1. April2Ari

    Denon versus Audio headphones for music type?

    I wish I knew more technical terminology regarding audio equipment, but I am just starting to get into it on a more serious level (so please use understandable terms, or explain what you mean). I have noticed that in some threads, people want a quick background so they can gauge what you're...
  2. ethomas

    advice on next buy

    hallo i'm new to the forum, hope this is the right place to ask this question.   I know this might not interest the average audiophiles, but I'm not a real audiophile. I'm just searching for correct and right advice.    I'm in my early 20's so it's more like a gadget with better then...
  3. iDJ Jesus

    [Search] Dubstep/Heavy Rock Headphones

    Hello Community,   I'm new here, and I found this forum when I was looking for a new set of headphones. My current ones, I'm sad to say, are the Solo Beats by Dr. Dre. I am looking for new headphones, under $300, that have an all around good sound, especially for dubstep and metal music. Any...
  4. Dorel

    help buying new headphones!

    hi everyone, I am looking for a new set of headphones around 100$ (the lower the price the better). I hear all kind of music (except rock): mostly Hip-Hop but also Trap,House,Electro... the design is important to me, so i want headphones that looks like - Dr. Dre Beats or Sol Republic Tracks...
  5. Mrjellop

    Best 120$ music headphones over the heads for iphone 4s

    Hello just got Dre beats HD solo for 119$ but maybe there could be better headphones for the same price do you guys recommend any?   looking for good noise cancel and good audio
  6. filocullen

    Hd solo beats jack

    Hi, probably it's s stupid question, but im not an expert, anyway i v got a pair of beats hd solo and I made a mistake putting the wrong side of the cable into the headphones (the other jack)and I'm worried now I have damaged them, is it so or i have nothing to worry about?thanks
  7. AlbanianBoy

    To be honest, i really like the v-moda lp

    so i am looking for a pair of headphones who is exactly the same thing as the v-moda lp (sound quality and bass), but i want them to be able to fold   (   and i would like a mic on them too. thank...
  8. Agentred

    Headphones for 13 year old girl? Beats? (I know, I know...!)

    Hey folks,   It's my boss's daughter's bat mitzvah next month and as the resident audiophile I thought I'd get her a good set of cans.  I was looking at the Beats Solo HD because they're what all the kids are yippity yapping about these days but they're a) $200 and b) getting terrible...
  9. Omshallom

    Beats - Pointing people in the right direction

    My take on Beats..................   so I've been reading the forums and Beats aren't getting much love, for many reasons mentioned in many threads, and justifiably so.?   A quick background       When I first started DJing, the only 2 headphones that other DJ's around me were...
  10. AbsoluteZer0

    New to Head-Fi, Have a Few Questions

    First off, I'm relatively new to the headphone world and I have a few questions about buying a new pair. I have a pair of Beats Solo HD's, and honestly they're awful. I've had em for ahwile but I can't stand em anymore. Can't wear em for more than 30 mins-1hr at a time, and the sound just isn't...
  11. JohnLD

    Are V-Moda Crossfade LP's like Beats?

    What I mean is, are they both overhyped, over priced and not that good? well the beats are but are the v-modas?
  12. Kanto

    Beats Solo bought from AT&T store - possible fakes?

    First of all, don't worry; I'm selling them lol. I lost my phone and I didn't have an upgrade available until next year, so I did a "partial upgrade" where they make you spend $300+ but let you pick out $250 in accessories. Anyway, I haven't opened them up because I'm gonna sell them and make...
  13. NinjaDuck

    Which IEMs would you suggest that don't exceed ~$80? (details listed)

    Long and dreary:   I've grown tired of purchasing $20 IEMs only for them to crap out in 10 months, and I end up having to buy a new pair, or use ones that came with a device I had bought. So during the past couple of weeks, I've been beginning to get familiar with all the terms. I'll admit my...
  14. BeatsHDlover

    Beats HD vs. Beats Solo

    Myself being a huge music fan, i HIghly recommend the Beats Solo HDs rather then the Solos, unless you are thinking of the Studios. The HDs are much more Durable, they have a metal support bar unlike the other Solos, and sound wise, better highs, better bass, clearly Hds are better.
  15. Sifraudamis

    Ultrasone HFI-580 vs. Beats Solo HD

    Well my Sennheiser HD 449's finally broke and I am looking for my next set. Right now it is between the HFI-580's and Beats Solo HD. Now I know most people will say Beats sucks, but I'm looking for major reasons why not to get them besides an over exaggerated bass. Also, any recommendations for...
  16. sang3r

    Beats pro for 80$ or audio technica ath-m50 for 120$?

    I'm well aware that the sound quality on the m50's are superior. However, is the 200$ pricetag really the deterrent from people buying beats? Is the sound quality really so much better that it would be worth me spending an extra 40$ to pick up the m50s? I can grab the beats through my job for...
  17. Chris419

    Beats solo HD vs Sennheiser HD 558

    I currently own a pair of Beats solo hd's. I am looking for a good upgrade around $200. I was thinking about the sennheiser hd558's. Any recommendations for an upgrade? I listen to hip hop, psychedelic rock, classic rock. I prefer a heavy bass with clear vocals.
  18. amipat01

    Vmoda M80 vs Beats Solo HD

    Please don't hate on me until you read! I currently own a pair of ATH-M50 that I have recently purchased. The sound is great and all but they are just too heavy and I find them a bit uncomfortable. I also now realize I want portability. I am considering the Vmoda M80 but people have been saying...
  19. bgee735

    HD SOLO Channel Imbalance Issue

    Received my HD SOLO a few days ago. At first impression I immediately noticed there is a channel imbalance between the two speakers.   The right side is more muffled and vocal more recessed.   Basically it feels like the left side is louder and more clear than the right side.   I've...
  20. Mayhem213

    Looking for good over the ear headphones

    Was considering beats solo but wanted to go a little cheaper and wanna buy them at best buy cuz I got a gift card there My style of music is classic rock and some hip hop I love bass Thanks
  21. Hameem

    Sennheiser HD 202 VS Beats by Dre

    This is my first thread . . i am going to get the HD 202 and i want to know how they perform compared to Beats by Dre , , thanks
  22. callum95

    Beats Solo HD vs. Beats Mixr?

    On comfort and sound quality, mostly focused on bass out of the 2, which has more?
  23. phptomer

    Compare Cup of headphones

    hello im new here so if the thread should be in another forum so plz move it. i want to buy a headphones and i dont know what best sounding: beats solo hd AKG K450 AKG K451 AKG Q460 AKG K518 V-MODA LP   the types of music that i hear are: Oriental and dance
  24. mortimer001

    Question from Europe: Monster Beats Solo HD -somebody knows current (offline) retail prices in CA?

    Hi Guys,   I'm new to this forum and writing from Europe. I own the SOLO headphones from monster, and unfortunately today the plastic headband broke after 2 years, after having a lot of fun with them. I already read before that this is a quite common problem with this product. And I'm aware...
  25. ytisawfulnow

    Headphones that sound better than beats solo for $50 or under

    I know what you're thinking, "Oh no! not another beats thread..." I would like to say first off i am not interested in beats by dre, i just want to ask something. I always hear people say that the Beats Solo HD are really bad for $200 (which they are) and you can get headphones for around $50...