Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

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  1. Maalis
    What driver tubes are compatible with the 2nd gen WA6/WA6SE?
  2. gefski

    I've used a good number of the rectifiers mentioned in this thread. Don't know if the SED Winged C black plate (1950s to early 1960s) has been covered, but I keep coming back to it. REAL timbre, especially bass (no, not MOAR bass!), with grip and control. Instruments and the space around them.

    Got mine from the Tubestore, $50. Note that this is the blackplate, not grey.
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  3. elira
    Hi all,

    I'm interested in buying a WA6-SE but I'm a little worried about how hard it is going to be to find new tubes. I see that the 2nd gen uses 13DE7 but I cannot find places that sell matched pairs, is it important to use a matched pair of tubes?
  4. Uri Cohen
    I just purchased a WA6-SE, and it's pretty easy to find sites that sells tubes (including match ones). I'm still burning in the stock tubes that came with the amp, but if you visit this site http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/good-websites-to-buy-tubes.715187/ it will link you to sites that sells tubes.
  5. mowax
    Woohoo I just replaced 6FD7 after 2 years with 6DR7 RCA. I need to turn on more volume tho. But The sound is very nice, sweet midrange, warm, detail, and great bass detail. Overall, I like it better than 6FD7 and 6DE7. To my ears, 6FD7 sounds very clear, clean detail, and great space. 6DE7 is overall sounds decent. Happy holidays :L3000:
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  6. Odin412
    Tube rolling on the WA6 is fun! Here are my impressions of the various tubes that I've tried so far:

    Tube: Sound Impressions
    Westinghouse 6DR7 (stock): Very smooth; very tubey; a bit dark but very seductive
    ProComm 6FD7: Very smooth; more punchy sound; open without brightness
    7N7: Too bright
    GE 6DR7: Very smooth; deep and juicy bass; nice midrange; a bit dark but very seductive treble
    RCA/Philco 6DR7: Smooth and pleasant
    Philips 6DR7: Neutral and spacious; more airy and extended on top; not quite bright but close
    Westinghouse 6DR7: Smooth and pleasant
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  7. Kenion
    Hey guys! :)

    I'm a happy new owner of the WA6-SE 2nd gen here in Germany.
    Since my PSU-amp is making buzz-noise fellow head-fi'ers recommened me to buy a new rectifier tube as mine could be a faulty one.

    So my question to you guys is: which rectifier tube would you recommened that is compatible to the WA6-SE 2nd gen?

    Many recommend me to buy the reasonable priced Brimar 5Z4GY (https://www.langrex.co.uk/products/5z4gycv1863-kbfe-stc-brimar-nos-boxed/) but I'm unsure if its compatible to the 2nd gen.
    What do you guys think and who owned a 2nd gen WA6-SE?
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  8. spyder1

    The rectifier tube requirement, for both generations of WA6-SE are the same. There is a thread, Dubstep Girl's Massive 5AR4/5R4/5U4G Rectifier Review/Comparison! Rectifier Tube Rolling Thread, that is a good read, and can help you decide which rectifier tubes you wish to try.
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  9. Kenion
    Thank you Spyder1
    I checked out Dub's thread but I wasn't sure if they were compatible as they are been tested with 1st gen - I guessed.
    I will look out for a reasonable priced one now! Thanks
  10. watchdog507
    My choice of rectifiers is EML 5U4G or United 596. I had 3 Langrex/Brimar 5Z4G's and two failed in short order. I've moved away from that tube as unreliable. There are many choices that I posted on the WOO owners thread that come from WOO directly.
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  11. Kenion
    Thanks Watchdog507
    Going to have an eye on the EML 5U4G and United 596 as you have mentioned.
    Biggest task will be to find someone that ships to Germany
  12. joseph69
    I've never had any issues with the Brimar in my WA6 nor have I ever read about anyone else having issues with them, and I'd bet almost everyone active on this thread either owns one, or several. I'm not saying it's the best rectifier in the world, but again, the price/performance ratio is definitely worth having it in my experience

    It's hard to get your hands on the United Electric 596 the last time I checked. I purchased a few way back when they were more readily available. And yes, they are great rectifier tubes, but costly due to also needing an adapter as well. I've never tried the EML, so no comment.

    You're definitely not wasting your money buying/trying the Brimar at all in my experience. Again, the price/performance ratio is well worth it! The only tubes I purchased from Woo were the 6FD7 (power/driver) because Woo only had them NOS at the time of my purchase. Otherwise, for me, Woo charges way too much for their "upgraded tubes". I'd look elsewhere.
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  13. spyder1

    I am currently using a Svetlana Russian NOS 5U3C (5U4G) rectifier tube. It has a neutral sound signature, which I like. NOS ones are inexpensive.
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  14. gefski
    Looks like Tubestore still has some SED 5u3c blackplates from the 1950s at $50, which I like. They also have some later 1980s grey plates at $28.
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  15. mowax
    I like a new Mullard GZ34 from Russia and Sophia Princess Mesh Plate 274B with 6FD7 tubes. The more I listen to GZ34 the more I like it better than Sophia Princess. It seems to have more power and weight. The detail's about the same. It's more involve with my system setup. Plus it's way more cheaper than Sophia Princess. You should put Mullard GZ34 on your list. Recommended.
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