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Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ahzari, Dec 27, 2011.
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  1. Ahzari
    Hey Head-Fi'ers,
    There is a strong appreciation of Woo Audio equipment, but I thought it was a little hard to filter out information specific for the WA6/SE so this thread is just for those amps. Post pics of your WA6 and or WA6SE, tubes your rolling, headphones your using and comments on the sound!
  2. danska
    I'm still in the process of reviewing my WA6 but here is a picture of some glow.
    I'm going to be taking some new pictures tomorrow with my Rega DAC I just picked up today. Cool thread!
  3. Ahzari
    Thanks for posting, nice pic :). I'm waiting to get my Sophia and 6SN7s to about 60+ hours before I write my review...
    just some initial thoughts, I liked the stock 6DE7 over the 6SN7 right out of the box, but from what I heard from some other head-fi'ers it takes a bit for the 6SN7s to open up (we'll see - hopefully)... I'll include some more detailed comparisons once they get burned in a bit more.
    Here's a night-time pic with the Sophia and 6SN7s..
  4. DarknightDK
  5. danska
    Here is a couple of quick pics of my WA6/Rega DAC. I'm currently running the Tung-Sol BGRP 6F8Gs as driver tubes. These are sort of a predecessor to the same version of the 6SN7 which is much more expensive. They sound really amazing! I have had limited head time to compare so I won't review them quite yet. Behind them is a EML 5U4GM, in total I have a good portion of the value of the amp in tubes!
    009.jpg 010.jpg
  6. Ahzari
    Those are sweet pics ! The tung sols look great, how much does an EML run? What was the difference in sound compared to the Sophia?
  7. Dubstep Girl


    silentone had this tube combo on his wa6se for a short time, said it was amazing and breathtaking listening to them.
    nice rega dac, i've seen it before, i was going to buy before i settled on the DL III.
    is this thread WA6 only or does its big brother the WA6SE have a place in here also? they're basically the same amp with the WA6SE just being a bit better.
  8. danska


    They run $240 new, knock off $80 or so for a used one. I was planning on selling my Sophia Princess once I decided to pick up the EML, it is a lot of money to pay for a single valve. They are supposed to last for something like 5000 hours, I got mine with less than 500 on it.
    By comparison the EML has a little more energy and vibrant than the SP. Space seems to more defined, better "edges" to instruments. Both of them lack a bit of slam, at least with my HD650s, although most of the music I've been listening to doesn't necessarily require a lot of impact. I think that the driver tubes have a much more dramatic impact on the sound quality, I have a half dozen rectifiers that all have a good sound to them.
    Some day here I'll take pictures on something other than my iPhone, and get that system away from my bed a bit. Its hard to take pictures of my whole rig with the way things are currently positioned.
  9. Dubstep Girl
    i use the SP with raytheon 6EW7 (only 20bucks from woo site) and love the results. very smooth highs and the bass is always tight and strong. just what headphones like grado and akg need.
  10. Ahzari
    Hey dubstep girl. Yea def share the W6SE comments too, I figure they are similar enough to talk about here :)
  11. Ahzari
    does anyone know the output of the WA6 (in watts)... I read somewhere its 2W but somewhere else (in a  forum) someone was saying its 0.5W... asking this because the LCD2 is recommended 1W+ and I wanted to know if the WA6 has the power for really drive that can..
  12. claybum


    I don't think the WA6 puts out 2 watts. I believe 0.5W is correct. I used the WA6 and LCD2 combo for about 6 months and found it to be very enjoyable. I have since purchased a lyr, Headroom ultra desktop with desktop power supply and a Marantz 2285B receiver. I prefer all these compared to the Woo. So I don't believe the WA6 has the power to drive the LCD2 to it's full potential, but I found the Woo to be a good starting point. I will also add the my WA6 is upgraded with blackgates and v caps. Hope that helps!
  13. Dubstep Girl
    from the woo website
    580mW @32Ω
    550mW @60Ω
    590mW @120Ω
    460mW @300Ω
    400mW @600Ω
    2000mW @32Ω
    1900mW @60Ω
    1800mW @120Ω
    1300mW @300Ω
    800mW @600Ω
    so yeaah, the WA6SE is definitely a more powerful amp

    the sound is very similar though, like similar sound signature, dynamics, soundstage, etc...
    the WA6SE is just an improvement over the WA6 though. either one is a fantastic amp though. i believe the WA6 will be able to drive LCD-2 ok, but definitely not as good as the WA6SE.
    the way i see it, on the WA6SE, i have yet to find a headphone that you have to turn the knob more than 11 oclock before it gets unbearably loud. with the regular WA6, you probably have to turn it more to like 3 o clock-ish before that happens..
  14. Ahzari
    yea the SE is a lot more powerful, haha maybe I should have opted for the upgrade..
  15. cifani090
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