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Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ahzari, Dec 27, 2011.
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  1. Kenion
    Thank you guys for all the recommendation on rectifier tubes.
    Looks like my brand new but annoyingly buzzing stock tube is going to be replaced soon.

    If I look up the Mullard GZ34 I seem to find 10000 diffrent ones, with diffrent shape, price etc. Could you please link me the one I should look out for exactly? :)

    EDIT: I'm guessing this is a quality replica of the Mullard you've mentioned: http://www.tubeampdoctor.com/produc...=386&language=en&mySID=jTuJkj-B-Cm7HEtxYLuNK3


    Is that the same one, Gefski? I'm happy to have found this shop that actually is selling from Germany!
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2017
  2. mowax
    This one is same as mine https://www.upscaleaudio.com/products/mullard-new-production-gz34-5ar4-rectifier and http://www.dougstubes.com/mullard-gz-34.html It's not NOS! it's new production made in Russia. I brought at that time around $28.

    About buzzing sound. You may try to push a tube around a bit as circle while it turn on. It may helps. A warning! Not recommended to touch a tube while it turn on! But I did it anyway when a tube has a humming noise. And the noise is gone.
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  3. Kenion
    Thank you mowax!
    Actually I just tried the "twisting" trick on the tube while its on and I could hear how the buzz noise disperses into the background a little bit more depending on how I twisted it. However it always went back to an audible volume right after 6-7 seconds. I feel like I've managed to decrease the noise a little bit however. And most importantly, this may be an indicator that its really the stock rectifer tube that got shipped with the amp being faulty and not the unit itself. Thank you for the hint!
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  4. mowax
    Yes "twisting" is the right word. Most of the time it works with my tubes hum. But sometimes it comes back, so I twist it again and the hum noise gone. I think you need to twisting it to the right position until the humming noise is gone. I guess the legs and socket is not attached to each other correctly. Hope you can fix it.
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  5. mowax
    One more, you may need to let the amp warmup for 10-15min. Let all the tubes warm up. For my main system with my power tube amp, I found that if I turn on and listen music right away. I get the hum and buzzing very loud noise. I need to let it warm up 15-30min.
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  6. gefski
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
    Here's one of mine (5u3c); looks the same to me.

    Since you're also talking Mullard, here's a cv378 (gz37) in my WA6+.

    Since you're in Europe, check out Langrex in Britain if you haven't. They've got a gazillion tubes.
  7. IndieGradoFan
  8. davehg
  9. John Aiello
    As I read through this thread most of the comments are about the Gen 1 amps. I just bought a Gen 2 WA6-SE which has the 13DE7 tubes. I am just about done with break in so I have not done much listening yet but in the times I have listened I felt that the amp was magical. I ordered and received the 13EM7 from Woo and the jury is out on the 13EM7 over the 13DE7 at this point. I also bought the Sophia 274B rectifier. I am crazy in love with the quality of the build and the classic look of the amp. Looking forward to doing some listening soon.
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  10. Liu Junyuan
    How is the pairing with the LCD-2C? What are the primary sonic differences between v1 and 2?
  11. John Aiello

    On the subject of the LCD2-C I have not had a chance to listen yet as I have been breaking the amp in. I am planning on posting my listening impressions within the next few weeks. As for sonic differences? I can't comment since the only amp I have heard is the V2.
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  12. GivenTheOkiDoke
    Would anyone happen to have any experiance with the WA6 SE and a pair of ZMF atticus?
  13. adydula

    I am looking at the WA6SE or the Bottlehead Mainline amp...I have 250/600 ohm T90 and T1's....has anyone here used these amps and do you have any comparisons.
    The Mainline is BH's top of the line head amp...and I have 9 amps at the moment mostly DIY except for some Schitt stuff.

  14. FrostyToast
    If I wanted a tubey, warm, syrupy sound for my 1st edition wa6, would I have any luck with tube rolling, or should I pick a different amp?
    I hear that the wa6 provides a much cleaner sound than other tube amps, but I also heard that you can bubble it up depending on what tubes you go with.
    Would I have better luck picking a different amp, or are there good options for "tubeyness" with the wa6?
  15. watchdog507
    The good thing about WA6's is the range of tubes that you can use, with and without adapters. Quality tubes like 6SN7's are plentiful and provide immediate sonic benefits. The rectifier will affect the sound but to a lesser extent. It would be easy to exceed the value of the amp in tubes, so be mindful. If you are looking for a lot of musical detail, you will however, never get a highly resolving amp with the WA6 which is why I moved to the WA5-LE.
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