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Venture Electronics (VE) Duke - a new high-performance IEM

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  1. mochill
    I got a replacement and damn is it better than before,more controlled treble and slightly more fuller with amazing details and soundstage reproduction :laughing::innocent: .
    Thanks bro :sunglasses:
    golov17 likes this.
  2. waynes world
    I missed it.. why did you get a replacement?
  3. Baycode
    I am with you Lee, at your design bench, tonight, feeling your endless trials to reach the great sound...
  4. drkp80
    Mine are super bright sounding and have almost no bass. Does this mean they're defective?
  5. fleasbaby
    What source are you using? They prefer a better source, and don't perform well with just a phone or smaller DAP.
    I plugged mine into my Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ today just because I have been enjoying it for a change of scene lately. Bass isn't monstrous, and is definitely less emphasized, but they still have that great level of detail, and the bass that is presented is to the point (all business...*serious face*).
    Not going to lie, I might be using the Sansa on my next business trip (next week) with the Dukes. I kind of REALLY like what I hear with the volume cranked up to -20db.
  6. mochill
    dont worry about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  7. drkp80
    So far I've used Geek Out V2, Fiio x1 and ipod touch 4. They sound thin and bright with all these sources. Tried different tips too (even ostry tips) but hardly any difference..
  8. peter123

    Do you use them with deep insertion?
  9. drkp80
  10. peter123
    Hm, it sounds as if something is wrong.......
  11. DJScope
    I found them to sound thin with neutral and powerful amps. Though it seems to get good results with the VE RunABOUT amp. Seems to work well with the FiiO E17 as well. Also tips are a major part of the sig you'll be getting. Id suggest the foam tips to dampen the treble and raise the warmth.
  12. RedJohn456

    The Havi foam tips work very well for me fwiw. And the stock double flange tips as well :)
  13. mochill
    Duke is so phenomenal @ 175hrs :heart_eyes:,smooth ,detailed,transparent,and definitely realistic :smile:. They definitely deserve more recognition from everyone on headfi:sunglasses: and damn are the beautiful in presentations :smiley:.
  14. nmatheis Contributor
    Man, I missed my delivery of the Ostry tips today. I was going to interrupt listening to other gear I'm reviewing to listen. I'm excited but will have to wait until Monday or Tuesday now [​IMG]
  15. DJScope
    I gave those foam tips away. They didn't fit my ears properly. But I use the memory foam tips that come with the Dukes and they are probably the best tips I've had so far.
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