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WORST headphone you ever heard?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by ilikepooters, Sep 15, 2011.
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  1. ss2625
    yor regret it, sure
    but the WORST you heard?
  2. czqdtc
    ATH-m50, apple earbuds, sennheiser IE8
  3. atonce
    The worst headphone I ever had is a cheap headphone that was given along with the computer I purchased. I do not know the brand.
  4. Emospence
  5. Massacare
    HD668b, seriously, I don't like the light-sounding-type. There's bass body somewhere at that cans, but still I can't pick up which part should I like from it.
  6. amateriat
    Since the OP advised to ignore the Usual Suspects for this thread (meaning I have to scratch the truly-execrable Beats Solo off my list), I'll just stick to a model from an outfit that should really know better: AKG's K 450. I've auditioned these several times, and it amazes me how these cans get several things right, but a few key things so incredibly wrong, at least to my ears.
    - Barrett
  7. HawaiiFi
    IHip Eclipse. Holy crap they suck.
  8. WhiteCrow

    not the worst I have hears, but in my bottom 5. I got a chance to hear the new apple "Ear pods"; yuck. They sounded like the earbuds and most likely are the earbuds but with a face plate over the mesh allowing them to be corn-holed into your ear even harder and more uncomfortably then before.  Did I mention they sucked?
  9. vybhav1908
    iBall really makes bad headphones, they are the worst I have ever heard.
  10. JayOTheFirst
    i guess there not that bad but its the worst ive ever heard
  11. JayOTheFirst
    yep definetly
  12. Diseree
    'disaster', 'completely and utterly useless', 'nothing, nothing, nothing'.
    Its true worth may be $29.99, not $299.99.
  13. tdockweiler
    They have those for demo at Target. I don't like to base impressions on demos but they sounded pretty awful. Way, way too much bass and felt like I was strapping giant melons to my ears.
    The Aviator right next to it for $150 sounded far better.
  14. Gallade475
    Not headphones, but the 140 dollar RCA 5.1 HTIB. Oh my god, its so terrible i cant listen to it enough to tell whats wrong with it.
  15. DutchGFX

    You can't be serious about the K701! I love my Q701's lol. Anyway, heres my respobse from a similar thread.
    I have not listened too many headphones that claim themselves to be "Hi-Fi" or HD or Studio/Reference, but I do like in an area where everyone is convinced beats are epic. So I thought i'de try out my friends Beats SOLO's. Man, did they SUCK! I can't tell if he broke them, or if his chord was messed up, but they just absolutely were terrible! The soundstage was non-existant. It sounded like someone was playing the music from across the bus. The sound was muffled, and not detailed. From what i could hear, the bass was also much to accentuated and the highs were very soft. Terrible listening experience, and I can't believe anyone would be so clueless and say my Q701's aren't as good as their beats lol, what a bunch of clowns. There's my schpiel.

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