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You know you're an audiophile when...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ohhgourami, Mar 14, 2011.
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  1. Hooster
    When you refuse to leave the house without headphones, a media player, dac and an amp.
  2. BBBS
    When picking today's media player and headphone combo is as much of a decision as what else to wear.

    Going back to the EQ comments, I've usually avoided EQs. However, I have found some brands to work that well that you're missing out not to use them. This obviously excludes anything by Apple, where I feel their efforts are just basic crowd pleasers and not advanced enough to appeal to all users, the reason being that they're designed to be easy and non-confusing to use.

    Ofc I don't expect everybody to agree, but whatever :3

    I do use the tone controls on my amp tho, because it's easier than reaching behind the sub. it is, however, sacrilege to listen to studio masters on anything other than direct.

  3. William007
    When paying €500 for a phone is to much, but 500 on a headphone is perfectly fine.
    I'm having this dilemma, i really wanna get the Samsung Galaxy S3 to upgrade from my iphone 3g ( i'm starting to hate ios) but i'm also thinking of buying a he-500 and/ or hd600
  4. Argyris Contributor
    Let them catch you doing that and you might well be wearing them to your funeral next. [​IMG]
    You know you're an audiophile when instead of being annoyed that somebody is deliberately listening to music in order to ignore you, you're more upset that they're doing it with stock iPod earbuds.
  5. William007
    If i ever have a son, i'll make him grow up with high end audio, and i hope beats won't exist in 20 years
  6. throzen0303
    When you see people wearing beats, you automatically think they are ignorant inside.
  7. xcessound
    I realise Im an ahdiophile when the number of headphones exceed the number of slices of bread I have in my house.
  8. CashNotCredit
    Either that or Atkin's. 

    You know you're an audiophile when you listen to a pair of headphones that give you noticeable neck pain for extended periods just because they sound wonderful.
  9. streetdragon
    doesn't that sound like the LCD2/3?

    also you know you are an audiophile when you think its okay for your bike costs almost as much as your headphone
  10. Retrias
    when after buying a 250 dollar  portable headphone, you are now looking at fullsize headphones to buy immediately after
  11. Hooster
    Tell me about it... [​IMG]
  12. streetdragon
    when you want to buy a SR60 for portable use[​IMG]
  13. Joe007
    I know I am an audiophile when I am thinking about the sound improvement rather than the price tag of the headphone and amps...

  14. Argyris Contributor
    I considered that once, though I ended up getting an SRH440 instead, so I actually ended up worse off as far as portability goes. I'm actively studying up IEMs, since I've finally come to the conclusion that, at least in my experience, circumaural cans != portable. They do keep my ears warm in the winter, though. In fact...
     ...you know you're an audiophile when you don't use earmuffs or a woolen hat for the winter, just a set of full-sized sealed headphones.
  15. GL1TCH3D

    My HD800 don't keep my ears warm =(
    One instance where the airiness isn't appreciated.
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