1. IceClass

    Anyone ever recabled a Sansui SS-100?

    I've been rediscovering my Sansui SS-100s in tandem with my Melos SHA-1 and have been really enjoying the combination. The Sansuis had been on the shelf for a while now only getting the odd whirl from time to time but plugging them into the Melos has been a real revelation and a lot of fun...
  2. takato14

    Help me choose my next headphone!

    Mainly looking for simple suggestions for my home rig. Final cost being $800 or less.   Currently in consideration are the following:   --KOSS ESP/950 --Fostex TH600 --HiFiMAN HE-500 --Sennheiser HD600   I also have the opportunity to get a Sansui SS-100 if someone will vouch...
  3. droido256

    Sansui SS10

    Oooook so, I found these Sansui SS10 on eBay, and snapped them up quite impulsively(it's a Aries thing). They show they're 2way mechanical, which forgive my pre-caffeine stupidity, but so do these have a woofer and like a tweeter in them? I saw a pic of them open, and it looks like it has a...
  4. vicjohn

    Best amp for Sunsui model SS-100 and B&O U 70...

      Hello, head-fi'er of the world.     I just got the headphones of my life time wish.     Sansui model SS-100 and B&O U70     But, I can't stop thinking of best match amps for both headphones.   Pl'z. let me know, if you have some ideas.   Thanks.        ...
  5. monikque

    SANSUI SS-100

    I saw there is  a SANSUI SS-100 actually on ebay germany to buy.Plug is broken, probably must be also solgering.But it works ( with isolation tape an a plug )  says a seller.How much do you think it is worth to give for it?
  6. ohhgourami

    You know you're an audiophile when...

    You are passing by a girl and you keep trying to see what kind of IEMs she's wearing.  Once you realize they're crap (or not), then you realize she's actually a very attractive girl.     You keep staring at the guy sitting across from you cuz you heard him mention something about...
  7. Bingturong

    Headphones with unusually large drivers

    Hello everyone   I've been finding headphones that have unsually large drivers and I noticed that there isn't a thread for them. (Correct me if I'm wrong) So I thought it would be a good idea to make one.   I'll begin by throwing in the Lafayette Model F-990 with 3.5 Inch (88.9mm)...
  8. IceClass

    The new Sansui SS-100 Thread

    Just for Wualta, here's a few pix of my Sansui SS-100 "Omni-Dynamic" headphones. I'm not too sure what year this model was produced and would appreciate any info that head-fiers could contribute. I'll post some impressions as the novelty wears off my new AT706s. Cheers.
  9. Sansui SS-100

    Sansui SS-100

    The SS-100 was Sansui's TOTL headphone in the mid 1970s. It features a full aluminum housing and large orthodynamic drivers designed and built by Fostex. --Driver specifications-- Operating Principle: Planar-magnetic/Orthodynamic Size: 67mm Magnets: Anisotropic ferrite slotted discs Diaphragm...