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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. Garuspik
    Included cable is a basic one. Lightweight, flexible and do it's job.
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  2. Zachik
    Thanks for posting!
    Quick question:
    Have you tried the smaller Apache 2800 ?
    The Apache 3800 looks huge... I wonder if the the 2800 would be too small?
  3. shanecoughlan
    @yavormoskov mentioned:
    This puts us on an interesting trail! Time to consider what cases to use.

    @yavormoskov, your photos are fantastic! Glad to hear more about your listening experiences too. Very useful to know what Amps/DACs seem to play nice with the Verum 1.
    When it comes to the Verum 1 headphones themselves, can you share the exact size measurements?
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  4. Zachik
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  5. kintsaki
    There is nothing wrong with my cable and adapter. I tested it with my 4 ft silver cable in both SE and Balanced mode with Nutric connectors.

    Verum plays fine with all Sony Walkman s, Sony Pha-3, If-MICRO DSD., and Crown XLS and XTI mega Watt professional power amps..

    Orthodynamics in general and in particular Fostex Tx0 RP's require constant zero output impedance across the frequency spectrum,
    The Verum is the most forgiving on that requirement. Your Byrson may not be up to this task.

    Verum's destroy Hifiman's, Ether's and Audeze's.

    All of the above are my opinions which are shared by 2 mixing and mastering engineers, the national classical guitar champion, the national piano champion, two national prominent composers and an associate professor of Music in Aristotle University.

    The Verum is a masterpiece of engineering design.

    I know a lot of people are going to be upset, and I feel sorry for them
    this is an open forum and everybody states his own opinion.

    I spoke mine


    we long needed that...!
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  6. FullBright1
    The cable is good, and the sound of the V1s is something special.
    People will always argue about "sounds better then" , but this is a moot point.
    The real point, is, do you love the sound of your headphones that you own?
    Thats what matters, and not if they sound better then A, B, or 1,2 3.
    Most buyers, most people who have some experience with listening to good sounding headphones, are going to be happy with the sound quality of the V1s.
    Not everyone is going to love them, but then, some people don't like to drink water.......
    Some people live to only find something wrong, and have no natural human capacity to ever find something right,
    The V1s sound good and are a great value for the money.
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  7. yavormoskov
    I did not say the cable is bad. It sounds completely fine. However, the sound is much better with my aftermarket adapter and that is absolutely normal. I even donated the stock adapter from my Audeze Sine because the aftermarket adapter from Furutech made the sound clearer. This is not a criticism in any way. Most of the included 6.35 mm adapters are not very good. I am going to buy now Sennheiser adapter and to compare it to Furutech to check which one is better to my ears.
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  8. yavormoskov
    I am shocked. I took today my Verums to the local audiophile store in my city and compared bunch of headphones. I had the privilege to use the exceptional Ifi Pro iDSD and HUgo TT 2. The verums totally destroyed Audeze LC2C and Hifiman Sundara and on many tracks the Verum successfully competed with LCD-3. And that is quite a statement because the LCD 3 costs around $2000 or a bit less. And the Verums are dirt cheap compared to that. Audeze should be ashamed of their price to performance ratio. The only headphone I liked even more than the Verums was Beyerdynamic DT1990 but it is not a fair comparison because of two reasons. The sound signature is different and DT1990 are not planars. I did not have the chance to listen to the Sennheiser HD800S today but I like both Verums and my Sennheiser 660s equally. Also the owner was puzzled why I did not like the Verums with the Burson Fun amp and told me it is because of the swappable op-amps. The Fun amp is designed the way you can change the op-amps and the sound signature changes as well. I use Sparkos opamps in mine and waiting on order from Massdrop the V6 Vivids. Probably is that. Good job Garuspik!
    Ни пуха ни пера! Удачи :)

    P.S. The last sentence is in Russian. He will understand :)
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  9. FullBright1
    Dont be tooo hard on Audeze, as this is the company that unleashed the mighty vice grip they call the 'Sine", but otherwise, they do make a good headphone, its the LCD-X.
    And you are "right on the money" regarding your opinion of the V1's. They are Giant Killers.
    The designer even included a cloth wrapped wire that is nearly "anti-microphonic". So, he was thinking about all the issues, and resolved them nicely.
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  10. SilverEars
    You're stretching it a bit by stating that Verum competes with LCD3. LCD3 is a better headphone sonically.

    One aspect that stood out for me was Verum's mids sounded a bit hollow. The stock pads on the Verum creates a creamy or smoothness to the sounds, but a bit overly so. I found the sound stage avg at best, and its not all that large. It doesn't sound like the peaks get that high in terms of dynamic range. I found the hollow sounding mids causing a bit of haziness to the mids defintion. It's not really warmth, but a hollow type sound, and based on my experience of looking at planar graphs, it's usually caused by when there's a sudden drop in the response around 1-2k or so, which Verum does. Overall, it's a nice sounding headphone, but I wouldn't raise it up so high in the pedestal like it's a crazy high value or anything.

    I don't like the micky mouse ears lookin metal frames, and the headphone adjustment is a slow process because you have to take the damn screw off. The stock ear pads are real comfy though, that's a big savior.

    I think the headphone can sound more open or airyer by getting the grill more transparent, but there's felt material covering the grill area. 8 ohm thing isn't practical, should be higher impedance.
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  11. fpantalone
    You need a little, maybe a lot, of schooling on how the manufacturing/business world actually works. Your comment on Audeze needing to feel "ashamed" is way off base. I'm not trying to defend Audeze, and I'm not an Audeze fanboy. We are once again in the world of apples and oranges. Before you start attacking a company like this, educate yourself on how business and various business models work. It will help you in the years ahead ...
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  12. kintsaki
    Now that all "Kickstarter" backers have gotten their units, we should start getting impressions and reviews and refrain from of topic discussions.

    My friends and me having been in the engineering and music industry for many years loved the Verum.

    Last year we coined the term TSF for Thrill and Shivering Factor, as a tool to measure audio system performance, by listening to the comments and observing the reactions of non-audiophile people.

    We are now upgrading this to FITS. Frequency and Intensity of Thrill and Shivering emotional reactions.

    During our evaluation of the performance of the Verum we experienced unusually intense and frequent shivering.

    We also noted that while up until now our shivering was strongly related to ethnic and poetic folk songs of our country, this time with the Verum our shivering was extended to all genres of music including instrumental, jazz, classical, rock and I must stress other countries’ ethnic and folk music.

    We were surprised by the additional amount of information retrieval from compressed YouTube music video clips that we were able to get when using the Verum.

    The two mixing and mastering engineers and I were greatly impressed by the ability of the Verum to apply on the fly post mastering changes to tune the characteristics of the sound to the personal preferences of the listeners according to the genre of music played, without introducing listening fatigue.

    We were even able to mimic the sonic signatures of other headphones by utilizing ToneBooster's "Morph-it" and Sonarwork's "Reference 4 Systemwide".

    Given the above the Verum may not be the "endgame" of all people but it will certainly become a game changer in the Music Industry and it will allow many people to really enjoy the vast collections of old, rare and live performances freely available in the internet with the magic that they bring to us. as each one is unique because the performers continue to improvise in every concert and evolve their own music.
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  13. elira
    My Verums make my left ear hurt. I think it might be some subsonic sound or something, but it doesn’t happen with other headphones. Does anyone has a similar issue?
  14. yavormoskov
    I have a question. Did you contact Sonarworks to measure the Verums and to add them to their software?
  15. shanecoughlan
    Can you share the settings you used to mimic various headphones? I’m particularly interested in HD660S and HD800S.
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