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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. Sherndog
    You know you're an audiophile when your ears start hurting when you see your friends wearing beets by farmer dre..
  2. takato14
    When your parents call your headphones ugly and you're deeply and personally insulted.
  3. Luisonic
    NEVER step into a supermarket without my IEMs...

    Now the cashiers know that they need to speak to me in sign language...
  4. Gallade475
    why did you do that with your nokia when you can go get poweramp(if it's android) Anyways, there are probably lossless music apps anyways on the store since the Windows phone 8 popularity is exploding.
  5. armyowalgreens
    You know you're an audiophile when the sound of audio clipping makes you want to set fire to an orphanage. 
    kazaakas likes this.
  6. tdockweiler
    You're more excited about a new power supply for your amp than you are about any Black Friday Deals
    (sad but true)
  7. streetdragon
    though i duon't really want to burn down an orphanage but i agree clipping is the worst sound anything could make, makes me wanna......!
    tone down the eq...
  8. VisceriousZERO
    You know you're an audiophile when you're listening to music on your favorite headphones as you reply to a thread on Head-Fi while your new headphones are burning in beside you.
  9. Coop
    While waiting for the order confirmation email of a headphone supplier with whom you are on a first name basis...
  10. VisceriousZERO
    Shoulda put that in.
  11. DGriff0400
    when you go to an audio store and give more recommendations than the ppl working there (depends on store)
  12. takato14
    You're at home. You're enjoying your cans. Your father and brother walk through the front door. Your brother is sick with the stomach flu, and he goes to lay down. Your father taps you on the head and you remove your cans. He tells you not to use your headphones in case your brother calls for help.
    Suddenly, your life has no meaning.
    EDIT: Then, your father goes and lays in bed. Now you're just pissed off.
  13. fjeena

    im doing just that!! except ive got IEMs burning in, does that still count?? :p
  14. Doc-holliday

    Lol that is so true. I was in guitar center and upsold a guy looking at the HD280 to some KRK KNS8400. Then I had my DT1350 on my neck and I was comparing some of the phones they had with their DT880 and Q701.

    I ended up with not one but 3 employees around me and the lady at the counter was shopping on amazon online looking at the 990 premiums because I explained to them the difference between the pro and premium models on the beyers. Other 2 guys were auditioning my DT1350's with the amp I brought.

    I asked for a commission on the upsell but no dice. :D
  15. Argyris Contributor
    My local GC doesn't have the DT880 or x70x (or at least they didn't three summers ago when I was last in there). If they did, my search would have ended sooner....
    It's really variable how helpful staff will be pretty much anywhere you go. The time I was in that GC when I ended up buying the M50, everybody was really helpful, pulling headphones down from the rack and getting them out of the box for me to try. When I went back to return the M50 a different guy made it clear (without saying a word) that nobody would be pulling down any boxes for me this time. He was almost chiding me when he pointed out I'd have to pay a restocking fee (which I already knew). I get that shrink wrapped stuff can't be tested (like the old-style, gold-trimmed K240 they had which that I was sorely tempted to just walk out with sight unheard for $119), but still. Who would buy headphones without at least trying to hear them first? I don't see it as too unusual a request to make.
    They didn't have an awful lot, anyway. From what I remember there were the M50, SRH440, SRH840, MDR-7506, HD280, DT770 (the exclusive version GC used to sell), the K240 I mentioned, and the M40fs (I probably should have tried those the first time). Not a terrible selection for the time (summer 2010), but nothing really exotic, either. Also, nothing open-backed, interestingly enough. I had expected they would at least have a K70x, HD600/650, and/or a DT880/990 to try.
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