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Venture Electronics (VE) Duke - a new high-performance IEM

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  1. waynes world
    Awesome Lee! Your the first person I've seen with the X7!
    Btw, leobigfield had a great idea about bundling the Monk with the Fiio M3...
    leobigfield likes this.
  2. nmatheis Contributor
    M3 + VE Monk would be nice. I'm sure they'd kick those ugly white buds Fiio's bundling with M3 straight to the curb!
  3. waynes world
    Yes, they would be merced lol.
    RedJohn456 likes this.
  4. leobigfield
    Let's make an uproar so fiio can't ignore us [​IMG]
  5. nmatheis Contributor
    Back to Duke...

    Anyone new out there have a chance to try them?

    RedJohn456: How do the Ortofon you got stack up against the Duke?
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    Just posted my review of the VE Runabout portable amp: LINK
    It pairs well with VE's DUKE IEM!
  7. Aero Dynamik
    I have a loaner coming in. Once I've heard it I'll share my impressions. My all-time favorite single dynamic micro driver phone is the Carbo Tenore so I'll compare it to that as well as to the DUNU DN-2000J (hybrid). The latter simply because I have it on my hands.
  8. Baycode

    I have them :wink:
  9. nmatheis Contributor
  10. Baycode

    Well I havent found the best suited eartips yet. So commenting on the sound will be very early (for now). BTW, my blue Ostry eartips are on the way...

    Its a very capable iem but haven't hit the magic point yet...
  11. orangekiwii
    I've had the duke for about two weeks now. They sound nearly as good as my hd598 (which is about what I hoped for in an IEM) and they have significantly cleaner bass than the hd598 but they just sound a little claustrophobic in comparison. Again, to be expected when compared to open back headphones. I originally opted for some iems when I moved to a dorm so I wouldn't bother others but the open headphones have been more than acceptable so I no longer have need of these. Despite these sounding fantastic and being great for trips the money spent on these would be better utilized elsewhere. As soon as I'm able, I'll be selling these and hopefully one of you can pick them up as I'll ship from the US. 
  12. Brooko Contributor
    Lee - replacement just arrived.  Haven't measured it yet - but channels are a lot better at first listen (many thanks).
    One thing I have noticed is that the sibilance isn't anywhere near as bad. I'm guessing (if you haven't changed anything with the drivers), that it may be down to the missing bass in the original pair highlighting the peak at 9 kHz.
    Anyway - these are a lot better.  Added to the queue now for review.
    RedJohn456 likes this.
  13. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I'm rocking the Duke right now.

    Bouncing back and forth between spin fits and mh1c tips. Both work great.

    I love the midrange of the Duke. I really like the very slight warm tint and timbre. I find it to be captivating.

    Well done Lee!
  14. RedJohn456

    Awesome meng. How do the MH1c tips look? Are they different than the sony hybrids?
    Edit: Haven't tried the spin fits yet, I was afraid to stretch it out on the nozzle, will give it a shot tonight thanks
  15. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Just when I thought the MH1C tips were dope, now the spinfits are rocking the snot out of Duke.

    Here's a picture of both:

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