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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. Mathieulh
    I stopped reading it as soon as I saw he drove the Verum 1 from an iPhone. Spoiler: An iPhone doesn't have the proper current output to drive the Verum 1 in the first place, which means they will sound pretty bad out of one, yet the author marvels at how amazing the Verum 1 sounds, while the later part is not necessarily untrue, it would be much more believable should said author be using proper equipment.
  2. Garuspik
    Verum 1 sounds loud and without significant distortion from Iphone 5s and 6. Also they sound normal from apple dongle. And almost good from tempotec sonata hd cable, on any android device.

    p.s. As usual, I'm trying not to tell anything about the sound of my product cause I have strong feeling that other should judge my creation, not me :o2smile:
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  3. kintsaki
    I really wish I end in the same minority with you!
    I will be receiving them next week,

    It was agreed that trucking numbers would be sent as well as that a note would be included in the shipping packet to explain the nature of the kickstarter program and the money pledged in order to avoid excessive taxes.
    I never got a trucking number instead I got a bill of 97 Euros for taxes and Customs agent expenses a couple of days ago because neither a note nor an invoice of any kind was inside the packet. According to the customs agent and the tracking number he provided me my packet was shipped on April 20, 2019. I had no option to return it without paying return mail and so I was forced to pay the tax. Let me know what to do after I receive in my hands the headphones sometimes next week when the finaly get to my home from the customs in Athens.
  4. Garuspik
    Each Verum 1 box has an invoice attached to it with 20$ price and marked as a gift. When you receive it - you'll see. I always make what I've promised. Sometimes with delays ;(
  5. stimuz
    I dunno, most planars that came out in the last couple years are extremely easy to drive unless they're designed not to be.
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  6. Currawong Contributor
    It depends how loud you listen. If you only listen quietly, you can get away with using a phone. If you turn the volume up you quickly hear the music start to compress.
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  7. kintsaki
    I was surprised to see my internal 75cents DAC on my 6 year old Sony Vaio, drive the T50 RP adequately loud when my Sony-PHA3 was straggling, however neither of them results in anything more than pity-full mid-fi, unless you add an amplifier.
    And then again in a blind test with audiophiles with 5000+$ DAC's they could not tell the difference from the sub dollar DAC hence the word audio-fools...increasingly replacing the word audiophiles.

    Actually what is needed for planars is a zero output impedance amplifier or close to that but with constant impedance throughout the entire audible frequency spectrum and then just 1mW will produce 93 db and 50mW will produce 100db. Planars are resistive loads but when connected to a badly designed amp they will drive its output impedance up and down like a roller coaster.
  8. FullBright1
    The V1, as you stated are quite a steal @$350

    They have their own voice and l lot of people will really like it.

    Determining if one gear has a better sound then another gear, has mostly to do with personal preference.
    Think of it like this...
    You are watching the Summer Olympics and all the girls on the balance beam are doing the exact same performance.
    Its a mandatory performance, and all 12 girls do the same exact routine.
    There are 6 Judges there, and after the first girl finishes, 3 judges give her a 9.8 and 3 judges give her a 8.2
    Both sets of 3 judges look at the other 3 and at the same time say...."you need to get your EYES examined".

    So, that is how it is here when people give opinion about "how it sounds" or "it does not sound as good as.......(model).

    I find it really very interesting when 98% of the people here who own them.... love the V1, and 2% of the people that own them, hate everything about them.
    I guess a 98% rating would be what.......4.8 STARS ?

    So, Its kinda like those 6 judges watching that Girl on the balance Beam.
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  9. FullBright1
    Rockwell is the "Camera guy", and not really the headphone fanatic, like we are.
    Normally, he loves the Beyer 770- 8 series, so, that says a lot.
    But, he just loves the V1, so, its an interesting read as he posts all sorts of info.
    He's really into charts and graphs.

    I can tell you what i discovered, recently.
    I own the OPPO 2, and so, i removed the Oppo 2's really nice cable as its very long
    and i replaced it with the V1 cable, and it actually sounds better.
    I then compared the Oppo 2's really nice cable vs the V1, by using it to drive my HEXv2, and the V1s cable won that shoot-out by a mile.
    More clarity, more balance.
    Its obviously better to my ears, yet the Oppo 2 cable would seem to be the better cable if you are just looking at them, both.
    But, when you hear them, compare them, the V1 cable is, 40% superior. (to my ears)
    Winner by : Landslide

    The V1s are a very nice set of affordable headphones.
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
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  10. magor34
    Indeed. Softer padding and more of it would be optimal for me. I have a hard time getting that perfect fit and I have to adjust the positioning of the headband and pads every time. But I have my glasses on pretty much all the time so that's a big reason for discomfort with any headphone.
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
  11. magor34
    Yup. Audio is a very subjective thing. People are different, ears are different, heads are different. One size does not fit all. And then there's the DACs and AMPs with wildly different specs and sound. All these parameters have a part to play into someones choice of headphone and signature.
    But a 98% positive rating of any headphone, at any price, is remarkable. Even more so at $350.
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  12. elira
    I got a super thin titanium frame and I don't have issues with headphones. You should consider that the next time you buy a frame. Like these https://www.silhouette.com/us/us/optical-eyewear/racing-collection/bo/6510?product=config the temples are thin enough that they flex when you put pressure on them (like headphones), and then return to their original form once you remove the pressure.
  13. magor34
    Yeah, I remember the Gunnar gaming eyewear had similar properties. They felt great with headphones but wasn't very good for the eyes (slight magnification & added contrast). I thought I had chosen wisely the last time I bought a new pair of glasses but alas I did not. Thank you, it appears those frames are actually available locally, I'll shortlist them for future purchases.
  14. Th3Drizzl3
    or they make the "memory" metals, i normally wear contacts but when i take them out im basically blind lol so i need glasses. i went with a somewhat thin frame where the entire frame except the part that holds the lenses is that memory metal. you can actually twist the temples around you finger and they return to perfect shape. this way they give with headphones and they are still straight when you tale them off.
  15. FullBright1
    Are they the $350 "holy grail"?

    Well, compared to the Sundara, they are nothing less.
    Compared to the Audio Tech MSR7, they are indeed.
    Compared to the Audit Tech R70X, they win again.
    Compared to the Hifiman HE500, they hold their ground.
    As compared to the Sendy's...they are in a battle, but, come out alive, and perhaps they come out on top. (Your ears would know best).

    Hummm, im sensing a WINNING pattern here..
    Last edited: May 11, 2019
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