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Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ahzari, Dec 27, 2011.
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  1. Henley2
    I’m upgrading my Woo Audio Wa6 Se therefore I’m selling my driver and rectifier tube collection. Lot of nice tubes ao 6FD7 and 6EW7 fat bottles, 6EM7 etc. See my adds in the classifieds.
  2. twitch133
    Got my WA6 setup completed this week.

    It looks as good as it sounds!! Which is a huge plus for me, I do not like sacrificing form if I do not have to, even more so since it really is a centerpiece on my desk. I got the Woo in, along with a Cambridge DACMagic Plus, hooked up my Sennhieser HD650's. And... Immediately got rid of the stock tubes for a Sophia 274B, and a pair of 1950's stock Sylvania 13FD7, fat bottle, black plate, side getter power tubes.

    I am still working on nailing down the differences between the Sylvania's and the stock 13DE7's. The most immediate difference is gain, the Sylvania's have much more gain than the stock tubes, I had to turn the amp down about two hours to get the same volume. (I.E. 12:00 to 10:00)

    I have a few tubes on my list...
    Sylvania 13DE7
    RCA 13DE7
    Both in 13FD7, standard and fat bottle...
    Brimar 5Z4GY
    Mullard 5U4G

    I am also Curious about the AF 596... It looks really cool, but is the sound and look worth ~300$?

  3. joseph69
    NIce, glad you're enjoying the WA6 with the new tubes. Give the FD7's time to burn-in and you should notice their nice tight bass slam.
    The 596 is an excellent rectifier tube. They're $300.00 because I believe their hard to come across these days. PS: They're UE-USAF 596 which stands for United Electronics United States Air Force.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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  4. nickosiris
    @ twitch133 - I've got a fairly new WA6-SE so haven't heard everything yet but I'm a big fan of the Brimar 5Z4GY from your list, and it'll set you back significantly less than $300!
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  5. twitch133
    Yeah man! Not going to lie thought. When it comes to the USAF 596 tube, I may well be shopping with my eyes more so than my ears! (As long as I am not sacrificing performance, lol... I don't even know how much extra I spent my my PC to make it look as good as it runs)

    Those 13FD7's though.... It seems like (and it may well be confirmation bias... but, they still sound good, lol) every hour I put on them. They seem to get more powerful, yet more controlled at the same time. In my favorite US punk revolution albums, like Suffer, No Control and Pennywise. The treble and cymbals are actually tolerable now. Early US punk was as bad with the treble as hip hop is with bass.

    And when I get tracks that actually have bass in them? It is demonstrating to me everything that my HD650's are capable of. It is very present, but never overwhelming, or, for lack of a better word to describe it, flappy... The sound that you hear from a car with an 18 inch sub in it. I never get even a hint of that.

    I have a few of them on my radar, but none in the US, they are all overseas. Mostly 1970'2 NOS. With all of these good reviews of it, I might just get impatient and order the one from the lot I found in the UK.
  6. joseph69
    The more you burn-in the tubes the better they're going to sound, for sure.
    I happen to like the 6FD7's quite a bit myself.
  7. 18inch
    hi all, i just got myself a 1st gen WA6, anyone know if i can use any adaptor to go from 6de7 to 6sn7, 80$usd for a pair from woo audio seems very steep ! if anyone have any suggestion where to look id appreciate it!

  8. watchdog507
    I have the Woo ones and yes expensive but nice. Functionally no different from cheap EBay adapter.
  9. joseph69
    The Woo adapters are very well made and beautifully aesthetic.

  10. ajheyl
    I had this same issue. I DID pull the trigger on the WA6 but currently I prefer my Schiit Valhalla combined with my HD600's I have LCD 2's coming and a pair of AKG 701's but I'll need a second mortgage soon if I don't settle on the right combo for now. I just wanted good recommends for cans that would match my Woo.
  11. 18inch
    thx .. but its still 80usd + shipping lol, maybe if they were all black i would consider them, they do fit nicely with the silver wa6, not to sure with the black version though, which is the one i have, i ordered a pair of minimalist converter from Ebay, hopefully they will do the job and will sit flush with the chassis!

    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  12. 18inch
    do you have the latest version of the WA6 or the 1st gen?
    Im enjoying the WA6 (with a Sophia rectifier) but not really wow'ed by it tbh, it is still a very nice piece, and so far it does seem to reproduce a smoother listening experience compared to my Burson V2+, less edgy but at the same time less airy though, the burson definitly has more "air" and breath around instruments and voices !

    Very anxious to try out some 6sn7 though, i alrdy have 4pairs, i think they will make a big difference, i will report back for sure
  13. watchdog507
    Here they are on a black Woo WA5-LE if you zoom in they look pretty good.
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  14. ajheyl
    I have the princess and NOS Sylvania 13DE7 I'd like to enjoy my sound without spending hundreds more in tube rolling. So far I upgraded to a Concero HD DAC which came today and it IS a better DAC. When the LCD 2's arrive I will give you a verdict on the Valhalla VS the WA6. I don't want to keep messing with all of this. I enjoy both sounds for different reasons but so far the overall winner is the Valhalla. I'd love that to change since the Woo is sexy and seems like it has a soul in it just begging to be let out.
  15. ajheyl
    Oh...and it's the second Gen..
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