1. chomskyan

    Good 4.4mm Female to 3.5mm Male Adapter?

    Hi all, I need some help.. I'm looking for a good adapter for a Meze 99 cable. It has 4.4mm termination, and I need to adapt that to 3.5mm It will be going into a Dragonfly Cobalt, which I think is unbalanced? Do I need a balanced adapter if the Cobalt is unbalanced? I've found a couple on...
  2. imrazor

    Question about Lightning to 3.5mm adapters

    Since Lightning is a digital out, it stands to reason that the little dongle Apple sells contains some kind of DAC. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) And from my casual listening it's pretty mediocre, at least when you compare new Apple Lightning buds vs old buds with the Apple dongle. At least...
  3. imagiopeepot

    Does a 2.4ghz (non bluetooth) low latency wireless headphone adapter exist?

    I'd like a decent wireless headset that has low/no latency for gaming use. Investigating the wireless "gaming headset" options available it seems that none of them are very good. The lack of good wireless gaming headsets got me thinking of using a wireless adapter with a decent pair of cans...
  4. R

    (WTS) Cayin 4.4mm Male to 2.5mm Female Adapter

    Selling a Cayin PH-4X 4.4mm TRRRS Male to 2.5mm TRRS Balanced Female Adapter in mint condition (used a couple of times to test). Product page: Price includes shipping via Deutsche Post within EU and PayPal.
  5. nxxo


  6. R

    (SOLD) 4.4 Male to XLR Female Adapter

    Hi, Selling a 4.4 Male to XLR Female Adapter in mint condition. Wire material is Copper. Shipping is on actuals - would prefer to send via Deutsche Post. Please PM me for more details.


    Today (4/3/2020) marks our 8 years in operation. We would like to thank everyone on Head-Fi who has supported us throughout the years. To commemorate this special occasion, we unveiled this week our new high-end wire for custom cables called Palladium Plated Hybrid. It features an industry...
  8. Option`

    WTB - Monolith M1060c Adapter

    I'm looking for a m1060c earpad adapter that I can purchase from someone. Thank you very much !!
  9. A

    Best USB-C (F) to USB-A 3.0/3.1 (M)?

    Hello, I've preordered the Drop THX Panda headphones, which are able to connect via bluetooth, AUX and USB. They ship with a USB-C M-to-M cable, and I'm looking for a USB-C (F) to USB-A 3.0/3.1 (M) adapter so i can use them digitally with my PC and take advantage of the integrated AMP (and also...
  10. PocketClouds

    TRRS vs TRRRS 4.4 balanced?

    Hi, I'm a little perplexed about the 4.4mm TRRS vs TRRRS. I've ordered a custom cable where the one and only option for 4.4mm was with TRRRS jack. I ask for a 4.4 balanced connector but I can't understand if really is. In a site I read TRRRS is balanced and TRRS is single way, on another site...
  11. lawshredpower

    WTB Sennheiser HE-60 > STAX adapter

    Looking for a adapter to use my HE-60 with STAX amps. New or used. If someone can build me one that’d be cool as well. I’m located in Portugal, but anywhere in the world is okay. thanks
  12. K

    Hifiman connector adapter to min XLR

    Hello I am looking for an connector adapter for my Hifiman HE6 ? Does it exist? I would like to change the cable but the connector is not standard. Thanks for help
  13. MonoJon

    Bluetooth adapter or headphones to use with iPhone for *calls*

    All, My partner complains on the microphone on her IEMs with inline mic cutting out during conference calls on her iPhone 8. She wants to get bluetooth headphones so that she can continue to delay upgrading her phone. Questions: Is the TRRS configuration on iPhone 8 jack actually compatible...
  14. R

    (Found) 4-pin XLR Female to 4.4mm Male Adapter

    I want to buy a 4-pin XLR (Female) to 4.4mm (Male) balanced adapter. Please PM me if you have one for sale.
  15. TooPoorForHiFi


    I'm looking to sell these together, They're made for Balanced 2.5mm Cable to be used on Stardard 3.5mm Port & the other Balanced 4.4mm as you can see. Shipping & Paypal Fees are all included, $40 shipped to your Door :laughing: If you have any Questions feel free to PM me. US Only.
  16. haibrands

    Balanced DAC Tips and Recommendations

    Hello! First I'd like to say that my Sennheiser HD6XX is en route and I'm excited. My questions are as follow (Forgive me for my inexperience. I've been reading into it but information is scattered all around and hard to find) - I'm in search of a good amp/dac combo or a good two in one...
  17. Penon HiFi Balanced Adapter Cable

    Penon HiFi Balanced Adapter Cable

    Penon HiFi Balanced Adapter Cable Penon HiFI Balanced Adapter Cable for Earbud/IEM/DAP/AMP's Technical Details: 8 shares 19 cores Single crystal copper silver- plated cable Gold-plated Plug Aluminum alloy shell CNC cutting Cable length: about 8-9cm 8 kinds of adapters: 2.5mm Balanced...
  18. lithiumnk

    LABKABLE SUPERNOVA MKIII 8 wire mmcx 2.5mm- SOLD

    ###SOLD### Labkable Supernova mkIII pure copper cable 8 wire with 2.5mm Astell & kern plug & MMCX termination. Comes with mmcx female to 2pin male converter.(included in price) Original packing & metal carrying case available. Purchased from AV One, Singapore, 5 months back. Price includes...
  19. c0rp1


  20. E

    mini XLR (Audeze, ZMF) to 3.5mm (Focal) adapters

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend high quality adapters for headphone cables? Ideally ultrashort (i.e. no wires) ones. Thanks, Evan

    WTB: RSA Kubiconn to XLR Adapter

    Looking for a RSA Kubiconn to XLR Adapter or RSA Kubiconn Headphone cable for Senn 650 Thanks !!
  22. TommyFro

    WTB: 5670 to 6922 Adapters/ 6922 socket savers

    Looking to get a set of 5670 to 6922 tube adapters so I can run a set of WE396a in my Mjolnir. If anyone has a set of these they are looking to sell I'm interested! Not looking for the Chinese ones as I have had bad luck with them in the past. I know tubedepot and garage1217 make nice ones. For...
  23. KC-130

    WTB: XLR to XLR Angled Connectors

    My Oyaide XLR cables protrude too far from my Amps and I'm in the market for a high quality pair of angled XLR connectors. I can use variable angle connectors or 90 degree fixed connectors.
  24. TommyFro

    SOLD Schiit Vali 2 with Western Electric JW 396a tube

    I purchased this to see if my favorite tube would pair well with my headphones and it just did not, live and learn I guess. Tube was packed 12-51 and is the military JW model. I've had several of these tubes before and they are fantastic. Vali 2 is in excellent condition and comes with a 6922 to...
  25. halcyon

    USB-C to 3.5mm adapters (DAC) - Let's find the best

    Now that 3.5mm headphone output is nearing extinction in smartphones, it's time to start compiling the list for the best USB-C to 3.5mm adapter DACs. Many phones don't even offer analog output anymore on their USB-C output , so the only option is to have a dongle/adapter with a built-in DAC...