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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. Squalo
    Opinions seem really different on these, with most (?) going with the dark, muddy, bassy impressions. That's not my sig, so I'm keeping expectations low. Couldn't resist it at $11 shipped (thanks adamjames37) so.. hoping it's a nice surprise if they sound like your impressions.
    Still a feat pulling off a dynamic+BA hybrid at 99 RMB. Kind of makes one wonder if it hadn't been better releasing a single dynamic Piston 4 at 99 RMB and a dynamic and dual BA at 199 or 249 RMB (like a TTPOD T2 or Level In done right).
  2. fairx
    I had couple of piston 2 and regard it highly, never own piston 3, tried the hybrid and didn't quite like the lack of high extension, mid is better than piston 2 and slight boost in upper mid is the one missing from my E80.

    I read that KZ ATE are somewhat analytical therefore I'm interested. I don't have much money to spend on this hobby so I usually return the stuff I didn't like or re-sell to friends. I'm saving money to buy FAD Heaven VI someday :D. I know the KZ craze mostly driven by its low price and vast selection. Twister reviewed ATE and ED9 somewhere so I had some faith in it.

    I'm cheap, but my friends are even cheaper than me :p, usually theres always someone willing to grab my stuffs if I didn't like them. In the end I might grab those piston 3 before they stop producing it.
  3. ezekiel77
    I think I missed out on the $50 price once. Will have to keep my eyes peeled again. Have you heard the LZ A2?
  4. TwinACStacks
    Anyone notice the Resistance Specs? Nice Schitt Krash.
    It very well could be that they are power hungry, a lot of hybrids seem to be 32 Ohm or more. I wouldn't have noticed it because I always have my X3ii coupled to a E12 Mont Blanc. Tons of power there, You can Drive a pair of AKG K701's. The Puro's just LOVE this set up. You can get them cookin' with over 1 Watt. So much for them being "The Safe Ears" company.[​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  5. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Squalo, Krash may be on to something here. I hadn't considered those having EQ problems might not have enough power. What is your Source?
    Give them some power and see what happens. Let Us Know.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  6. Squalo
    Walkman NW-F807. (F800-series) Not that high output but not the EU-limit legal crap... Probably going to have a new xDuoo X2 and Clip Sport arrive before the Hybrid.
  7. DaveLT
    Following reports on the Hybrid requiring power, unfortunately no.
    I stuck my Hybrid on my TPA6120 amp and my Beyer A1 amp and it sounds exactly as it does on my phone.
    But, after burning it, it doesn't sound so dark anymore. Mids are starting to clean up but detail still isn't as good as my HZ2M which is actually cheaper also you can really tell that there's a sharp tailoff after 10KHz! (Evident from the graphs)
    Bass is still rather loose.
    Due to the hybrid construction the only benefit it has is that bass never spills into mids. Even if the bass is rather loose but the treble is kinda veiled (Around 4KHz bump to my ears)
    Here's a tip : A lot of EQ is required to make the Hybrid sound more usual (Right now it still sounds unusual to me) Dip 62Hz by 3dB. 4KHz -3dB, 8KHz +1dB, 16KHz +6dB
    Lastly, it has got great or even excellent Bass extension. My EQ only goes down to 31Hz and i can clearly hear bass extension down low still even after turning down the bass absolutely and completely. Good! (31-250 dipped by 15dB which it what subwoofers usually are crossovered at)
    Although I would say if Bass is what you want down low try a KZ ZS1 :wink:
  8. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] I've always powered them with my X3ii coupled to an E12 Mont Blanc.
    Now with 218 hours on them they sound Stellar...  I'm using them more often.
    Are they as good as the Puro IEM500?
    No, but they will hang with any 'phone in that $2- $300 class. I must have been lucky and got a pair that are perfectly constructed. Other than a Tad little bit of bass bleedover into the Mids with REALLY Bass-Heavy material, these are a very GOOD sounding pair of earphones. I'm treble sensitive so the Treble is perfect, if there was any more I would consider these  Bright. When you factor in the $25 (pre release) Price they become GREAT earphones.
    Just my take on them.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  9. jvsaaaaa
    How's the sq differ from the vjjb v1? As i'm trying to get that pair.
  10. Aevum
    btw, anyone compared these to the Zero Audio tenores ?
  11. HombreCangrejo
    They are very different. The Tenores have a much more balanced sound, better soundstage and instrument separation. I like the sound of hybrids, but only for short sessions. In short, for me they are complementary, but I prefer the Tenores for their versatility, they do it very well with a lot of genres.
  12. bmccoy
    Has anyone else been having problems with the Kevlar reinforced cable? It twists and bends a lot when I take these IEMs out of my pocket, and feels like it's going to break veey quickly.
  13. memphiskat
    Just got my Xiaomi Hybrids today.  Ordered them November 20th from GearBest for $18.99.  Only used them for about an hour now but I'm very impressed.  I'm using Audirvana Plus on my MacBook with a Fiio Q1 (low gain, no bass boost).  For reference my everyday headphones are Sennheiser HD380 Pro.  My last pair of decent IEMs were Westone Ones but they stopped working quite a while ago. These Hybrids definitely sound like they have a boosted bass response, but it is not overpowering.  I listened to live Grateful Dead, live Phish, Megadeth, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and they all sounded good.  I'm using the stock tips and they are an easy and comfortable fit.  I will try them with some foam tips when I get a chance as they are what usually give me the best seal, but for now the stock tips are fine.  I am not really hearing the suppressed highs that others are hearing.  Tomorrow on my commute I'll see how the bass and highs compare to my Sennheisers.  I think for under $20 these are a steal.  
  14. Nuke142
    Anybody know about this?
  15. ClieOS Contributor
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