1. R

    Bi-flanges do not fit into charging case

    Hi all! I have a question: for daily driver for running I got Skullcandy Sesh (Yes, bass all over the place, but good for running ;)) And I need to use bi-flange - and they just don't fit into charging case. removing them every single time is frustrating, but it seems like only option? Any...
  2. strokerace

    Upgrade from skullcandy SLYR

    I got the Skullcandy SLYR headphones a couple years ago dirt cheap ($25, used, without the mixer/accessories) after reading recommendations in the gaming headphones thread and they are my current favorite phones for listening to rap as well as for stuff with more vocals like Rilo Kiley and the...
  3. TikantiXD

    Looking for headphones with a dedicated vibrating driver

    I am looking to buy new headphones for someone who has what is known as Single-Sided Deafness. She currently owns the Skullcandy Crushers, (older) wired edition. For her, the Crushers have been a miracle. The dedicated vibrating driver gives her the feeling of bass, and she really enjoys that...
  4. mixoman

    Best sub $75 earbuds?

    I'm looking to get some decent ear buds.....I'm tired of my cheap $20 skullcandy ear buds.....What do you head-fiers recommend? 
  5. motorider

    the hate posted on here about certain manufacturers ....

    I am a new member, however i have been lurking for a while researching a better sounding IEM. In my search I have found a lot of hate about certain manufacturers equipment.  I find it to be a serious turn off. I truely believe that there is alot of useful information here and im sure many...
  6. BosDef

    50% Off Skullcandy... Worth It Yet?

    I currently own some Audio Technica's (ATH-M50) that I use for all my music production and home listening and I really dig those, but I want something for taking onto a college campus, walking, etc. I do want something that sounds good but hopefully would also be durable and portable. I don't...
  7. skinnygamer12

    How can I talk some sense into a Skullcandy fan?

    I have a friend who owns Skullcandy Skullcrushers and thinks they are THE BEST. It gets rather frustrating obviously and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to convince him they're terrible or if its a lost cause...   He likes them even better than Beats because of the "subwoofer" so...
  8. pro1137

    Has anyone else seen this on Skullcandy's website?

    This angers me and makes me laugh at the same time. I seriously hope they don't believe it themselves.    
  9. mcullinan

    Special Edition Senn Year of the Snake

    Im not sure if this was posted yet..  
  10. BoserPoser69

    Please Help!

    I have a pair of skullcandy ink'2.0, apparently most of the members hate skullcandy but that's not the point. So heres my problem. when ever i push my right earbud in it makes a  wet/squishy sound. the left one doesn't do it though. help?   I don't want any answers that has to do with the...
  11. Headphonejunky

    Looking to move up a level in Audiophile

    I am new to the forum but am a headphone collector. I currently own the following in my collection Vmoda M100 Beats Pro, Mixr, Solo HD Skullcandy Mixmaster SMS Audio WIreless Ferrari T350 and R300 (Noise cancelling) Soul By Ludacris SL300 Monster DNA, Diesel, Diamond tears   My...
  12. wegz34

    How's the bass on skullcandy crusher?

    I'm thinking about going to get a pair of skull candy crushers(Not skullcrushers). And I was just wondering how good the bass is. I heard there is actually two real sub woofers in them. And do they take any batteries?
  13. loveableterror

    New Auvio Full-size review - "Auvio Elite Series"

    So, Once again I return with another brand new review of Auvio headphones. These are the Auvio Elite Series over-ear full size headphones. Normal precursor here: I work for Radioshack, they don't pay me a dime to do this, I just get awesome discounts on the products and like reviewing them for...
  14. Critical50

    I hear Skullcandy is changing how they do things..

    My past experience with them has led me to not really want to try any of their products, I bought $20 earphones, and before those I would always blast my volume to nearly maximum levels. When I got these, I decided to go no higher than 50%. After about a month, one of the earbuds started cutting...
  15. ScumbagBrain123

    New rapper cans out there, I feel hesitant about these (New SMS audio headphones)

    So SMS Audio just released some new "DJ Pro" headphones, and I'm curious to see how they compare to their previous releases. InnerFidelity seemed like he really did not like the sound quality on the older ones, especially the wireless ones. However, and hear me out, sometimes the more popular...
  16. braxtonlawhead

    Sol Republic Tracks HD Review

    Hello, all. In my last post I asked for help on what headphones to get. I decided to take a leap and get the Sol Republic Tracks HD. For all of you that are iffy on whether or not to try this pair of cans, I will give an honest review on what I think of them.   Saturday afternoon, I went to...
  17. TheGreatGats

    I have $70 redemption warranty code at Skullcandy, don't know what to buy?

    I know there's probably better out there, but I don't want to let $70 go to waste. I want to get the aviators, but would it be worth it forking over $50 of my own money? Or get something else? What would be the best way to go?
  18. Sonido

    Wow Skullcandy CEO looking to "innovate" headphone industry   Warning: Not for those with high blood pressure. The statements will make your blood boil. Heck it makes you almost want to root for Beats.   Best part was when he proclaimed that there hasn't been anything new in technology in the headphone...
  19. andylikesraving

    Best Headphones for bass? (Dubstep)

    Hi, I'm a absolute noob at headphones and stuff so bare with me!   Basically I want some headphones for my ipod which make the bass sound sick, with a very good vibration feel and just headphones that deliver the bass the best!   I have no idea about headphones and all the decibels and...
  20. FatmanSize48

    Audiophile Reactions to Non-Audiophile Headphones

    I couldn't help but notice how awfully derailed the "Non-Audiophile Reactions to High-End Headphones" has become, so consider posting your impressions of non-audiophile cans here rather than there. :)
  21. Mheat122134

    New Skullcandy headphones are better?

    I heard stuff like the new Hesh 2.0 was actually decent is this true?
  22. PiotrTheGreat

    Noob in need of headphones

    So, I recently stumbled upon this site after having Google'd around for headphone reviews, and you guys seemed like a knowledgeable and friendly bunch, so here I am. That said, I'm looking for headphones (isn't everyone these days? xD) I'm just stepping out of the shoes of Skullcandy (a...
  23. oregon

    I need CHEAP IEM's with a remote in the cord and great fit/build quality. Are skullcandy the best choice? I don't care about sound

    I've had a few pairs of Meelectronics and I don't like them. They might sound better than skullcandy, but the fit is worse, and the button on the remote is worse. Are there any others I should consider? I want something cheap that I don't need to worry about.
  24. XxTearGodxX

    Is Best Buy / Skullcandy selling used headphones?

    Okay so 2 days ago I bought a pair of Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Paul Franks, I had returned the pair today cause I noticed a stitching defect in the headband strands were coming out and there was a bit of space between the stitching that wasn't on the otherside of the headband that made me think it...
  25. Extra

    Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Impression: Skullcandy is Finally Getting Serious

    I know many people have a firm belief that Skullcandy is utter garbage, but it looks as if the popular headphone company is actually looking to increase its reputation with audiophiles, with products such as the Mix Master Mike and the Roc Nation Aviator, along with the new Hesh 2.0. Looking at...