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USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by halcyon, Jun 13, 2019.
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  1. G_T_J
    I don't have a DC01 but the DC02 has amazing sound quality. I couldn't believe a tiny DAC like this can produce such an excellent sound.
  2. Devodonaldson
  3. capitanharlock
    I guess that if you want a good amp output level you need to accept that.
  4. TooPoorForHiFi
    Have anyone Order the new Galaxy Dongle? Its about $5 more than the Apple Dongle.
  5. snip3r77
  6. Yukicore
    I have the non-Pro version of Meizu DAC, and through Windows using usb-c > usb-a adapter there is no popping issue at all. (In fact it seems there's significantly less popping than with my desktop mini DAC Fiio E10K, when there's sudden starts/stops of audio)
    When I connect it to my Google Pixel 2 XL, it's popping at first plug, and then also at other random times

    With my other DAC Hidizs Sonata II, there's only popping upon plugging in, albeit less (that I've noticed).

    Also interesting fact, Hidizs doesn't support the "listening-in" function, when on a call (Pixel only feature, I believe), the phone uses microphone to increase ambient awareness, while only the official DAC cable and Meizu DAC cable supports this feature. Hidizs with the "high-fi" firmware, headphone microphone support gets disabled completely.

    It seems to be related to the voltage regulation of the playback device itself. So this popping issue might be caused by high & sudden power draw. Not that it makes it any less on an issue. Just trying to figure out what's wrong.
  7. jasonb
    So people were talking about power consumption. The Hidizs Sonata HDII powering a Q701 at half volume drains my Pixel 3a, which has a 3000mah battery, by 1% every 7-8 minutes. This is while using Google Play Music streaming over WiFi. That's still about 11-12 hours of playback.
  8. sakt1moko
    Looks nice.
    Anyone knows about a Dac like this with MQA Compatibility?
  9. Invalid
  10. E-norm
    Just got the iBasso DC02 and have to say it sounds absolutely fantastic! However, there's still a noticable difference in sound characteristics when using it on my P30 Pro compared to my laptop while playing the same files. While connected to a computer the sounds is even fuller and more rounder if that makes sense. I also notice some hiss on my IEMs while connected to the computer, on my phone it is silent. Don't really understand why that is happening though?
  11. snip3r77
    how does it compare to the iPhone dongle ?
  12. E-norm
    I would say that the music sounds fuller, there's more headroom to everything - a bettery dynamic range and it sounds less compressed to my ears. The DC02 opens up the sound while not coloring it in any particular way except maybe a bit more warmth or roundness to it.
    snip3r77 likes this.
  13. Chessblitzer2017
    The dc02 is not an exciting/colored/fun sound. Wish there was more excitement personally but hey. It's more the every note has decent weight smooth quality space/headroom type ordeal. Is clearly superior too the hidzs s3 in every facet. This rooks 2 cents.
  14. PixelSquish
    The DC02 coming out of my pixel 2xl sounds amazing, but using it in airplane mode playing HIFI level files downloaded to the phone from Tidal it used 9-10% of battery per hour on the plane. Which is not bad, if your phone is in airplane mode all the time lol

    It does get warm to the touch. I prefer it's sound over the Hidizs S3 though for sure. In fact I have one of those for sale, the S3. Still looking for the perfect dongle for sound that eats up the least amount of battery at the same time. Dunu may come out with one but right now it's on the back burner they said. I think I will try the Razer THX dongle next, it has gotten good reviews but is often overlooked.
    Chessblitzer2017 likes this.
  15. jasonb
    The only other solution I think is going to be to get one of the LG phones that have a good headphone output that won't need a USB-C dongle. Even my Hidizs Sonata drains my battery 1% every 7-8 minutes at about half volume. So that's about 8% an hour if my math is right.
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