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Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ahzari, Dec 27, 2011.
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  1. joseph69
    I agree with this 100%.
  2. FrostyToast
    I just need to know how limited my options with the wa6 are in terms of getting the syrupy tubiness I am striving for.
    I might just need to go for something like a bottlehead crack, WA2, and I even heard that the Little Dot II/II+ can give me that which is great considering its cost.
    the Little dot as well as the wa2 can also pre-out which is good for my setup as well.
  3. joseph69
    I accidentally erased the tube compatibility chart for all of the older Woo amps.
    Can someone please provide me with the older compatibility chart, please?
  4. mowax
    I'm not sure if WA6 or WA6SE is tubey sounding. With my setup, it's depending on the tube. It's really showing you a different sound characteristic with different tube brands. It's just amazing sounding amp for this price range.
  5. FrostyToast
    I heard that the Sophia Princess 274b mesh plate really brings out some warmth, but I'm unsure as to what extent.
    As for driver tubes, I haven't looked too much into them or seen what is able to really slow things down or make things warm.
  6. spyder1
    I am having fun with the "WA6 1st gen tube rolling w/ adapters," the 6DJ8/6922 family of tubes.
  7. mowax
    With my set up, the Sophia Princess 274b+6FD7 sounds very open, clear detail, and warm. It doesn't sound sweet tubby to my ears. With a new Mullard GZ34+6FD7 is just add more weight and more energy. I like Mullard GZ34 better. The Sophia Princess 274b sounds very light in compare.
  8. gefski
    Here's a shot of my hardcopy.
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  9. joseph69
    Thank you very much.
  10. Ad-Astra
    Is it worth it if I have the darkvoice 336
  11. Kenion
    Thanks for the insight :)

    I'm looking forward to upgrade my stock pair of 13DE7s on my WA6-SE as I upgraded the rectifier tube already.
    Do you happen to know if your suggested "6SN7" tube would be compatible with my amp?
  12. watchdog507
    Woo can give you a list of compatible tubes. Your first problem is 13DE7's the first numbers designate the voltage so 13 volts. With a 6SN7 you have 6 volts. They are incompatible with out modifications. This is one reason why the earlier WA6's were popular. They had a greater range of tubes available. I have no idea why WOO went to 13 volt tubes.
  13. Kenion
    Thank you for your fast reply!

    Well thats kinda sad! wished I could upgrade my drivers more easily.
    Wonder if anyone else has WA6-SE with 13DE7's and ugpraded their driver tubes with a positive sonics in sound as a result :confused:
  14. maheeinfy
    Which 6sn7 tube is recommend on WA6 1st gen
  15. watchdog507
    The tubes that I use are Tung Sol 6F8G's with an adapter. They have the identical structure to 6SN7 Round Plates for less than half the price. They have been in my system for a year and I just have no desire to change them out. There are 6SN7 threads here that review the various tubes with detailed information:



    Lots of good reading.
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