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Xiaomi Hybrid IEM Thread (Piston successor)

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  1. pelotudo
    +1.  Can anyone recommend which size Comply (or other) tips work with these?
    Their site lists 400 series for the Piston II's and 200 series for the Piston III's but no Hybrid listing there yet.  Would these be similar to the Piston III's size wise?
  2. atomikn00b
    Short and to the point. Coming form the piston 3's and piston 3 YE, these are definitely dark OOTB. They sound technically better, but the balance of sound isn't to my liking.
    Leaving them to just play music through for the next few days.
    If they don't open up more/get brighter/reveal more mids, I'll sell them to who wants them (in the US) for $15 without packaging since they won't fit my listening preference.
  3. Asimo
    My greetings from Indonesia. I want to share my experience of using a hybrid. Previously I used Piston 2.1 (use of one year). Actually I am pleased to use this Piston, never be a problem, but the color faded hehe.
    Okay back to the topic, I just use the hybrid 3 days. And I've been using it for about 48 hours nonstop. I was feeling at the time unboxing, the sound is issued completely standard, far from what I expected. Therefore, I do burn-in, not long, only burn in 48 hours.
    But what i got, i even frustrated, do not like that I expected (better than piston 2.1)
    Well I am going to burn for one week, if still not going better, likely i will gift the hybrid for my girlfriend hahaha..

    Oh yes, compare with piston. Hybrid very good for call. Sound very clear. I happy for that :)
  4. Weithulu
    Just published my video review of these IEMs!

  5. hoanghaibinh
    LOL, this "Igor" is really funny. I read the whole story and i don't know how this non-official name can hurt a heart like that=)), oh poor his fragil soul. Anyway, i'm just a new member of this forum and just want to read you guys opinions about this "Xiaomi Piston Iron" <= this is what we call that in-ear headphone in Vietnam. LOL.
  6. afbug
    So still no official name for these earphones?
    Xiaomi Singapore call these Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro and I think it will be the official name. (Their old Pistons are no longer called Pistons. Its Mi In-Ear Headphones.)
    I don't own these. Tempted but waiting for reviews after owning the Pistons 2. Don't like the V-shaped sound of the Pistons 2 and looks like I'll be disappoint with these new In-Ear Pros.
  7. drews
    I received my pair from gearbest today.  They are quite dark and fairly bland.  Bass is a bit bloated and unrefined.  Comfort is very good.  Out of my 5 current IEMs these are in last place.
  8. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Burn them in. They change radically.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  9. Ivabign

    I got a pair - they were delivered today from GearBest - I don't think I'll listen to them until they have the requisite 200 hours....
    Tiny box.
  10. inuz
    Noob here, how big is the difference is something like this compared to something like the im70?

    (Planning to get this one for my first decent iems)
  11. thatBeatsguy
    If you have the money to get something like the IM70, get that and don't even bother with IEMs at this price range. The IM70 is leagues ahead of what the Hybrid will ever be able to accomplish, and even at its own price range I feel the slightly older Pistons 3.0 outmatches the Hybrid.
    Just my two cents.
    city2026 likes this.
  12. DaveLT
    The Piston 3.0 does actually sound better than the Hybrid but that ain't saying much about it either.
    city2026 likes this.
  13. ezekiel77
    IM70 competes at a completely different level, at that level you can look at the Titan 1, ATH-CKR9, GR07, HA-FXT90, EPH-100... many good choices in the $100-150 range.

    Here we're looking at good-sounding daily beaters that don't need babying. And gifts for friends.
  14. inuz
    What do you think is the best from that price range?
  15. ezekiel77
    Best is very subjective. Depends on your sound preferences. Some like bass-heavy, some like vocals and mid-centric, some are sensitive to treble and want a warm and smooth sound, some like a fun sound with boosted bass and treble, and the others like neutral or balanced.

    I prefer a balanced sound with slight emphasis on bass, so normally I'd recommend either the VSonic GR07 or GR07 Bass Edition to people who want a value-for-money audiophile sound.
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