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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. Kefkiroth
    Interesting to see the relationship between 1MORE and Xiaomi and the potential translations. I did find it strange calling them simply Xiaomi Hybrids since it wasn't really official. Quantie sounds really cool; hope we can get an official release/name in English.
  2. zanglang
    Oh yeah just to let you guys know, whilst working on a review for Xiaomi Taiwan for these earbuds (originally titled simply "Xiaomi Hybrid IEMs"), they contacted me to change the name of my review.
    So the full official name should be: Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones Pro. The official Taiwanese URL is also: http://www.mi.com/tw/headphonespro/
    That said, I don't know if the other international divisions of Xiaomi will use the same name, for example Xiaomi Singapore and Malaysia don't use the word "Pistons" in their product page.
  3. Igor Eisberg
    Yep, unfortunately the name differs depending on the region. In Europe, as far as I've seen it's either called "Iron Ring" or "Piston Iron". In UK and Israel it's "Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Quantie". The name "In-Ear Headphones Pro" is usually used in Asia.
    What I can be sure about is "Xiaomi Hybrid" is no where near an acceptable name, at most "Quantie" (Just like the original name for the Piston is Huosai) or the direct translation "Iron Ring" are more fitting.
  4. zanglang
    I think in my email correspondence with the Xiaomi social media person asking about the IEM's English name I've probably got a response from someone authoritatively higher up.
    With the second line likely referring to all the different names on third-party websites.
  5. stephanNL
    Seriously, who cares? If they are being sold as Xiaomi Hybrid all over the place why not call them just that. Calling them anything different than the name they are commonly sold as is completely illogical.
    Pastapipo likes this.
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    As a Chinese who speaks and writes Chinese my whole life, I can tell you a direct translation of "圈铁" to 'iron ring' is just terrible. There are words in Chinese that should not be directly translated to another language based on their literal meaning, and "圈铁" is one of them.
  7. Igor Eisberg
    Very well, you just forgot to mention what IS the correct translation.
    They are sold by third-parties as Hybrid BECAUSE people started calling them like that, not the other way around.

    To conclude this, the most proper name would be Quantie, just as used in the MI.com url, just like Piston is actually Huosai. That's their Chinese names and it's %100 official.
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    '圈铁‘ is short for  '动圈动铁多单元混合耳机’, which means 'multi-driver headphone with moving coil and balanced armature hybrid configuration' - most of us here just like to call this kind of headphone 'hybrid' for short. You called it 'iron ring' (*which by the way, should have been 'ring iron') is a very literal way of misunderstanding what those words are really referring to. In other words, '圈铁‘ is the Chinese way of saying 'hybrid' - it is the difference in culture, language structure and grammatical usage that results in the difference in how English and Chinese shorten words, even though they both mean the same thing. So unless you really know your Chinese, I don't think arguing about it really helps anyone in anyway.
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  9. Igor Eisberg
    Or your Chinese buddies Xiaomi could just give it an official international name and be done with it, so you can't complain that an English speaking person wants to understand how exaclty the product he paid for is called, and how the hell can someone "shorten" a whole sentence (or whatever you call it) to 2 characters that translate to "ring iron". Naming something by reference to something else that you need to be Chinese to understand and then selling those anonymous earphones worldwide is stupid. Isn't so hard to understand me literally right?
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    ..and if it pissed you off that much, write to them: http://www.mi.com/en/contact/
    case closed.
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  11. Igor Eisberg
    I did, let's see what they answer...
  12. Austrian

    I have the same problem with the hybrids - and I had it with the Piston 3s, too...
    Although I try to leave the cables alone as best as I can and never wind them up tightly they get a 90° bend directly at the headphone jack and even manage to squeeze out from the kevlar sheath. (I would have included an image but I don't have the permission to do so, yet)
    I preferred the Piston 3 Youth Edition for its plastic cable - no problem with that.
    As for the sound - out of the box I found them very screechy but it has normalized since and I like them like I did the Piston 3.
  13. DaveLT
    I knew from day one it just isn't iron ring or worse, ring iron. But this chap wouldn't budge even when we refer it to it as the hybrid.
  14. bmccoy
    I have the same problem now, but at least the wire itself hasn't broken yet... I guess these earphones aren't very pocket-friendly. http://i.imgur.com/uxSa0PAh.jpg
  15. Igor Eisberg

    I never asked you what you "refer it to", the question was the official name, not your "community invented" name, just like "Piston" was a literal translation as well, not an official name.
    What a bunch of clueless slackers. Even the cheapest Chinese company gives international model numbers.
    Anyway there you go - the official name is Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro, while "Piston" was never an official name anyway.
    You have now:
    Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones Basic = Huosai v1
    Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones (2nd Gen) = Huosai v2
    Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones (3rd Gen) = Huosai v3
    Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones Pro = Quantie
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