids and highs.
    too little can make the treble sound too harsh if possible.
    a good amount is enough to provide the proper "intensity" of the music of your liking.
    just throwing this out there, i also really like the Grado "house" sound.
  15. RUMAY408
    When you're Son's girlfriend calls you Ironman, thats right Ironman.  I lit up my tube amp and DAC with the HiFiMan HE-400 and the kids who listen to iPods via earbuds were sufficiently impressed.  My life is complete I am IRONMAN.
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