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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. FullBright1
    "lush mids and a slight 9-kHz bump, is usually a good sound. = Lush + Sparkle = Lots of Fans.
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  2. omniweltall
    Not like a Beyer, in terms of brightness. More lke hd600 to me with very good planar bass.

    I tested the bass out of my cans last weekend. I would place the V1 on top.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
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  3. omniweltall
    I also had good impression of the Clear when i heard it. At usd800 new, it is a no-brainer :)
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
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  4. FullBright1
    What you are describing, is nearly identical to the review that KEN ROCKWELL posted on his site.
    He loved their bass, and didnt fint their top end to be anything other then excellent.
    He also thinks the DT880 is amazing....so,....
    I'll get mine this week, and then i can compare my ears with yours.
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  5. FullBright1
    If you buy everything you want, then you'll discover everything you need to know.
    Any other method, is a guess at best.
    Ok, im out-a-here.
    Im up at 3:30a tomorrow, heading to the GYM.
    Everyone, not too loud.....protect your hearing......:)
    It matters.
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  6. xRaptorxPunisher
    The HD650 can sound amazing but for most to get that level of performances you're looking at ZDS money or Sonnet 2. A lot of people don't really drift that way unless they've bought a more expensive amp and source for another phone and just so happen to rig their HD650 up then hear them scale ahead of their "upgrade" lol.

    The HD650 is almost perfect for me but the only reason I don't have them over my LCD-2C and Verum is because of the 5K peak making vocals sound shouty and the grainy sound. Tonality is spot on though I'd take a well driven HD650 over almost anything though. It's just the Verum and especially the 2C has a inherently smoother and lusher sound which is more to my taste with monster subass(2C)
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
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  7. omniweltall
    So true lol. Wasnt expecting the hd650 to scale ahead of the other cans.

    I was listening to large drums last night out of the hd650. The realism is unbelievable. I can hear the detail and tonality of the drum. It is probably the most realistic drum I've ever heard. Just few days ago, I still thought HD650's weakness is in the bass.

    The Verum is still more impactful though.
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  8. allaces305
    I just received my tracking number and I believe I was #547. I ordered the Zabrano & Silver.... Can anyone please tell me if a Fiio M9 will be safe and suitable to drive the Verum 1 ???.... I'm really having a hard time understanding how they say it can be driven off an iPhone and then others jump all the way up to amplifier speaker outputs...
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  9. abm0
    Its impedance is very low for a large-membrane headphone, but similar to IEM impedances, which go as low as 16 ohms. This is why a phone that's well designed for driving IEMs will handle the Verum 1 pretty well. Bookshelf speakers are also low-impedance, even lower than the Verum 1, so a speaker amp is also designed to be capable to supply the high current necessary to compensate for a low impedance. The difference vs. the phone is the speaker amp has MUCH more power available, which will not be necessary for the Verum 1 and might even be enough to damage it, if you turn the volume knob up too high.
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  10. kintsaki
    I ordered the Zabrano & Silver,
    after you (565)
    should be getting tracking number soon :)
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  11. FullBright1
  12. FullBright1
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  13. franz12
    I think Fang's headphones have evolved in a way that minimizes cup reverb. Openness and sense of space you can experience with them is exceptional. I think they are still the best in ability to make you feel that you were at a recorded event.
    But, yes, side effects are treble punched as you said. I am currently working on them to see whether I can make them behave in a right way...
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  14. Roll
    I have her on my Android cellphone re USB Audio Player Pro. She is miles ahead of the Sonarworks True-Fi (still in beta).

    I will give it another try on my computer since I notice that K1000 is on the list.

  15. FullBright1
    Currently my favorite headphone is Fang's HEXv2.
    Today , the Verum 1 will arrive and i'll find out if it is my new favorite.
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