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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. TwinACStacks

    In my opinion the Xiaomi is quite a bit better than the Kz phones. It's only my opinion but I own almost every model of Kz phone that is worth anything sonically.

    Just my opinion but my Ates and Ed9 remain in my drawer.

    :grinning::grinning: TWIN
  2. BigGearHunter
    You're not alone, I've been a fan of KZ earphones for over a year now, I too have almost everything they've ever done including some discontinued models and nothing comes close to these hybrids.
  3. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] From What I've been Reading Big Gear, there must be huge manufacturing differences in these phones.
    Great Build, Great sound. Apparently I got the Luck of the Draw.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  4. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] That's why I sometimes make my opinion or first impression/ reviews VERY Short.
    Either you like them or you don't. It's really pretty simple.
    It seems that "AUDIOPHILE GRADE" is the Yardstick to measure by. Ruler Flat, Neutral, Huge Width, Depth, Height to the Soundstage and Laserlike Detail and Clarity with absolutely NO bleedover of any frequencies.
    A lot of times this Translates into BORING.
    Sometimes I want Chocolate instead of Vanilla
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  5. kelvinjulio
    How was the hybrid compared to the kz ed9??
    which one is better for me?? (I like clear detailed and basshead. I also need good fitting and block sound from outside)
  6. thatBeatsguy
    Strange...weren't you one of the members who hyped KZ the most?
  7. DaveLT
    Twin did.
    Having the choice between the Hybrid and the KZs I own I reached for the ZS1 all the time.
    Why? Amazingly despite that awesome bass it has great details and clarity. Which the Hybrid doesn't.
  8. thatBeatsguy
    Ech. Okay, yeah, I mean, I'm a fan of the 2.0 and 3.0, but the Hybrids did not cut it for me. As in, I'd take the 2.0 over the Hybrids any day. 
    If by "details and clarity" you mean treble quantity, then yeah, the Hybrid has a definite lack of that. But  in terms of detail retrieval I kinda found them to perform similarly to the Pistons line. Still, the weird treble dip is really confusing. Luca Bignardi probably has weird hearing. No offense, Luca, but I suggest sticking to mixing and mastering recordings instead of tuning earphones, because you suck at it. 
    rontant likes this.
  9. Turkleton

    I'm still trying to form a proper impression - audiophile noob and all of my listening is done to-fro work while scanning reddit, so not exactly the most critical of listening!

    What I'm hearing is a dark signature with punchy bass, good separation and clarity.

    What I like is that when the bass starts to boom, it doesn't affect the mids or treble. With the zircons and ed10, I find the treble and mids can get slightly drowned out during the bass heavy parts of the song. With the hybrids, great clarity throughout the song - no bass bloat or muddiness at all.

    Detail can be lacking, especially with guitars and female vocals. These hybrids suck with bright songs; they really shine with EDM, trance, rock.

    Does that sound right or am I using the wrong terms?
  10. DaveLT
    Which the whole Pistons line hasn't done well in.
  11. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Of COURSE I like and Support KZ Earphones. As a matter of fact I have 2 on the way now. ED4 and EDS2.
    But that doesn't mean there aren't better and more expensive earphones out there.
    THERE ARE TONS OF NEW ONES EVERY WEEK. You would go broke trying to keep up.
    My Favorites so Far are:
    PURO IEM500  (Easily the Best overall)
    Carot One Titta ( Best critical listening 'phone VERY NEUTRAL not for everyone)
    Trinity Delta (Great All arounder with customizable EQ via Nozzles)
    BETTE ( Probably equals Puro except it is a Tad Bright and edgy for my Tastes)
    Carbo Tenore (another very nice Phone)
    These are what I travel with and rotate them depending on Material. If I was to Pick ONE KZ to include it would be the EDSE. A lot would disagree but I like it's signature. If It wasn't so damn uncomfortable to my ears, (it irritates the hell out of them) my Personal opinion for best Sound in the KZ line would be hands down the KZ ANV. It seems if you have the original they are quite expensive now. Over $40 from what I've seen.
    and yes, I am anxious to hear the 2 new KZ's....
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  12. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Guys I'm still of the impression that there are VAST differences in the QC and manufacturing of these first set of Xiaomi Hybrids. This is based SOLELY on others opinions and reviews. You can't mistake Dark from Bright, detailed from Muddy or Bass from No bass, IF everyone is getting a Proper fit with their respective eartips.
    My Pair after 200 HOURS on them are pretty Damn good. They absolutely have treble, vocals are apparent and not hidden, Bass is tight and plentiful with a Tad of bleedover into low mids. But it is a far cry from my OOTB impressions. The Detail is excellent for what it is: a $20 pair of earphones.
    Are they Giant Killers? I doubt it, but still mine sound pretty damn good.
    I'm taking them with me tonight for a Real extended at-Volume listen.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  13. ezekiel77
    Second time I've heard mention of the Puro IEM500!

    Really curious about them now.
  14. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Superb 'phones. There is a thread here on the forum. Be forewarned they are POWER Hungry, But when you give it to them,
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
    ezekiel77 likes this.
  15. slowpickr
    TWIN, you ought to put out a ranking of your favorite IEMs.  Maybe two price categories: under $50 and over $50 (or something similar).  Just a suggestion...
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