Woo Audio WA6 + WA6SE: Tubes, Comments, Pictures, and Advice

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ahzari, Dec 27, 2011.
  1. weissja36
    Thanks for the insights!
  2. polarbear9988
    Question regarding startup hum. My WA6 always has startup hum louder at left channel no matter how I swap/change tubes. It is not related to headphones as I have changed those as well. All hum does go away after 10 secs or so.

    WA6 does sound normal to me.

    Anyone here notices the same?
  3. joseph69
    I had a humming/buzzing through my headphone driver due to a bad 6F8G tube...otherwise I've never heard humming/buzzing through the drivers, ever.
  4. Shetzu
    Hello all WA6SE owners. I am wanting to be part of this community by buying the WA6se for my Hd-800 along with Sophia Princess tubes. Appreciate if any of you who have the HD 800 provide me your inputs of the impressions and how it sounds before I make this huge $1000 plunge. Thanks:)
  5. gefski
    Mine has always had a startup hum for a few seconds, silent after that, regardless of tubes rolled.
  6. polarbear9988
    Thanks. What baffles me is that the hum is always louder at the left channel even I swap right tube to the left.
  7. Peterpotter
    It's probably been asked before many times, but I can't find a hard and fast answer from somewone with hands on experience. Will the WA6 power Elears?
  8. Odin412
    Yes, I have an Elear and a WA6 and they work well together, at least at my listening volume. Just set the WA6 impedance switch to low impedance headphones.
  9. Peterpotter
  10. bassboysam
    haven't been to active on head-for a while and I am noticing that 6FD7s are hard to come by these days. What would be the next best alternative for the WA6?
  11. joseph69
    Have you tried ordering the 6FD7's from Woo?
    I've always bought my 6FD7's from them being they always had them in stock, although that was a while ago.
  12. bassboysam
    i tried in the past and thought his price was rather ridiculous. they don't appear to be listed on the woo audio site anymore.
  13. joseph69
    Yes, a bit expensive, but were definitely worth it for me being they're hard to find. I haven't been over to the Woo site in quite some time.
  14. bassboysam
    i emailed Woo. $160 USD for a matched pair of 6fd7s.
    no thanks.

    so any reccomendations for other tubes that are similar in sound?
  15. joseph69
    Wow, I don't recall paying that much for the 3-4 pairs I bought from Woo a few years back.

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