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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    I am more interested to know why are you being so upset and fixated over the model name of one IEM. Actually no - I am really not that interested at all. My advise is - move on to something in your life that is more constructive and positive, like listening and enjoying the IEM instead of cursing it for not having an official English name.
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  2. Igor Eisberg
    Did I ask you for a life advice? If you have nothing to answer for the question, go back to your business and do not reply off-topic nonsense.
    I'm a reviewer myself, and if you're a real reviewer then you should have known that when reviewing a product you must refer it by its official name, and a guy above mentioned that he was instructed to change his review title from "Xiaomi Hybrid IEM" to "Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro".
    I need the official name for the review, that's all there is to it.
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    This is an open forum, I can reply to any post I like, annoying you as much as you have annoyed others, me included. [​IMG]
    So, Mr. Real Reviewer - just write down how angry you are over Xiaomi about their non-exsiting name in your review then, because frankly I am tired of reading about it in this thread as if it is some kind of international event. Judging from the replies you got from this thread so far, I think I am probably not the only one.
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  4. DJScope
    LOL I think they answered the question pretty well. They said they its not officially out yet for the EU/US market, so there is no official English name for it. So whats the problem again?
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  5. Igor Eisberg
    The "problem" is that you are calling their earphones "Piston" (a literal translation from Chinese) while it was never coined by Xiaomi, yet when I literally translate the new earphones to "Iron Ring" / "Ring Iron" whatever, suddenly I'm "not supposed to" translate it literally.
    This is an official statement from Xiaomi Customer Service I just received:
  6. DJScope

    Firstly, I didn't call them anything. And secondly, Xiaomi weren't the first company to mention "iron ring" in their description. All they're saying is that they are literally hybrid earphones. Its not their fault that the literal English translation is "Iron Ring", that's just the way it is. The reason why people call them pistons is because of the previous IEMs by Xiaomi were pistons so its easier to call them that then making up some random name for them. Calling them iron ring is wrong because it is literally wrong. I don't get why its so hard to understand, and even more dumbfounded why all the drama about it?
  7. Igor Eisberg
    I give up, call it whatever you want...
  8. stephanNL
    This is just ******* hilarious. [​IMG] 
    Anyway, back on topic. What kind of tips do you guys use with these Xiaomi Hybrids? I've been switching back and forth between the stock tips and some foam tips. Don't really notice much of a difference in terms of the sound.
  9. DaveLT
    Well ... He found out the truth himself.
  10. bhazard
    Still going on about the "official" name? News flash, people don't care.
    I stopped myself from replying yesterday as it wouldn't have been very productive, but seriously give it a rest. You've managed to irritate far more people than help them, including myself.
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  11. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] I have only one thing to interject into this conversation:
    You had to Know this was coming.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  12. rmatech
    How do these compare to the xiaomi piston 2 and 3's?
  13. Weithulu
    I caught up on the last few pages of this thread and I'd have to say, there was a hell of a lot of drama over the naming. The root of the problem is that Xiaomi didn't publish an English name (they COULDN'T think of one either). I'm glad it got sorted out. 
    Now back on topic -  I'd have to say I was not a strong believe of burn-ins, but after listening to these for over a month with significant burn-in - the difference is amazing. I actually bought another pair just to test it out and I can immediately tell the difference between the OOTB and my burned-in pair. 
    That said, I do have to agree with TwinACStacks here, burn-in is a topic we should avoid in this forum. 
    My honest opinion is- if you don't believe that burn-in works for these, buy 2 pairs and give it a try. 
  14. killa12222
    Just received mine today from GearBest. OOTB impressions, sounds quite a bit darker than my TTPOD T1E. When compared to the TTPOD with no EQ, it sounds more balanced (T1E had a nasty 3kHz peak that had to be tamed). I am by no means an audiophile as my music source is a Samsung Note 3.

    Love the fabric (kevlar?) cable. Build quality is great but does not look as cool as my T1E :p
  15. wega03
    The worse conversation I read was in fiio m3 thread with a guy asking if they can made the m3 with batteries AAA or with a bigger battery so he only charge the m3 once aa month, and he put that hundred of times
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