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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. urbach
  2. ClieOS Contributor
  3. Nuke142
  4. urbach
    yes buddy, mine a hybrid from gearbest. look at the pictures. total diff from any piston.
  5. lesp4ul

    Just received this dude today, quite impressive for the price, warm, clean, good separation. The only minus thing ootb is the bass if a bit too much :D

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  6. ezekiel77
    If you believe in burn-in, top of the page Twin noted that 218 hours burning in will improve this baby.
  7. DaveLT
  8. urbach
    My bad. I was refering to Nuke142 thread. Its pointed to 1More hybrid, which i have in hand now.
  9. Igor Eisberg
    The correction you were provided with is wrong.
    I'd like to make something clear here, since there is too much confusion over the name of these earphones.
    The Chinese name "小米活塞" is pronounced "Xiǎomǐ huósāi" and translates to "Xiaomi Piston". The original transliteration was "Xiaomi Huosai", and now you know why.
    The Chinese name "小米圈铁" is pronounced "Xiǎomǐ quān tiě" and translates to "Xiaomi Iron Ring". The original transliteration was "Xiaomi Quantie", and now you also know why.
    It's "Huosai" in Chinese, and "Piston" in English. It's "Quantie" in Chinese, and "Iron Ring" in English.
    "Hybrid" is the marketing name for the dual-driver technology they used with the Iron Ring. This has nothing to do with the name of the earphones.
    Please rename the thread's title accordingly.
  10. bhazard
    It uses a balanced armature and a dynamic driver, aka it's a hybrid. "Iron Ring" is actually another term/translation for armature, just like "moving coil" = dynamic driver. To call it an Iron Ring would be misleading. Op doesn't need to rename anything.
  11. Igor Eisberg

    Yet, in no way does it translate to "Hybrid", that what's misleading. "Hybrid" is the marketing name for the tech, that's a fact.
  12. bhazard
    I didn't say anything about the word hybrid translating. I said Iron Ring is a rough translation for Armature, which has been used frequently in the past by many companies in their descriptions. Since this isn't an Armature only earphone, calling it the "Iron Ring" is misleading. You'd have to call it the Xiaomi Iron Ring/Moving Coil, which sounds awful when you can just say hybrid, which is a well known and established term for a dynamic driver/armature combo earphone.
    "Piston 2.1" was never official either, yet it helped determine different versions of the earphone people were receiving.
  13. Igor Eisberg

    I disagree. The Chinese use:
    "动圈(单元)" (translates to "Moving coil (unit)") for a dynamic driver unit.
    "动铁(单元)" (translates to "Iron (unit)") for a balanced armature.


    "圈铁" means exactly that, an Iron Ring. And I don't think it has anything to do with the driver units, I think they refer to the large "ring" you see externally on the housing.
  14. dabotsonline
    The official spec page - http://www.mi.com/quantie/specs/ - states that the Model Number of 小米圈铁耳机 is QTER01JY, yet the SKU on the packaging in the review by Chongdiantou's ccctao shows a SKU of ZBW4298CN: http://www.chongdiantou.com/thread-6784-1-1.html

    Also, here's a review by Eric Chan of Engadget China: http://cn.engadget.com/2015/12/15/xiaomi-quantie-earphone-hands-on/
  15. Igor Eisberg
    The main issue with calling them "Hybrid" is that they are not the first hybrids to be made by Xiaomi and 1MORE (an audio device company established by three former Foxconn executives thanks to the investment of Xiaomi):
    The last paragraph states "The value for this is amazing, considering the next competitor, the Iron Ring Hi-Fi headsets cost way more than what this pair of headphones are currently priced at."
    That "1MORE Multi-Unit" is the first "Hybrid" by 1MORE, Iron Ring is the second (they are also made by 1MORE to be branded as Xiaomi).
    You can see that some Pistons are under the 1MORE brand (while others were branded as Xiaomi, but made by 1MORE nonetheless, because Xiaomi doesn't make audio equipment themselves, 1MORE does that for them)
    "Hybrid"/"Multi-Unit" on left, "Iron Ring" on right.
    Another evidence:
    The text "1MORE多单元圈铁耳机" translates to "1MORE Multi-Unit Iron Ring Earphones". Saying that it's "1MORE Multi-Unit Hybrid Earphones" makes no sense. (Multi-Unit = Hybrid).
    Both earphones use the Hybrid dual-driver technology, both are called "Iron Ring", the first one is 1MORE Iron Ring, the other is Xiaomi Iron Ring.
    Hope I made my point.
    * It is entirely possible that "Xiaomi Piston Iron" is the correct translation, because "ring" may refer to a "piston ring", even though the word "piston" isn't in the original Chinese name. The source is this official Xiaomi Czech store:
    * In Russia it's called just "Xiaomi Quantie":
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