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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. Garuspik
    Good idea, i'll contact them.
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  2. GirgleMirt
    Everything sounds bright compared to the very dark sounding HD650... I thought the 560 was a smoother headphone than the 400i which tends to be a bit bright. Still has clear and well presented high end, can't recall 100% but if it's like the 400i, they were also tilted towards having a bit more emphasis on the mids & high end rather than the bass like the HD650, what some might describe as bright.
  3. Garuspik
    You know what I like most about this hobby? :wink: When people have directly opposite opinions on the same thing.
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  4. abm0
    @Garuspik I've seen you clarify on KS that the stock cable has a resistance of 1.5 - 1.8 ohms. Is this a full-circuit total for GND + 1 channel, or is it the separate resistance of each individual wire in the cable (GND, L, R) if I measure it from the 3.5mm jack to the corresponding terminal on the 2.5mm jack?

    Why I'm asking: if I'm to believe the 6moons Audio explanation of the benefits of "balanced" headphone amp setups, the problem with single-ended connections comes from the common-ground return path resistance. The more resistance the common ground path has, the more the L and R signals will cross-talk, thereby reducing stereo separation, soundstage width and possibly imaging accuracy. I think it might be interesting to explore whether a cable with near-0 GND wire resistance might improve the Verum 1's soundstage width and imaging, which reviews so far haven't exactly praised as strong points. (And if you still want the cable to contribute a total in-circuit resistance of 1.8 ohms you can move it all to the separate L and R wires.) If 6moons is correct, this kind of cable would lead to the Verum 1s working almost as well as with any "balanced" cable.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
  5. WHO23
    Can you try to send a unit to be measured by oratory1990 too? He makes awesome EQ settings for Equalizer APO too. I don't know where is based in though..
  6. Garuspik
  7. xRaptorxPunisher
    I personally don't think the Verum and HD650 are alike. Verum has more of it's own thing going on. HD650 is a mid bassy headphone with an upper mid bite. Verum is more linear with that planar lushness and smoothness.
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  8. Ithilstone
    As i said previously i do not like hd650 much. And verum to me is a planar version of 650s but better - not exactly the same - it just strongly reminds me of hd650 - or how i would like hd650 tuning with a planar twist - it also remind me of he560 mk1 (as i never heard mk2 or 3 or dont know if the sound or just look different)

    I also think that verum cen be improved that why i would not hesitate to buy V2.

    And i still haven't decided to let V1 go
  9. SilverEars
    I'd be up for a planar version of HD650. I find faults with the usual planar mids, and I'd admit Sennheiser 6 series has good mids. I heard HD560V2 and sounded peaky in the treble, so it sounds a bit contradictory to say it sounds like both. Perhaps, certain qualities out of both?

    I do wish Verum was prettier, but I'm not the one to judge based on looks, as sound presides over looks for me (well, I also don't want the headphone to fall apart).

    I wish I can demo this and contribute feedback to this thread. Anybody in the US willing let me borrow Verum one, send me a PM. I'm quite curious if it's a keeper or not. I want to know if it's a planar with full sounding mids to upper-mids transition.
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  10. Roll
    Great software. I hope Sonarworks will add your headphone to the list.

    If we all request, this could be added to their True-Fi and Reference 4 supported headphones

    Submit a headphone request:
    Let us know which headphones we should support next:

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  11. franz12
    Let's forget about their prices. If the Verum is priced around $1,000, I think people would compare them with the LCD2, LCD3, Aeolus, or anything priced in that range.

    Yes, the Verum may remind someone of the HD650. I think that is a fair claim. But on the second thought, I think that is because they aim at achieving neutral FRs, though the HD650 has pillowy bass down there.
    With the same logic, the Verum can remind someone of the Clear, Utopia, Ether, LCD4, or anything that targets neutral FRs.
    I was always amazed finding out they are cousins rather than complete strangers each other.
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  12. kintsaki
    There is an even far better software and is free for non pro use and very cheap for free use,
    I own both Sonarworks Reference 4 Systemwide and ToneBoosters v3 and v4 which require 64 bit JRiver 23 or later
    and can work simultaneously or separately and that they do turn fostex RP's and Verum into giant killers.
    please try them...

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  13. Ithilstone
    that's the thing if I say they remind me of something it doesn't automatically means those are identical or even very close.
    Just that my first thoughts when I listen to them were : "well those remind me hd650 in planar version but I like them more than hd650"
    and after some time with them they started to remind me he560 - there is something in presentation and tuning that "reminds" me of them,
    and that's not even saying that V1 is better or not.

    I haven't heard he560 for some time now and do not have V1 with me (as it is visiting a friend)

    I am also fully aware that the fact that to me V1 reminds me of other HPs might not be any good to anyone - my preferences and references would be different to others and there will be as many opinions as
    there is users (like some think he560 are the brightest hifiman hp's and some think the opposite)

    I try not to use arguments like V1 (or any other hp's for that matter) are better that some other offerings mostly because it is very much down to preferences. Some love Grados some (me) not at all
    So i could say that V1 is better that any Grado headphones but to me it would be true for almost any other headphones etc.

    The only think would be to compare technicalities and that paints only half of the picture - as we do not buy headphones to measure but to enjoy music and Verum 1 lets me enjoy it, same as so many other headphones.
  14. omniweltall
    I found out just yesterday that the HD650's bass can sound even tighter and more controlled than I thought, depending a lot on the chain. Probably because it has very high impedance in the bass area? We need an amp that can have tight grip over the the driver. That's why people can have differing opinions on it. I thought I was amping it very well with my tube amp, but apparently the bass part was still not maximized. Then I tried it with my new amp. It is like giving muscle to its legs. The HD650 doesn't have much weakness anymore, far from pillowy now.

    Compared it with the Verum again with this new setup. These two are still different in dynamic vs planar sound flavor. But HD650 still pulls away in detail, realism, mid tonality, micro-dynamics, and natural staging. It is a more analog sound. The Verum is ahead on slam/impact, focus, separation, and macro dynamics. These are slight differences. Both are in roughly equal level of technicalities.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
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  15. FullBright1

    Thats an interesting comparison.
    I like both, and probably the HE560 more then the Senn.
    I thought Fang had a good design with the HE560, tho what made it a bit annoying on top, was also related to the way the mids didnt punch.
    Im not certain what philosophy of sound Fang ascribes to, but it seems that headphone designers either try to provide (more) detail retrieval with mids or with treble.
    Fang seems to choose "treble" as his favorite frequency....... as his headphones , 95%, are bright and treble punched.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
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