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Best amp for Sunsui model SS-100 and B&O U 70...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vicjohn, May 7, 2011.
  1. vicjohn
    Hello, head-fi'er of the world.
    I just got the headphones of my life time wish.
    Sansui model SS-100 and B&O U70
    But, I can't stop thinking of best match amps for both headphones.
    Pl'z. let me know, if you have some ideas.
    Sansui model SS-100
    Sansui model SS-100 on daedoo bear.
    B&O U 70
  2. takato14
    Hm. Doubt you'll see this reply many years later, but I've heard the B&O U70 isn't very much to love in its stock form. If it's loud enough, you're good, it probably won't change much.
    The SS-100 on the other hand, is a different story. Very few own that headphone and none have described its sound. It seems about typical spec-wise for an orthodynamic. A Schiit Asgard should do it justice. 
    However, if you've moved on to different headphones... I'd love to see about getting that SS-100 from you. PM me if you get this, even if only to tell me "hell no". [​IMG]
  3. Jasper9395
    Could you comment on how the B&O U70 sounds? 
  4. Neogeo333
    Get any amp that have power to spare. Orthos in my experience love them watts.  If I were you I'll start looking at the Schiit Mjolnir.  Congrats in getting the ss100. Definitely one fine looking phone.
    Btw the U70 with the pads in that condition is a very rare site, most I've seen have white pads like mine because the black plastic cover desintegrated .
  5. takato14
    Middy. That's all I know. People tell me it's an average 70's sound, ie not very good.
  6. Jasper9395
    Ok I get what you mean. I've done a little work on some B&O speakers before. Design wise some of their stuff is really interesting though. 
  7. IceClass
    The B7O U70s aren't worth the bother but the SS100s deserve the most powerful amp you can throw at them. They are hellishly hard to drive but worth the investment.
  8. takato14
    The Mjolnir is a bit overkill, and it's balanced only, which would require a recable... which is impossible as far as I know. I definitely would not take the chance with such a rare headphone.
    A Lyr should push enough current for it, but I'd try the Asgard first and see if it's enough considering the massive price difference.
  9. Neogeo333
    just slap a converter from 1/4 " to 4pins. it work flawlessly for me.
  10. takato14
    Schiit says you can't do that with the Mjolnir. Its circuit design disallows it. It will trigger the internal safety of the amp. If that safety didn't exist, the headphones would basically explode.

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