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Sansui SS10

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by droido256, May 12, 2013.
  1. droido256
    Oooook so, I found these Sansui SS10 on eBay, and snapped them up quite impulsively(it's a Aries thing).
    They show they're 2way mechanical, which forgive my pre-caffeine stupidity, but so do these have a woofer and like a tweeter in them? I saw a pic of them open, and it looks like it has a industrial full blown speaker crammed in there. Or is that a custom mod?
    Also what is the build quality on these? Lol information is a bit sparse on them, only found one website via google that has semi decent info.


    Just mostly curious about them, seeing as before they were flood damaged, the pair of Sansui tower speakers I had we're the freakin best
  2. droido256

    Well deeeeeeeep digging (I really should get some work done :smirk:) found this, hmm looks like they have a nice FR graph. Hmmmm my curiosity is peaking, can't wait to get these puppies in!
  3. GREQ
    Don't put your hopes too high.
    They're probably just the standard 8 ohm paper-cone speakers in 80% of all the other full size 'plastic-cup' headphones from the 70's/80's. 
  4. droido256
    Lol I'm not going to stack them up against my Fostex or Hifiman lmao
  5. droido256
    But then again, the Mitsubishi paper cone ones I have actually sound pretty good once you fiddle with the EQ a bit
  6. droido256

    Just got them in, I must say they exceeded my expectations. Deep bass but not bloated, very much as the song calls for it. There is definite resonance tho, but that can be fixed. Highs seem good, a bit rolled off but not thrashy like the grado sr60i can be. They have a good sound stage. I'm impressed. The only thing is these suckers are heavy! Even heavier I think than the he-400
  7. GREQ
    Do you plan on cracking them open and taking photos?... for science of course. 
  8. droido256
    Hahahahahaha yes, when I install dampening material to help control that resonance. Tho I admit lol they're nearly 40 years old heh don't want to break them but yes my curiosity is Definately piqued image.jpg

    Here's a google pic of the back of the driver, Definately explains the weight

    I also have on the way a 600ohm akg k160, and a sonic international sonic 2, :)
  9. droido256
    There does seem to be a slight difference in volumes between the channels, hopefully that's just a pentameter issue+age and not a dying speaker
  10. GREQ
    That's the first time I've seen a paper-cone speaker with just 4 small holes - no wonder it's so heavy... and all those extra bits. 
  11. droido256
    And I think the center of the driver has a second paper cone. Honestly I think if I dampen the reverberations in that shell, I think they can sound top tier. Unlike the mitsubishis they have a solid well made case, and a rigid baffle. They produce impressive bass, quality over quantity, and good treble, but the mids sound a bit hollow :)

    As for seeing the front of the drivers I don't think it's possible seeing as they are riveted into place :/
    When I open them I might try blutack or simply compressed cotton.
  12. GREQ
    Ah-hah - if it's a cone-on-a-cone I don' think you've got much chance of making big improvements.

    The smaller cone on the cone is designed to emphasise treble and give it better 'throw' (for loudspeakers not headphones - quite a common design for super cheap car audio) - I guess someone must have experimented with this in headphones and found better treble in there too. 
    The drawback is probably all those sound reflections you're talking about. 
  13. droido256
    Could be, I've never seen mech. Two way in a headphone. Def makes experimenting much more fun :D
  14. droido256
    Just snatched up a SS-50, man the bidding wars on these vintage Sansuis....... Luckily I found one for a lesser price, tho still not cheap.
  15. GREQ
    I don't really understand why - it's obviously not for their sound properties.

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